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For many vapors who are new to the lifestyle, terms like rebuildable atomizers (RBA), rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA), and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA) tend to make their eyes glaze over. These devices are the bedrock of advanced vaping enjoyment, and yet few novices and many intermediate-level vaping enthusiasts ever learn what they are, or how they differ from one another and thus struggle to find the truly top vapes and e-cigarette for them. We’ll try to remedy that situation by examining these atomizers and explaining their basic differences in terms of function and benefits.



RBA example_1A rebuildable atomizer is just what the name suggests: an atomizer that has been built to provide you with the maximum flexibility when it comes to coil elements and wick choices. Before these devices started coming onto the market, tinkerers had long been rebuilding clearomizers in an attempt to produce better flavor or larger plumes of vapor. With these units, however, there is no need to destroy an existing atomizer in an attempt to customize it. These are designed to be rebuilt and since the introduction of sub ohm tanks the RBA has become more and more popular with advanced vapers.

RBAs, of course, come in two categories of design: the rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), and the rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA).



RDA Example_1While it might seem more complex – largely due to the greater personal involvement required in the vaping process, the dripping atomizer is the most basic type of device. There is no tank, and you have to personally drip your e-juice onto the device’s wick. There is a small juice reservoir that can hold several millimeters of juice, but the reality is that you’ll be regularly dripping more liquid whenever your flavor starts to dissipate. The benefit here is that you have almost complete customization control over the coils you choose, and can opt for almost any type of wick that suits your fancy.

Of course, dripping atomizers aren’t really well-suited for use on the go. You’re obviously not going to be using one while you’re driving down the road, or walking through the office. But, for stationary use at home or work, they can be a great way to get just the vaping experience you’re looking for.

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RTA Example_1Note, this is sometimes decscibed as an RDA Tank just to add to confusion! The tank atomizer is also pretty much what the name describes: an atomizer that is attached to a tank reservoir that contains all of the e-liquid you are using. There is no need for direct dripping; instead, you just fill the tank and start vaping. Now, these atomizers typically offer lower power levels than the RDAs, which is why the latter is capable of producing larger clouds of vapor. The RTA, however, provides a more convenient and portable vaping experience, and tends to be better at preserving flavor than most RDA devices.

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As for which is better, that all depends upon your preferences and need. The RDA definitely requires more active attention and a firmer understanding of vaping essentials, while the RTA offers greater accessibility even to novice users. If you just want to vape without much hassle, then tank atomizers are likely to be your best option. If, however, you are looking for sub-ohm vaping perfection, then you will probably appreciate the larger clouds of vapor the dripping atomizer can offer.

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