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sub ohm tanks



In the vaping community, there are many vapers who are committed to finding the ideal personalized setup for their electronic cigarette use. For these users, the standard fare provided by many manufacturers is simply insufficient to meet their needs. Some are looking for options that produce a greater amount of vapor, while others simply want to enhance the flavor. Still others seek a warmer vapor that mimics the warmth they experience with traditional tobacco combustion and many argue that this is the best way to vape to quit smoking. For these vapers, sub ohm vaping offers one of the best solutions available. But which are the best sub ohm tanks on the market today?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm is form of vaping where the user utilizes a coil resistance that is lower than 1.0 ohms. All electronic cigarettes and mods are nothing more than electrical units that rely on battery power for their functioning. Vaping devices are typically designed to operate at levels higher than 1.0 ohms. For some users, however, those higher levels fail to provide the type of vapor they need to satisfy their cravings.

To sub-ohm, these users must lower the resistance of their device coils. That lowered coil resistance increases the amount of amperage used by the device as it delivers current, which in turn adds to the strain and heat generated by both the coils and the battery. In conjunction with the right e-liquids, this process can create thicker, more voluminous levels of vapor, enhanced flavor, and even a warmer draw on each inhalation. Naturally, this process tends to utilize larger amounts of e-liquid, but that is a small price to pay for those whose preferred taste and vapor levels are not satisfied by most manufactured designs.

Sub ohm tanks are considered the premium option with vaping enthusiasts compared to the standard tanks and are usually used by advanced vapor users to ramp up their vaping sub ohm tanks When you choose a good sub ohm tank, you’ll probably notice a significant increase in the quality of the flavor and the vapor quantity, producing huge clouds! Without boring you with the technical details, everything that a standard tank does, the best sub ohm tank can do better. These tanks can work with thicker e-liquids to provide the atomizer or coil, this enables the flavor to be more advanced and in many experts opinions the thicker the e-liquid the better the taste, although this is a personal opinion and varies from user to user.

Most users use the sub ohm tank with a battery pack known as a box mod, this is because the standard battery that comes with starter kits does not have enough power to drive the sub ohm tank and thus does not perform to the expectations. You can learn more about box mods and the best on the market on the best box mod guide we wrote.

When you shop for a sub-ohm tank, you should go for the one that get consistently good reviews from people who are serious about their vaping. You might even listen to some of the conversations of the regular clients in vaping lounges and the retailers where you normally buy your vaping products to see what kind of products they like best. Some of these tanks can get into the $40-50 price range and that’s money you don’t want to spend on just a piece of trash that you’re never going to use or will end up returning. They should come with a basic setup where you just replace an atomizer head or/and have the option to be RBA (rebuildable atomizer) if this is the case it should be easily rebuildable and give you a good range of options so you can customize your vaping experience without much trouble, unlike the dripping RDA atomizers (rebuildable dripping) which are also available. As I mentioned before part of the point of using a sub-ohm tank is that you can get away with using thicker liquids than you would with a standard tank and they can produce both more flavor and larger clouds than a standard tank, but you can still get away with using the lighter liquids that you’re used to if you just want to compare the differences between these two types of tanks.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm

As mentioned, there are several benefits to this approach to vaping:

  • Increased Vapor Production: As the sub-ohm process causes an increase in the amount of power used and heat being spread out over a more expansive area, it results in increased amounts of juice being vaporized. That increased vaporization naturally results in even more vapor being produced.
  • More Flavor: It almost goes without saying that an increase in vapor should result in an increase in flavor. In this case, though, it is important to recognize that fact. More juice is being used, a larger amount of vapor is being created, and more intense flavor is being delivered.
  • Warm Vapor: There are some vapers who want that combustible cigarette experience with their vaping. For them, sub-ohm creates the type of warm vapor that they get from smoking.

With those benefits in mind, here are some of the best sub-ohm tanks currently available in the marketplace:


Some Of The Best Sub Ohm Tanks On The Market


SMOK TFV4Consider, for instance, the SMOK TFV4 kit which includes a TFV4 tank, a 0.2 ohm triple coil, a 0.15 ohm quadruple coil, an RBA head for a single coil, a spare pyrex glass tank, two silicon tank bands, a pad of organic cotton, a mini screwdriver, a spare silicon insert, and a user manual. Users of this kit generally agree that this will give you a crazy juice flow, though this comes with the downside of having to refill the tank more often. You can sort of sidestep the guzzling by using thicker juices. The drip tip design that can go up to 140 watts without any hot lip makes this an especially popular sub ohm tank that users swear will spoil you as far as using any other tank is concerned. Price for this option tends to average $40-50 but most customers agreed that, if you’re going to use a tank, you should go with one like this that can really deliver on the clouds.

