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Flying with E-Cigs, Vapes or Cannabis

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Travelling and Vaping

We all travel. Whether we travel inside our own country or go towards foreign destinations, traveling is something that a lot of us do for various purposes. Whether it is business or pleasure, traveling by plane is something that takes a lot of planning. Here we do not only refer to the way in which you are going to plan how you pack your bags but planning accordingly so that you meet the rules and regulations set in store by security.

As a member of the vaping community, one of the biggest things that you have to take into consideration is what to do with your e-cigarette during a flight and in the pre-boarding stages as well. Today we will be talking about what you can and cannot bring, where you are allowed to store your items and how much you are allowed to carry with you during your travel.

Logo for the Transportation Security Administration

TSA and its laws on e-cigarettes

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) provides a very clear but brief answer to our main topic. On their official website, they have a page focused solely on Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. Here, they state that all travelers are allowed to travel with their e-cigs. However, you are only allowed to store them in your carry-on bags. Do not put them in your checked bags. Not only this but when you are going through the security screening process before boarding the plane be aware that you must declare your e-cigarette. It is always best to do that in order to avoid confusion or possible penalties in the future for not telling authorities that you have a vaping device with you. When your carry-on bags are being checked at the gate or at planeside, please remove your e-cigarettes or vaping devices from inside.

When it comes to e-liquids, there are also some restrictions set in place focused on how much liquids you are allowed to bring with you. You can take some containers with e-liquids in them. You must also store them in your carry-on bags. The limit for each bottle is 100ml. If you travel with multiple containers, you are obligated to store them in a clear plastic bag. As with your e-cigarette, tell authorities about your e-liquid bottles.

Before you go on and do all of the above, please be aware that your country of destination might have stricter laws in place for vaping indoors or outdoors and some may even ban this practice altogether. Always do your research before going somewhere since lawmakers have different takes on the topic of vaping.
Vaping in an airport lounge

Can You Vape in the Airport/On Board?

This is a rather simple question to answer. When you are at the airport in your country of origin, there will usually be designated areas for smoking and/or vaping. Do not be that guy that just whips out his e-cig and starts vaping inside with no consideration for those around him. At best, you will get some rude stares from people that pass by. You might find yourself in a situation that is less lucky for you, such as being fined for smoking in an indoor area, which security at some airports might do if they see you vaping.

Now, in order to avoid any problems, if you do not know for sure where or if you are allowed to vape inside, go to an airport employee and ask them about this policy. If they do not know, they will point you to someone who does, and then you will finally see where you can go. In a worst case situation you might be asked to vape outside but depending on the weather that might not be such a bad thing.
Vaping Cannabis in Countries

Cannabis in Canada

Since cannabis has recently been legalized in Canada, some might wonder if they are allowed to travel with it on planes or not. The short answer and something that has been posted as words of caution on many official pamphlets is “Don’t bring it in. Don’t take it out.” And we will discuss more based on this. For starters, The Canada Border Services Agency has set a couple of handy rules in order.

First of all, cannabis is not legal in many parts of the world which means that you cannot take it across the border. You can purchase it and use it as a medicinal aid in the country, but you cannot take it with you on a trip abroad. Do not try to bypass this by not declaring your cannabis in the border services examination process as authorities will give you a fine you or even jail you for trying to take it out of the country.

But what if you decide to travel to a state in the US where cannabis is legal? Or what about the Netherlands who have also recently legalized it? The answer will still be no, by law you are not allowed to cross the border with cannabis under any shape or form.

Cannabis in the USA

Some states in the US have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes which means that smoking it there will not get you in trouble with the law if you have the proper authorization for it. However, only a handful of states have legalized so traveling from one where weed is legal to one where marijuana is illegal is strictly forbidden by law. Even flying from California to Denver, for example, is still illegal. The reason why? Well, by federal law weed is still an illicit drug and since federal law trumps state level law when it comes to flying, TSA officials can easily take you aside and refer you to the authorities if you try to travel with cannabis without informing anyone and getting caught.

That being said, Canada’s “Don’t bring it in. Don’t take it out.” Can also be applied to state-level policies to an extent since these two simple sentences explain in straightforward terms what complex law regulations do in great detail and with terms specific to their field.

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