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March 6, 2020
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So you have made the mental choice to quit vaping, but it’s not as easy as you thought. Your not alone, many people who use to be addicted to smoking and switch to e-cigarettes are in the same position.

We are going to take you through some top tips from expert vapers to help you quit your nasty dependency of nicotine and vaping. Unlike other sites, we look at it from the eyes of the vaper, and being ex-vapers ourselves, we share our top tips on how we managed to quit.

Reducing Nicotine in E-Liquid

Tip 1 – Reduce the Nicotine Gradually

If you’re supporting someone to quit vaping, then make sure you understand what vaping is, so you can talk to them in a language they understand. If your the vaper then remember, as with smoking, it’s no point just trying to quit from something you’ve been doing for a long time. You have to set individual goals and stick to them.
The first one is to regularly reduce the nicotine in the e-liquid your vaping.

  1. If you’re at over 18mg or above, there’s a good chance your using mouth to lung inhale devices. Try switching to direct lung inhales with coils of less than 1-ohm. You should find that anything over 6mg is a little rough to vape making the reduction a little easier and pleasurable.
  2. Let’s say you’re on 18mg, here’s how you cut down. Pick a flavor, your favorite that you can buy in 18, 12, 6, 3 and 0mg nicotine contents. Buy 3 bottles of the flavor you like at 18mg, don’t vape any other flavor or strength, stick to it.
  3. Buy 2 bottles at 12mg and again vape nothing else, just that flavor.
  4. Buy 2 bottles at 6mg, vape nothing else.
  5. Buy 4 bottles at 3mg and again vape nothing else.

Following this simple method should reduce your intake of nicotine pretty gradually and you probably didn’t even notice. The next step is to move to 0mg.

Set a date to quit vaping

Tip 2 – Set a Date

Now hopefully by now your on 0-3mg of e-liquid. A lot of vapers fail to stick with 0mg, so don’t panic and just give up, carry on with the next step!

Although this tip is named “Set a Date”, again we’re going to use bottles as an indicator.

If you’re on 0mg buy 100-120ml of that flavor at 0mg. If you’re at 3mg, again buy 100-120ml at that strength. If you flick between 0 and 3, buy 100-120ml of 3mg.

This is now your timeline. Don’t vape any less or any more, just carry on vaping as usual.

Man having his last vape

Tip 3 – Having Your Last Vape

The time has come to vape the last few drops of e-liquid, it is this time that you need to confidently tell yourself. Now is the time to stop.

Remind yourself, you have cut down your nicotine levels to almost 0 if not 0, and you are addicted to the habit more than nicotine itself.

Take a deep breath and promise not to vape again.

Get up to speed with all the vaping facts, so you understand what you’re doing and why you’re giving it up.

Tip 4 – Carry On As Usual

Luckily we’re at an age where you can socialize in public without smells of cigarettes or vapor distracting us. Most indoor places ban indoor vaping these days.

Regardless to that, don’t go out your way to avoid vapers or smokers. Carry on as you would usually. The ultimate goal here is for you not to associate missing socializing with missing vaping. So go out as you did, and enjoy yourself.

If you get an urge to vape, tell yourself why you want to quit, if it’s for your kids, your wife, yourself, take a deep breath and change the subject.

Tip 5 – Failing to Quit

If it’s been a week, 2 weeks or even a month and you cannot hold back any longer. Resist as much as you can. If it seems impossible, only vape a 0mg e-liquid, regardless of what you were on before.

Now, take a break from everything and ask yourself why you want to quit. And repeat tips 3 and 4, you can do this.

Try to quit vaping

Tip 6 – Seek Support

Feel free to write to us asking for support, we will respond back to you with some personal recommendations. Sometimes just writing up your feelings on vaping helps you identify it a little closer and makes you come to terms with the addiction and thus makes it easier to quit.

Other Things To Consider When Trying To Quit Vaping

One of the most important parts in your quest to quit vaping is will power. It can be very difficult to admit that someone has an addiction, especially in a habit like vaping. Once you have decided it’s time to quit, its also time to admit to yourself that you are addicted and it’s not going to be an easy thing to do, so get as much support as you can behind you to make the process that much easier. Many don’t like to share with close friends and partners as it may show signs of weakness if you fail to quit vaping. So, we suggest keeping your trust with just a few close friends or family, the people who are more likely to understand your situation and can be there for you during the hard times.

We really wish you luck in your quest to quit vaping and believe if you follow our tips above that they will make the job in quitting that much easier, but remember, it still takes a lot of effort your side, but really believe you can do it!

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