FDA - New Restrictions on Flavored E-Cigs
FDA Announces Restrictions on Flavored E-Cigs
March 21, 2019
FreeMax Twister 80W AIO Vape Pen
FreeMax Twister 80W Vape Pen Review
March 29, 2019
FDA - New Restrictions on Flavored E-Cigs
FDA Announces Restrictions on Flavored E-Cigs
March 21, 2019
FreeMax Twister 80W AIO Vape Pen
FreeMax Twister 80W Vape Pen Review
March 29, 2019
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What is Sub-ohm Vaping

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Sub-ohm vaping is one of the practices that most experienced vapers have tried and there are mixed feelings about it! There are terms being shot around that sub-ohm vaping is the answer for all those cloud chasers, which I find so funny, it’s like us vapers are on a mission in life to find the best atomizer and battery set up that produces the best vape or most vapor, nothing else matters!

In-truth the practice of sub-ohm vaping is actually just a simple movement in expertise, that is, a new vaper can soon feel unsatisfied with Vape Pods, and vape pens that produce subtle amounts of vaper, and they crave for a stronger hit. The vaper’s choice is to increase the nicotine, which only really increased the roughness of the vape, or to use a device that’s more powerful and produces more vape. In actual fact, the way to increase vaper in an e-cigarette is to reduce the resistance of the coil within the tank, the recommended resistance to produce a decent amount of vaper and thus a decent hit is below 1-ohm, hence where the term sub-ohm.

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What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping

Basically, the idea of sub-ohm vaping is to try to produce as much vapor as possible by trying to reproduce, as close as possible the effect of dripping without the inconvenience, using a coil setup that produces next to no resistance, that’s less than 1 ohm. This actually can produce problems as with Ohm’s lawless resistance means more amps, and therefore your battery is going to be working hard, producing heat which is drawn from the coil, which is also burning hard, so be careful! If you follow our good practices below, you should be ok! Be aware that Sub-Ohm vaping requires a specific mod, and should come with safety features to help keep the vaper safe.


Our message to you is to stay away from sub-ohm vaping unless you are becoming unsatisfied with your current type of vape. This advice isn’t really on a safety issue, it’s more on a satisfaction level. Sub-ohm vaping, as we have already mentioned, produces a lot more vape and can be a little overwhelming for any new vaper. Take a quick read of our guide of the best vapes by type.
sub ohm vaping 3

Good Practices

A lot of things have changed in recent years. When sub-ohm vaping was first introduced 3-4 years ago, vaper had to modify their existing vapes in order to achieve any success. Now luckily manufacturers have caught up and produce some excellent sub-ohm products that have safety features to make sure of the safety of their users. That said, there are still some good practices you should follow.

The most important thing to consider is the quality of the actual batteries you use. A lot of the mods available for sub-ohm vaping require you to buy your own 18650 batteries or other battery sizes. It’s important to read which battery best suits your device, if a battery cannot drain as quickly as required, it can get hot, very hot, and in extreme circumstances can explode. This is very rare, in fact, we have not heard of a single case where this was the cause of a battery exploding, but it is possible. Consult our guide on choosing the right 18650 battery to help to get this right.

Using a Sub-ohm vape
Hang on, I hear you say!! You’ve read several stories in newspapers where batteries in vapes exploded! This is true, but it’s not from the drainage issues we described. The reason for these explosions you read about is the protective coating around the battery has worn away. This produces a very short distance between the positive and negative terminal. If you carry these batteries loose in your pocket, and it brushed against your keys or loose change, you produce a short. This is where the danger is! Most modern box mods have short safety features, so these stories come from people who either modified their mod or carried the batteries around loose in their pocket! Moral of these stories is to make sure your battery coating is always in good shape! Follow our top tips to keep your battery safe to make sure your following best practise.

Check regularly the condition of your batteries or use mods with internal batteries. Keep in mind that stressed batteries will discharge gradually very quickly and display a higher drop of voltage on their internal resistance. If you are not able to monitor their condition, do not use batteries for sub-ohm vaping. You may want to invest in a box mod, which is a high power battery pack to enable the best solution to sub-ohm vaping:

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Sub-Ohm Vaping is a Common Thing

Most vapers move on to sub-ohm vaping, and manufacturers know this. The market is now swamped with competitively priced box mods which all support sub-ohm vaping and keep the vaper safe. As listed in the link above.
The one big difference between regular vaping and sub-ohm vaping is the type of pull you perform on the vape:

  1. Mouth To Lung
  2. Direct Lung inhale


Mouth To Lung

The mouth to lung inhale is similar to smoking a regular cigarette, when the smoker first draws the smoke to their mouth, then sucks it down to their lungs. Smoking is performed this way because of the resistance created by the filter. In vaping, this resistance is created by the coil, and any resistance above 1-ohm, really requires you to perform a mouth to lung inhale.

Direct Lung Inhale

This is where the inhale is direct to the lungs, similar in taking a large breath. The vape goes directly to the lung and thus the resistance has to be very low, as of that with sub-ohm devices. Performing mouth to lung inhales with a coil of less than 1-ohm is very difficult, so it’s important to remember to use this type of inhale when using them. It can take a little while changing your habit to really optimize this type of vaping.
You can learn more in our guide on the different techiniques of vaping.


To Conclude

Sub-ohm vaping is very satisfying to the more experienced vapers. Most vapers start with the mouth to lung, greater than 1-ohm, vapes like Cig-a-likes, vape pods, and even vape pens. Once this becomes a little unsatisfying they move on to sub-ohm vaping, where they experience a great volume of vape, stronger flavor and in general a more satisfying vape. There are many great sub-ohm devices out there all featuring safety options to reduce any risk to the vaper. Make sure, when you are experimenting with sub-ohm vaping, to buy a device specifically designed for this practice, do not modify it and use the correct batteries which have not been damaged.

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