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November 2018 Update: The FDA are now implementing the ban of flavors within e-cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently channeled its final rules on the regulation of additional products to the White House for further review. Some of these products include electronic cigarettes and cigars. According to Michael Felberbaum, FDA’s spokesperson, the office of Management and Budget is expected to review all the important regulatory actions outlined within 90days. However, this time frame is subject to extension in case there is need for inter agency discussion.

The Review Process

sfata logoAs the review process goes on, the growing electronic cigarettes industry is attempting to push the 2016 presidential aspirants so that they can endorse vaping gadgets. The Smoke- Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) went ahead to send letter to the Democratic as well as Republican presidential aspirants requesting them to clarify public misconceptions surrounding electronic cigarettes and advocate them for use among American Citizens. The letters alleged that Americans are not likely to realize public health and economic benefits that come with vapor products if at all they will continue to spend time and money smoking. SFATA added that, it is important for Americans to understand the difference that exists between cigarettes and vapor products so that they can make informed decisions in life. The group also argues that these products are safer for use when compared to tobacco products and they are very helpful to anyone who wants to quit the habit of smoking. The reduced number of smokers in the country will in turn reduce the cost of medication. It also discussed its concern about the mandate of FDA proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes and cigars (conventional). The rules brought before the White House for review are likely to ban more than 95% of products on the market if we are to go by the analysis on the latest FDA news with regulating electronic cigarettes. If this happens then it will become a great blow to the general public as well as thousands of businesses operating in this new and fast- rising industry.

Analyzing The Benefits and Risks

As the nations waits for evidence on the benefits and risks that accompany the use of even the best electronic cigarettes, it is clear that a large percentage of American youths are using them. This has led to some of them shifting to combustible cigarettes because of various reasons. Today, electronic cigarettes are commonly sold like other tobacco products. One of the cornerstones that FDA is using to regulate the use of conventions cigarettes is a language that keeps away youths. This regulatory body can apply the same to electronic cigarettes. The government should make sure the children cannot buy electronic cigarettes anywhere in the country for our own good. It is the duty of FDA to ensure that electronic cigarettes are not advertised in a manner that glamorizes as well as normalizes their use.

E-Cigarette Adverts

e cig advertsIt is very troubling to come across adverts to with electronic cigarettes taking more than one page of the marketing playing book and featuring glamorous models or some celebrity figures. Such adverts make them very appealing not only to adults but also youths. FDA should ask companies to provide them with data about the contents in the nicotine cartridges plus the health effects of all the compounds featured in the aerosol. Because we do not know much about the safety of electronic cigarettes, the regulatory body should come up with a system of informing citizens about any adverse event like the death of a kid who took nicotine in New York among others so that they can know the dangers that come with these products.

Vaping In Public

Furthermore, the existing bans imposed on smoking have to be expanded so that they can include electronic cigarettes. Currently, it is common to find people using electronic cigarettes even in public places where conventional cigars have been banned. This increases the chances of exposing Americans who do not smoke to toxic chemical emitted by electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, it can also show that smoking is an acceptable act among youths. Many kids buy electronic cigarettes because of their candy flavors. The problem is that electronic cigarettes can make kids to become nicotine addicts and less productive when they grow up. Carefully drafter regulations can help in protecting the innocent generation from getting addicted to nicotine considering their role in development.

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