What Is Sub Ohm Vaping And Good Practices

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Sub ohm vaping is one of the practices that most experienced vapers have tried and there’s mixed feelings about it! There are terms being shot around that sub ohm vaping is the answer for all those cloud chasers, which I find so funny, it’s like us vapers are on a mission in life to find the best atomizer and battery set up that produces the best vape or most vapor, nothing else matters!

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What Is Sub Ohm Vaping

Basically the idea of sub ohm vaping is to try to produce as much vapor as possible by trying to reproduce, as close as possible the effect of dripping without the inconvenience, using a coil setup that produces next to no resistance, that’s less than 1 ohm. This actually can produce problems as with ohm’s law less resistance means more amps, and therefore your battery is going to be working hard, producing heat which is drawn from the coil, which is also burning hard, so be careful! If you follow our good practices below, you should be ok! Be aware that Sub Ohm vaping is a controversial subject within the vaping world because of these safety issues.


Our message to you is to stay away from sub ohm vaping unless you know what you are doing. Try the Atlantis Aspire cartomizer with a compatible battery, this is the safest and most convenient form of sub ohm vaping. Or stick to the pre builds, we have a list of the best by type.

Good Practices

sub ohm vaping 3In order to maintain a high level of safety and prevent damage of equipment, it is important to use a sub-ohm resistance carefully. When it comes to batteries, do not use a cheap multi-meter for measuring sub-ohm resistances.

You have to make sure that the measurement is higher than the current value of your resistance. You need dedicated equipment for measurements of low resistance. If you cannot measure accurately your resistances, do not use super-low-resistance builds. You need to have the required experience for being able to rebuild the same settings in a similar way even without tools of measurement. Take a look at our recommended RDA atomizers for some great examples.

Check regularly the condition of your batteries. Keep in mind that stressed batteries will discharge gradually very quickly and display a higher drop of voltage on their internal resistance. If you are not able to monitor their condition, do not use batteries for sub-ohm vaping. You may want to invest in a box mod, which is a high power battery pack to enable the best solution to sub ohm vaping:

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This practice applies also with mods. You have to monitor the condition of your mod by measuring the drop of voltage using a known battery. When you notice that the high drop of voltage is not normal, inspect immediately all connections. You will start with the connections between the atomizer and the mod and the contacts between the battery and your mod. It is true that you may need more time before to identify the problem but this way of doing will save you from other problems. If you feel that it is necessary, disassemble all fixed connections of your mod in order to clean individually all connections and threads.

Preferably, use plated or harder springs and avoid spring-loaded connections for sub-ohm vaping. This is because, springs tend, with use, to lose their flex and this weakens connection at both ends. The result is an overheating and voltage drop. If you do not have a choice and use a spring, make sure to stretch it often in order to ensure firm connection at both ends.

The use of collapsible springs (image on the right)battery collapsible springs in some mods reduces the performance but favors the safety. You can remove these springs in most cases. If you damaged some few springs in such mod, avoid using a mechanical mod directly. You have to keep all units clean and tight.

It is better to select simpler mods with fewer contacts even if it means sacrificing features such as extensions, control of air-flow, and other gimmicks. When you reach the lower end of your sub-ohm range, make sure to keep things neat.

For an easy maintenance, establish a list of all contacts from the negative terminal of battery to the resistance of atomizer and from the positive terminal of battery to the resistance of your atomizer. This practice will enable you to know the most sensitive connections among them ion order to handle them correctly with a regular inspection.

You have also to be careful with mod switches. You have to handle properly the switch and keep it in top shape for making sure that it is able to conduct the high current without risk of overheating. It is important to establish proper prevention and maintenance. Use alcohol to wipe the connections of the switch each week. You will use compressed air to blow all parts and avoid touching these parts with your bare hands.

Since you are using lower resistances, do not forget to operate firmly the switch. This is particularly the case if your mod is a top firing or a double-break design. At high currents, pressing accidentally the switch, even very lightly, can be catastrophic. Make sure to lock always your mod when you are carrying it. In addition, avoid keeping your mod in dusty pockets.

When using lower resistance, you will need to re-plate the connections of your mods at least each few months. You have to keep in mind that you need enough information if you are serious about vaping, even if you are just vaping to quit smoking. This information will enable you to take the required measures to enjoy your device when pushing the limits.

You can be sure that if you use properly and maintain regularly your device, the connections of your mod will not suffer from overheating accidents. However, if you notice any black spots on the connections, use, as soon as possible, a non-corrosive cream or a silver wipe appropriate for stainless silver/brass/silver-ware.

Some mods use thermoplastic materials built to handle high temperatures up to 300◦C. This means that such mods can function in overheated switch conditions that can affect the safety of your battery. Even if, this means that it will be difficult to break your mod, do not consider the matter without seriousness. If you neglect the maintenance of your switch just because it can function in unsafe conditions, you may damage it. The best way to make sure that your switch operates in optimum conditions is to monitor the voltage drop of the mod.

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