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By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: June 11th, 2019.

If you’re a longtime vaper who finds that clearomizers and standard cartomizers or atomizer tanks no longer seem to give you that rich vaping experience you’ve come to expect, it might be time to consider a more flexible option. You’ve already discovered that vaping to quit smoking works, now you want to step it up a little. For many vapers in your shoes, the answer is simple: start relying on rebuildable atomizer devices that offer a wider range of customization options. If you’re feeling really adventurous, then you might want to try the preferred choice of many experienced vaping fans: the rebuildable dripping atomizer, or RDA.

The dripping atomizer can take some getting used to, especially if you’re accustomed to e-juice reservoirs that make vaping a fairly simple and straightforward process. Here’s the thing, though: while RDAs only have a small juice well located under your coils, and thus require regular dripping to provide the juice you need for vaping, that minor concern is more than made up for by the superior vaping performance and great flavor that these devices can provide. If that sounds like something worth pursuing, there are many great options out there. For example, here are some of the best RDA products available in the marketplace today.


The Best of the Best


tugboat rdaThree-post bodies are popular RDA items, so it makes sense that a device like the Tugboat would incorporate that design. This one has a sizeable juice well that nicely complements its gorgeous stainless steel body.

There are dual airflow openings located along both sides that provide plenty of control for your vaping needs. Another nice feature is the Tugboat’s three-piece system that makes it easier to drip without taking the top cap off.

The center post on the unit can come in either copper, steel, or gold, and there is a copper connection as well. There are also three different finishes offered, each of which is complemented by the beautiful Tugboat logo. Because of the quality materials and workmanship that went into crafting this device, it sells for just under $90.


The Kennedy

the Kennedy rdaWith the Kennedy, you get one of the best airflow systems available anywhere in the marketplace. The bottom of the RDA contains two airflow holes that enable air to flow all the way up to the coils to ensure that you get maximum vapor with every draw. If you’re looking for big clouds of vapor, then this is definitely a model that you should seriously consider.

Selling at just under $100, the Kennedy is built to last. From its stainless steel body and impressive engraved logo to its wide center holes that accommodate almost any dual coil builds, this is one device that is built to satisfy even the most ardent tinkerer.

As you would expect from this type of quality workmanship, the juice well is very large, and the design even includes a special cap designed to preserve your e-liquid’s flavor as much as possible.

The Archon

Archon rdaMade by Cloud Chasers, the Archon offers the standard 22 mm design, with durable stainless steel construction. There are three posts with large 2 mm holes designed for virtually any size wires you might see fit to use.

The reservoir is large for an RDA – a full 5.8 mm – and the airflow system is designed to provide you with maximum control over your vapor production. How much control? Try eight hole along each side of the device, grouped in pairs.

The unique top section fins provide even more control and can allow you to switch between rich, flavorful draws and massive clouds with ease. Your Archon unit will also arrive with a positive post made from copper that you can use instead of the original steel post if you want to increase the device’s conductivity.

Velocity RDA

Velocity RDAIf you started your search with the Velocity RDA, there’s a good chance that you might never try another RDA. This unit is just that good. Its 6.5 mm well is larger than virtually anything out there today, and its airflow is superior to most other units as well.

There are two slots to allow direct flow and another six that are used for indirect airflow. Best of all, you can open or close any of them to ensure that you get just the right amount of airflow for your vaping needs.

The design was crafted with customization in mind, so you can get as much or as little flexibility out of the Velocity as you need. There is no center post; that feature is instead replaced with a two-post look designed to accommodate different builds ranging from dual to quad coil.

There is even a locking mechanism for the cap. As you might expect, all of that comes at a slightly higher price. The Velocity clocks in at about $115, but that’s a steal if you’re looking for an RDA that you can customize to your heart’s content.

The Alliance RDA

Alliance RDAThis 22 mm unit offers a sleek and attractive design with three posts, a fairly good-sized juice well, and a total of three barrels for airflow control. Its PEEK insulator provides the heat resistance you need to ensure that your vaping experience is free from any inconveniences.

The device is advertised for sub-ohm vaping and asserts that it can provide “ridiculously large clouds” of vapor. The designers are the same folks who created the Fogwind product, so the Alliance obviously has a strong pedigree from a manufacturing design perspective. The fact that the product can be had for around $50 doesn’t hurt either!

The fact is that there is a huge selection of high-quality RDA devices on the market today, so there is sure to be something for everyone, even if you use vape pens mostly but want to venture into RDA’s. Your decision will ultimately depend upon the features that you value the most. If you want dripping kept to a minimum, then a higher-end large reservoir system will probably be your best option. If you don’t mind more frequent drips, then you’ll have a much wider selection from which to choose. The important thing is to recognize that you really can’t go wrong with any of these top RDAs since they will all help you advance to that next level of custom vaping.

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