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Ovvio Bar Disposable Vape Review
October 19, 2023
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Review of the Ovvio Bar Disposable Vape
Ovvio Bar Disposable Vape Review
October 19, 2023
Review of Ghost Salts E-Liquid
Vapes Bars Ghost Salts E-Liquid Review
November 30, 2023
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Review of the Lady Mary Vape

Lady Mary Disposable Vape Review Bottom Line

The Lady Mary Disposable Vape from Vapes Bars is a standout in the disposable market, offering an impressive variety of popular flavours in an elegantly designed, ready-to-use device. With a commitment to sustainability, smooth nicotine delivery, and a long-lasting battery, Lady Mary is poised to make waves.

Vapes Bars has emerged as a top contender in the vaping market, and their latest addition to the disposable game is the Lady Mary disposable vape range. This review takes the Lady Mary vape range for a spin to provide an in-depth exploration of its features, flavours, and overall performance. From sleek design to user-friendly functionality, the Lady Mary disposable vape promises a convenient and satisfying vaping experience, but does it deliver?

The Lady Mary Vape

First Impressions: A Glimpse into Elegance and Simplicity

Vapes Bars, a passionate group dedicated to revolutionizing the vaping industry, introduces the Lady Mary range. Standing alongside their notable disposables like Ghost Click, Hayati Pro Mini, and Found Mary 600, Lady Mary offers a spectrum of ten fruity flavours. The packaging exudes simplicity, with each disposable featuring a sleek finish, color-coded to the specific flavour – a thoughtful touch for easy identification. The Lady Mary disposable vape features an exquisite design characterized by its sleek, flat body for convenient pocketability. The subtle curvature of the device enhances its tactile quality, contributing to a premium feel during usage and handling.

3 Views of Lady Mary Vape

Features and Functions: Unveiling the Heart of Lady Mary

Lady Mary disposables come pre-filled with a TPD compliant 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt-based e-liquid. The Lady Mary range boasts a mesh coil and a built-in 350mAh battery. Designed for convenience, these disposables are ready to use straight out of the box. Vapes Bars’ commitment to sustainability is noteworthy, with initiatives encouraging users to recycle their disposables after use.

Flavours to Savour: A Palette of Delight

Lady Mary presents an enticing array of flavours, including Berry Burst, Blackcurrant Squash, Cola Ice, and Watermelon Freeze, among others. The focus on popular and best-selling flavours ensures a delightful vaping experience. The nicotine salt-based e-liquid aims to deliver a robust nicotine hit without the harsh throat hit that other vapes produce, making Lady Mary an ideal choice for those seeking a smooth and flavourful vape.

Flavours of the Lady Mary Vape

The Flavour Palette: A Symphony of Taste

In our evaluation of the Lady Mary disposable vapes, we tested out 5 different flavours, each exhibited distinct merits. The flavour profile, expertly calibrated, strikes a delightful balance—robust enough to captivate the senses without inducing facial contortions, and yet not so ethereal as to leave one questioning whether they are, in fact, vaping mere air. It seems Lady Mary has mastered the art of flavour equilibrium, ensuring a tasteful and enjoyable vaping experience for connoisseurs with discerning palates. Here are the flavours we tested:

  1. Lemon and Lime: A zesty blend of tangy lemons and citrusy limes creates a burst of citrusy delight, striking a perfect balance between tartness and sweetness.
  2. Blueberry: Capturing the sweet, juicy essence of blueberries, this flavour promises a fruity vaping experience, delivering the bold and authentic flavour of these iconic berries.
  3. Pink Orange Fizz: Mimicking the refreshing effervescence of a sparkling beverage, this flavour combines the juicy essence of oranges with a playful fizzy finish for a fruity and invigorating vaping sensation.
  4. Berry Burst: A vibrant medley of ripe berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, creating a burst of fruity goodness with every puff.
  5. Cola Ice: A classic cola taste with signature effervescence, complemented by a cool and icy exhale that adds a delightful twist to the beloved soda.

Basic Operations: Simplicity at its Core

Lady Mary disposables are designed for easy use. With no adjustable airflow and draw-activated functionality, users can simply remove the protective sticker and silicone mouthpiece plug, puffing away to activate the device. The mouth-to-lung draw offers a tight draw similar to that of a cigarette, providing a concentrated and flavourful experience.

Performance: A Puff-by-Puff Exploration

Vapes Bars claims each Lady Mary disposable offers up to 600 puffs, although individual usage may vary based on your own vaping habits. During a real-world test, the Cola Ice Lady Mary provided a commendable 550 puffs over the weekend and still had some power and flavour left, although we did notice a slight loss of power, this caters to heavy vapers who enjoy long and slow draws. The 350mAh battery and mesh coil contribute to a consistent and satisfying vaping experience.

Lady Mary Vape In Hand

Pros and Cons


  1. Flavour Variety: Lady Mary offers a diverse range of ten popular and best-selling flavours, ensuring there’s something for every palate.
  2. Elegant Design: The disposables boast an ergonomic design with a sleek finish, color-coded to each flavour, striking a balance between simplicity and sophistication.
  3. Convenient and Ready-to-Use: Designed for ease, Lady Mary disposables are draw-activated and ready to use straight out of the box, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers.
  4. Sustainability Commitment: Vapes Bars’ dedication to sustainability is commendable, with initiatives to encourage recycling of disposables, emphasizing responsible vaping.
  5. Smooth Nicotine Delivery: The 20mg nicotine salt-based e-liquid delivers a strong nicotine hit without the harsh throat hit, catering to those seeking a smooth and flavourful vaping experience.
  6. Long Battery Life: The 350mAh battery, combined with a mesh coil, contributes to a consistent and satisfying vaping experience, offering up to 600 puffs per disposable.


  1. Limited Nicotine Strength: At present, Lady Mary disposables only offer a 20mg nicotine salt strength in the UK, potentially limiting options for users who prefer different nicotine concentrations.
  2. Non-Adjustable Airflow: Lack of adjustable airflow may be a drawback for vapers who prefer customization options for their vaping experience.


Final Verdict: Lady Mary Steals the Show

In conclusion, the Lady Mary disposable vape range from Vapes Bars is a resounding success. The five flavours, including Blueberry, Lemon and Lime, Berry Burst, Pink Orange Fizz, and Cola Ice, impressed us with their packed-in flavours and smooth delivery. The disposables are well-designed, ergonomic, and durable. With no issues like leakage, or dry hits, Lady Mary seems poised to make a significant impact in the UK market. If the entire range mirrors the quality of these five flavours, Vapes Bars is on the brink of a major triumph in the disposable vape arena.

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