Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous?
February 28, 2019
Countries Where Vaping is banned
Countries That Have Banned E Cigs and Vaping
March 4, 2019
Is e-Liquid Really Dangerous?
February 28, 2019
Countries Where Vaping is banned
Countries That Have Banned E Cigs and Vaping
March 4, 2019

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Vandy Vape Jackaroo Vape Kit Bottom Line

Vandy Vape has released a new box mod kit which can be used with either a 21700, 20700, or 18650 battery with a maximum wattage output of up to 100W. The real feature here though is the tough design, with Waterproof, Shockproof, & Dustproof features (excluding the tank of course)! This is direct competition with the older Aegis Legend mods we saw last year, but the Jackaroo is definitely a slicker model.

In-depth Review of the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Box Mod Vape Kit

Finding the right vaping kit can be a long process. We all look for different things when it comes to the best e-cigarette. Some look for the ability to puff considerable smoke clouds, others for options to enhance the flavor in the e-liquid, some for extended battery life, an ergonomic design that is aesthetically pleasing, and some even want to have a vape kit that is very well resistant to water, dust, and shocks. Luckily enough, the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit is a very well-rounded kit which offers a lot of things to the potential buyer.

Today we will be talking about the specifications of this, what it comes with, some of its features and a couple of relevant ideas centered on how easy it is to use and just how resistant it is to outside factors. Read more if you want to have a good idea if this vape kit is something that you might potentially be interested in based on what it can do for you and what it can offer.

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Jackaroo Box Mod Kits


  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof
  • Durable G10 & Resin Replacement Panels
  • Single 21700 Battery Box Mod
  • Compatible with Mesh Coil (0.15/ 0.3ohm)
  • Powered by Vandy Chip with Max Output 100W


  • Tank Diameter: 23mm
  • E-juice Capacity: 3ml
  • Tank Material: Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Threaded Top Fill System
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control
  • Vandy Vape JACKAROO Coil System
  • 0.15ohm Mesh Coil: Rated for 50-90W
  • 0.3ohm Mesh Coil: Rated for 40-60W
  • Sliding Retractable Top-Fill Mechanism
Design of the Vandy Vape Jackaroo kit


The Vandy Vape Jackaroo Waterproof Kit is a powerhouse product that offers all that you can want in one bulky yet usable casing. The product is powered by a Vandy chip, and it requires either a 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery with a maximum output of 100W in order to function correctly.

The products made out of silica gel material and G10, chosen specifically for the fact that they make this product incredibly durable and resistant while also creating a very intricate outside look. In order to ensure that the kit is resistant, the manufacturer has decided to incorporate IP67 waterproof for extreme water conditions, shock and dust resistance.

When it comes to how waterproof the product is, it was designed to last for up to 30 minutes when exposed to water. Ideally, this does not mean that you can vape while swimming or anything of that fantasy like nature, but it does mean that if it is raining outside you can use your kit without worrying that it might be damaged by water. And not only will this but if you happen to drop it, its shock resistant nature ensures that it won’t break.

The kit’s design is focused on anti-skidding technology that blends into an ergonomic design in order to ensure that the product has an aesthetic appeal while also offering the user a sturdy grip for use. You will also be able to choose from two mesh coil options, one that stands at 0.15ohm and 50-90W and another one that stands at 0.3ohm and 40-60W.

What also makes the Jackaroo very interesting and new is its Vandy chip that powers a custom display background. The background can be adapted by choosing from a number of different colors, all in order to fit with the exterior colors, from which you can choose and pick your favorite when purchasing.

Jackaroo built for toughness

Vandy Chip Functions

The Vandy chip screen options and modes might seem a bit confusing for first-time vapers which is why we will briefly explain just what you might find on the small screen and what that means. First of all, there are six modes available for you to choose from, each offering a different vaping experience. These modes are called Power mode, Bypass mode, Voltage mode, TC-NI mode, TC-SS mode, and TC-TI mode.

The abbreviations on the screen also mean a couple of different things and these are:

  • V – voltage mode
  • TC – temperature control mode
  • BP – bypass mode
  • C – UI color switch, Multicolor, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Coffee, Pink
  • ARR – Auto Resistor Renew
  • FIR – Fire button mode; On – power is on when locked; Off – power is off when locked

In order to restore the original factory settings what you have to do is press +/- to choose between YES or NO and then press the fire button to confirm.

Jackaroo Tank and top fill

E-liquid Filling

The E-liquid filling method is made to be very easy for new or old vape kit users, comes with a top cap that twists at 90 degrees. After opening the top cap, you can pour in the e-liquid, twist it back on and enjoy your vapes. This to cap is designed to be non-locking and non-leaking when the user replaces the liquid. Speaking of e-liquid, the top cap does come in two glass sizes. The Pyrex glass tubes are 3.5ml and 5ml, meaning that you have to options to choose from based on how much liquid you want or know you will be using over the day.


Color Options

When it comes to the color options, the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Waterproof kit does not fail when it comes to offering you as many choices as you might need in order to pick out something that you like. These color options include Red ridge, American eagle, Obsidian black, Blue python, Orange viper, Green anaconda, Red Pomegranate, Green Jade, Gold Agate, and last but not least, Blue porcelain.

Jackaroo box mod kits complete


In conclusion, the Vandy Vape Jackaroo Waterproof kit is an excellent vape kit option for someone who wants to own their very first kit and experience a lot of different options for vaping, liquid container choices, an ergonomic design, shock, and dust resistant qualities and more. Personally, this kit is rather well-priced for what it offers its users. If you are intrigued and interested feel free to opt for this kit. You certainly will not regret, and you will enjoy vaping in all weather conditions without worrying about damaging your kit at all, something that Vandy kept in mind when designing this.

Nicholas King
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