Clearomizers, Cartomizers, and Tanks: Clearing Up the Confusion

Clearomizers Cartomizers and Tanks

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For many newcomers to the vaping world, all of those technical terms can be a little confusing. Experienced vapers and online resources often toss around terms like atomizer, coils, ohm resistance, and many other technical terms that can cause some new vapers to wonder whether they’ve accidentally walked in on a college aeronautics class.

While there is no requirement that you know what all of these terms mean, not knowing can sometimes make you feel like you’ll never get beyond the beginner stage of the vaping experience. Fortunately, none of this is really as difficult as it might seem. Take clearomizers, cartomizers, and tanks, for instance. Just knowing a little about each of these three terms can help you gain a better understanding of the vaping experience.

A Word about the Basics

First of all, it can be helpful to at least know how ohms and resistance work, since you will hear both terms used in reference to various vaping topics. In any clearomizer or cartomizer, the term ohms is used to describe just how much resistance any given electronic cigarette device offers in relation to your battery’s provided energy. Lower ohm levels indicate less energy resistance, which translates into more batter energy being available for use, you can read our guide on sub ohm vaping for more information. As you might expect, those lower ohms can produce dramatically larger throat hits during vaping, but at the expense of more drain on the battery.

The Clearomizers

ClearomizersClearomizers can be confusing since some of them share similarities with tanks, while others are almost indistinguishable from cartomizers in appearance. The typical clearomizer is made up of the atomizing unit, a clear tube, and the wick. Atomizer coils are housed at either the bottom or the top of the device. The typical juice capacity is anywhere from 1.5 to 3ml.

Clearomizers come with some other variables that you should know about as well. Some are reusable; others are not. There are even some that you can rebuild, using different atomizers and wicks to alter the performance. There can also be some dramatic differences in overall quality, even among products from the same manufacturer, due to the way in which these are mass-produced by manufacturers.

The Cartomizer

CartomizerCartomizers are seemingly everywhere these days. These devices consist of a rechargeable battery and cartridges that you can screw on to start your vaping experience. These are often the entry devices used by people who are transitioning from cigarettes to vaping, and are thus designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Depending upon the manufacturer, the cartridge used in a cartomizer can be either disposable or refillable. Some companies manufacture cartridges that are self-contained and designed to be thrown away once you have exhausted the liquid. In reality, they can be refilled with your favorite e-juice, but most people don’t bother with the mess and fuss. At the other end of the spectrum, there are cartomizers that use empty cartridges that you fill with e-juice before use.

The Tank

tanksClearomizers, cartomizers, and atomizers are often referred to as tanks in many discussions. For our purposes, we are referring to the large enclosures some vapers use with their cartomizers to obtain even greater e-liquid capacity. Some of these tanks can hold as much as 10ml of juice, providing many hours of vaping enjoyment. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials – including metal, plastic, and glass.

With a tank, you simply slot the atomizer in place to increase your device’s holding capacity. They’re great for holding more e-liquid and choosing your own flavor from any supplier, and have the added benefit of being extremely easy to clean and maintain. The key is to properly maintain any tank to ensure that the seals don’t end up getting damaged, since that can result in leaks. That can be especially worrisome for anyone with any sort of sensitivity to the materials used in the cartomizer. Read about the sub ohm tanks for more detailed information on tanks.

Choosing your favorite

Like other vaping products, it can be difficult to simply declare one of these options better than its rivals. The fact is that they all have their place within the vaping universe, and many users migrate from one option to another as their tastes and needs chance. Cartomizers often serve as an entry point for new vapers, who then move on to clearomizers and larger capacity tanks as they become more familiar with vaping. Other vapers maintain some connection to all three choices, using different devices for different needs throughout each day. Ultimately, each vaping fan opts for his or her own preferences and charts a unique path toward vaping satisfaction.

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