Using Vaping to quit smoking

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: August 15th, 2018.


To Vape Or Not To Vape

For vaping enthusiasts, it can sometimes seem as though the entire world is against them. Almost everywhere they turn, they see media personalities and government “experts” rail against electronic vaping devices – even to the point where some assert that vaping is even more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. The average vaper looks at these assertions and wonders whether the world has lost its collective mind. After all, millions of former smokers have set aside their cigarettes for vaping, and many of those have gone the final step and used vaping to completely end their use of nicotine. And yet they still see their beloved vaping activity treated as though it were no better than tobacco use.
We’re not going to look at the studies here and pick the journalist stories apart, after all, we already did that when we looked at e-cig studies! Instead, we’re going to look at how vapers use e-cigs to actually quit smoking.

Vaping instead of smoking

Why Smokers Are Turning To E-Cigs

There is one big reason why so many people are turning to e-cigs as a way to quit smoking and that is there is no other product on the market that resembles smoking quite like vaping. With particular products like the Cigalike and vape pods specifically designed to resemble smoking. They also deliver various amounts of nicotine to suit the user’s habit and a countless number of flavors.

Once a smoker has switched to e-cigs there is a whole new world of options to choose from with upgrade available to vape pens and box mods with temperature/wattage control and other features that seem way over the top. It’s clear that vaping is turning into somewhat of a hobby for many ex-smokers.

Looking For The Best E Cigs For Smokers

Whether your a smoker looking to cut down or someone who wants to quit smoking for good and want to try the best e-cig specifically to mimic smoking, we can help. In this guide we take a look at the best e-cigs there are on the market just for smokers.

Check Out The Best E Cigs For Smokers


How To Use E-Cigs To Quit Smoking

So can a smoker just start vaping without doing any research or having any knowledge of vaping and the products? Well, technically yes, but you have a better chance if you take the advice in this article and use the knowledge to pick the right product to suit you.
Using E-Cigs
Let’s start out with the type of e-cig. There are many types of e-cig available, the manufacturers are releasing new models on a daily basis, with new functionality. But to quit smoking it’s really best to think about 3 types. Below is a summary, but consult our articles on the types of e-cig for a more detailed review.

  1. Cigalike – The Ciglike was the first e-cig to hit the market, it did have various names like the mini, but Cigalike is the one that stuck because of it’s a resemblance to a cigarette. It comes in both disposable and rechargeable form and consists of a cartomizer (atomizer and carton filled with e-liquid) and a battery. They are remarkably easy to use, but due to the low powered battery, the vapor volume is low. Although 10 years ago it was good and still good to quit smoking with there are better options now available.
  2. Vape Pens – One of the most popular types of e-cig available for smokers. It has a larger battery than a Cigalike and with a separate tank and atomizer produces a better flavor and better volume of vape.
  3. Vape Pods – The latest type of e-cig to hit the market is the Pod and one of the most popular for new vapers. A sleek design, small and easy to use with more vapor compared to a Cigalike makes it understandable why it’s so popular. Most have a limited selection of flavors and strengths but enough to cover the beginners need. Some manufacturers are now offering Vape Pods with refillable pods, so the customer has more flavor options.

Learn more about the types of e-cig

Smokers who have used vaping to quit actually report that it was much easier than most people might think as long as you pick the best e cig to start with. While some people do continue to utilize combustible cigarettes for a time after they begin to vape, many simply never pick up a tobacco product again. Many of those ex-smokers eventually leave vaping and nicotine behind as well.

So, Does Vaping Work?

The short answer is yes! It is the most realistic alternative to smoking there is on the market, and over the years the product has changed and improved dramatically. A smoker can start vaping on a strong nicotine level and slowly over time reduce that levels to zero if they wish.

That said many have failed. Switching to vaping is somewhat similar to switch the brand of cigarette, it’s really not that easy and does get a bit of getting used to. Most start vaping whilst continuing to smoke, slowly getting used to vaping and then actually preferring vaping.

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The Single Most Important Ingredient to Success

There is one thing that you must remember above all others as you use your vaping device t quit smoking: don’t rush the process. Most people who fail in their efforts to end their smoking habits do so due to a lack of patience. They try to rush their nicotine reduction levels or make other critical mistakes that cause them to get frustrated and pick up a pack of cigarettes again – leaving them right back where they started.

Addiction takes time to overcome, so you simply have to be patient with yourself. If you find that you backslide in your efforts and end up smoking several days or weeks after you thought you were done with them, don’t use that as an excuse to admit failure. Instead, use that return to old habits as a motivational tool to inspire you to redouble your efforts at quitting.

Throughout it, all, remember that you are not alone. Millions of others just like you have successfully used vaping devices to end the smoking habit. Many of them have enjoyed improved health and a return to a more active lifestyle as a result of that success. By sticking to your plan and ignoring the critics and others who want you to believe that vaping can never help you with smoking cessation, you too can eventually be smoke-free forever.

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