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January 27, 2016
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E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular each day, and a viable alternative to smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Even though many smokers are becoming more interested in this electronic version of cigarettes, some people are still against it. Let us now explore the good and bad things about electronic cigarettes.

The Good

They are healthier:

coughingThe primary argument for e-cigarettes is that it is a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, or so to say, it is safer than burning tobacco. E-cigarettes involve vaporizing a liquid that is made of nicotine, flavoring, and an inert carrier. So, the vapor that you inhale while using e-cigs does not contain carbon monoxide, tar, or any type of toxins that is present in the smoke created by tobacco cigarettes. Owing to this, the smokers can enjoy a nicotine fix, yet not invite the risks linked with smoking tobacco.

Now many ask about becoming addicted to vaping, after all e cigarettes contain the highly addictive nicotine. This answer is covered in full on our article on vaping addiction.

Some health benefits noted on using e-cigs over smoking tobacco are:

Comparatively less coughing, better breathing, increase in energy levels, physically more fit, lesser chances of lung diseases etc. etc.

Yet another thing that draws people towards e-cigarettes is the financial aspect. Even though you will have to make a small initial investment, but if you compare them to buying packs of traditional cigarettes every now and then, you will be saving thousands in the long run with your electronic cigarettes. This is owing to the fact that liquid nicotine is quite cheap and lasts much longer compared to tobacco, and thus you will be spending less to enjoy the same fix.

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No Passive Smoking:

passive smokingAs electronic cigarettes create a nicotine vapor, there is no passive smoking involved, and nor does the vapor smell or linger the way tobacco smoke does. This is the reason why using e-cigs is generally legal in those places which does not allow you to smoke the normal cigarettes.

It Is Cleaner:

Tobacco smoke can make your clothes, living space, and personal possessions smell of tobacco, and also leaves behind ash. This is not something you will experience if using e-cigs. They do not create any lingering smell, nor do they produce ash, and thus helps you maintain a clean and fresh image and lifestyle.

Better Than Nicotine Patches and Gums:

Many people who wish to give up on tobacco smoking use nicotine patches and gums, but unfortunately, they do not create enough satisfaction. There is some psychological element associated with smoking, which causes pleasure and relaxation from physically holding the cigarette and exhaling smoke. An e-cig allows the user to enjoy this experience and offers similar satisfaction.

The Bad

Health Concerns:

Even though electronic cigarettes are preferred by many over smoking tobacco, there are some arguments against it —even though these are quite minor. Though minor, it will be a good idea to learn about them. One anecdotally reported risk associated with e-cigs is that they can cause dehydration. It is thus very important for smokers of e-cigarettes to drink extra water.

The main ingredients of the eliquid is usually vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, both of which are food additives. Even though, some people may have an allergic reaction to these ingredients. We explored whether e-liquid is really bad for you in another article.