Price – $49.99 – Check Out The SMOK TFV4

Kangar Subtank

Kangar Subtank 1The Kangar Subtank is another amazing sub ohm tank, it comes in three sizes, the nano, mini and plus, the mini being the most popular. I’ve seen the plus for as low as $40 and, for that price, you get a stainless steel Kangar Subtank, a 0.5 sub ohm with a max watt rating of 30 watts, a 1.2 Ohm with a max rating of 25 watts, an RBA head, a screwdriver, two screws, a spare pyrex tank and an organic cotton pad. The plus product has been recently redesigned to increase the maximum capacity to seven milliliters of juice without changing the overall dimensions very much. You can recharge the batteries. If you don’t like the horizontal coils that come with this, you can find vertical coils that are compatible with this tank. Customers who were used to standard tanks noticed a definite improvement in the flavor when they tried this tank. Though there were one or two complaints about sub tank leaking and crackling vape, this is a popular pick for serious vapor users who like the flavor and cloud levels that come.

Price – $29.95 – Check Out The Kangar Subtank

Aspire Atlantis V2

Aspire Atlantis V2

There are user polls suggesting that the Aspire Atlantis 2 is the best tank you can currently buy. Users appreciate its stainless steel durability, and the fact that it can contain more liquid than the earlier version of this model. In fact, much about this current model is noticeably larger than the first Atlantis version: bigger holding well, larger diameter, and more length. The unit does share the flexibility of the previous unit, however, as it too comes with adjustable air flow capabilities. It also has that same quality cotton wick Aspire customers love, and easy assembly to make it a perfect choice even for vaping newcomers.


Price – $29.95 – Check Out The Atlantis V2

Joyetech Delta II

Joyetech Delta IIThe Joyetech Delta II is a stainless steel sub-ohm tank kit that includes a tank that can hold 3.5 milliliters of liquid, two 0.5-ohm atomizer heads and a mouthpiece. The air flow and e-liquid valve are both adjustable. You can rebuild your own coils with an extra RBA atomizer. The atomizer heads are covered by a DOA (Dead On Arrival) warranty, essentially meaning if any of them are faulty, you have 48 hours after delivery to contact the manufacturer’s customer service team to arrange a return or replacement. The rest of the kit is covered by a 60-day warranty on parts. It works pretty well with thicker juices and the ability to adjust the flow makes this an especially popular pick. There have been comments that the tank can be a pain to clean and if you don’t have maximum dexterity in your fingers, you might as well not bother trying to build on the RBA section. However, this is another good pick for people who are moving away from standard tanks and want to try the sub-ohm tanks.

Price – $24.95 – Check Out The Joyetech Delta II

Sense Herakles

The Herakles also comes with stainless steel construction, with Pyrex glass for viewing the liquid inside the tank. That well can hold as much as 3 ml of juice, making it a great choice for those who are trying to avoid constant refills. Airflow can be adjusted using the same type of ring found on many other flexible flow tanks. Meanwhile, the coil design has a half-dozen wicking points, as well as five separate coil entry spots for your e-juice, making this one of the more capable designs for anyone who engages in serious vaping.

Kanger Subtank Mini

The Subtank Mini earns recognition due to its solid construction, 22mm mod diameter, and its 4.5 ml juice capacity. There is also dual-slotted airflow adjustment capability, which enables users to exercise greater control over the amount of draw they receive with every inhalation. The cotton coils offer both .5 and 1.2 ohm choices, so that you can control flavor and vapor production, and the entire unit comes with an extra RBA base which you can use to build coils and effectively use the unit as an RTA.


Of course, those are just a few of the many great sub-ohm tanks out there today. There are many others, including offerings from companies like Innokin, Eleaf, and Joyetech. The bottom line is clear: if you are looking for the ultimate personalized vaping experience, there are so many sub-ohm tanks available today that you are guaranteed to find one that meets your needs!

People who are not enthusiastic about the lung hit that is particularly favored amongst the sub ohm vapers, then you might not enjoy these tanks. Also larger clouds imply more intake of e-liquid that will come costly. Hence sub ohm tanks also mean more expense. Vaping is also used by the smokers who are trying to give a break to their smoking habit. With adjustable nicotine intake, it gets easier to control the amount you are taking in.

The lower the resistance of the coil, the larger will be the vapors produced. That’s why the name sub ohm is given to these tanks since they use coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Newer and ingenuous ways of producing massive clouds with lower resistance coils are increasingly finding their way into the market.

So which of these will be the best sub-ohm tank for you?

Keep in mind that this is advanced stuff for people who are serious about their vaping and want to improve the flavor and clouds they get out of it. Users of standardized atomizers who haven’t tried the sub-ohm version might not even know what they’re missing. If you don’t like the idea of very large clouds or are in an environment where you might not want to make your vaping obvious, you might want to stick with a standard tank. However, when you feel ready to take your vaping to the next level, these four sub-ohm tanks are good picks to try.