IJoy Zenith 3 Vape Kit Review
IJoy Zenith 3 Vape Kit Review
July 27, 2018
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
August 1, 2018
IJoy Zenith 3 Vape Kit Review
IJoy Zenith 3 Vape Kit Review
July 27, 2018
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
August 1, 2018

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: July 30th, 2018.

6.2 Final Score
Sigelei Sobra Kit Bottom Line

Let's get the bad things out the way, the mod itself has some trouble with the actual resistance of the coils, making it difficult to gauge the right wattage to use and it does make us wonder how that affects the actual voltage when firing the device. On the good side though, you get a slick looking mod and a fairly decent flavorful tank, we just think there are better mod kits on the market.

The complete Sigelei Sobra Kit

In-depth Sigelei Sobra TC Starter Kit Review

Sigelei is releasing their new box mod kit running of dual 18650 batteries and powers up to 198W unless you update the firmware and then it will fire up to 230W. So how does this kit compare against the best vape mod kits on the market? Let’s take a closer look to see!

Design and styling of the Sigelei Sobra Kit


Sigelei have called this kit the Sobra and the design is the most realistic Cobra looking mod on the market, with its snakeskin body with LED eyes and the shape has all been based on the Cobra, some will love it and some will find it a little over the top!

Sigelei is releasing the Sobra Kit in a number of colors which include Gold, Rainbow, black, white, red, yellow, blue and the most realistic of all colors, Python Grey! So you have plenty of choices there.

The Sobra mod itself measures in at a tad less than 90mm tall, 55.4mm wide and a depth of just less than 40mm, so all in all it’s a pretty standard size mod for dual 18650 batteries. The kit does come with the Moonshot 120 tank that adds another 48mm to the height and has a diameter of 24mm with 5.5ml of capacity.

In the center of the Sobra mod is the 1.3” OLED color screen, because of the snakeskin design, it’s quite hard to see the up and down buttons below the screen, but they are relatively easy to find by touch. Below the buttons, you will find the USB port that you can use to charge the batteries or apply the firmware update.

The top of the mod has the 510 spring loaded thread in the center, so you can use any tank you like and it will balance well. It will fit any tank up to 25mm before any overhang.

The fire button is conveniently placed on the side, it is slightly larger than the average button and relatively easy to find and fire.

The complete Moonshot 120 Tank

Moonshot 120 Tank

The Moonshot120 Tank holds 5.5ml of e-liquid thanks to the bubble-like glass, the base has 2 relatively small airflow slots which are adjustable. The top has a built-in drip tip which can be unscrewed to reveal the fill hole which features a silicone flap to avoid any leakage.

You do get 2 coils with the kit, one 0.2-ohm pre-installed standard coil which can be vaped between 60 and 120 Watts. The spare coil is a 0.25 coil which can be vaped between 40-80 watts. Shame we don’t see any mesh coils in the kit, as some vapers just love these, including ourselves!

The Sigelei Sobra Kit With Moonshot 120 Tank

Features of the Sigelei Sobra Kit

Five clicks of the fire button turn the Sobra mod on and off. The screen lights up with all the display information a vaper needs, including dual battery indicators, vape mode, the current wattage or temperature, depending on the mode you’re in, the resistance of the coil and the voltage that’s used to reach the desired wattage.

Three clicks of the fire button enter the menu area where you can choose from the mode, where you can choose either power or wattage mode, or the type of coil for temperature control. You can also select screen mode, where you can change the GUI, or screen look, and adjust the brightness. The set mode allows you to adjust power saving mode, reset the puff counter and also adjust the preheat mode from hard to soft.

There’s also a couple of shortcuts like pressing the fire button together with the up button, this gives you a more accurate gauge on each battery and the life remaining. Pressing the fire button along with the down button locks the device.

So how does this vape kit perform and is it one for those who are addicted to vaping? Let’s see.

The Sigelei Sobra Mod layout and features


So setting it up with the 0.2ohm coil at 60 watts we immediately notice a problem, the resistance showing on the mod is 0.25 ohms and when firing it jumps to 0.32 ohms. This is a little confusing and after a few minutes resets back to 0.25 ohms. Weird!

On the vape side, the flavor is actually pretty good, although they are not mesh so the flavor isn’t as good as other tanks.


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