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Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA Designed by the Vapor Chronicles Review
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Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA Designed by the Vapor Chronicles Review
Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA Designed by the Vapor Chronicles Review
July 25, 2018
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Sigelei Sobra Kit with Moonshot 120 Tank Review
July 30, 2018

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: July 27th, 2018.

7.5 Final Score
IJoy Zenith 3 Kit Bottom Line

If it's power you crave for, then the IJoy Zenith 3 Kit should be on your radar, powered by dual 20700 batteries this mod can pack a punch, and with the Diamond Sub0ohm tank as part of the kit is a great performer. Maybe a little confusing to start with and for new vapers, working out the voltage to meet the resistance of the coils, but once you've got your head round ohms law you should be sorted! Not for everyone, but for the power hungry!

IJoy Zenith 3 vape kit

In-depth IJoy Zenith 3 with Diamond Sub-ohm Tank Kit Review

The new IJoy Zenith 3 kit is a dual 20700 battery, semi-mechanical mod with the Diamond Sub-ohm tank, it shows they are looking at a vape mod that has the power to last, so how does this kit compare against all the other and best vape mods on the market? Only one way to find out, let’s take it for a review!

Colors and design of the IJoy Zenith 3


Starting out with the size, it’s obviously going to be big just to house the 2 20700 batteries, but IJoy has done a good job with the aesthetics, to make it look pretty slick! The mod itself measures in at 92mm tall, 49mm wide and has a depth of just a touch over 34mm. With the tank, you can add another 56mm to the height, with a diameter of 26.5mm.

The Zenith 3 is available in a whole host of colors, which you expect from one of the best vaping brands, but they add the name mirror before, which just means its shiny! The colors include mirror gold, rainbow, stainless, blue, purple, red, and green, all with matching tank colors if you buy the kit. So you should find a color to suit.

The back of the mod has the battery door panel which is held in place by magnets, you do get an adaptor in the kit, so you can also use 18650 batteries instead of the dual 20700 batteries.

Nice to see the 510 spring loaded thread in the center, at the top of the mod, meaning any tank will balance pretty well if you don’t want to buy the kit with the diamond tank.

The side houses the slightly larger fire button, not as large as some we see, but plenty big enough to be found easily enough. The front has a dial, which can be turned to adjust voltage, below the dial is the USB port for recharging your batteries.

Features of the Zenith 3 vape mod


IJoy has attempted to keep things simple, and the settings are just voltage control via the dial or wheel as they like to call it on the front.

You can adjust the voltage by turning the dial from 2.7V all the way to 7.2V with 0.6V intervals, but the labels on the dial say 2.4V-6.6V, a little confusing! There is a bleeping each time you turn the wheel, but you can click the fire button 3 times to silence it.

You can also turn the device on and off with the 5 clicks of the fire button as you see on most e-cigs these days.

There are also a couple of LEDs on the front to help you identify the amount of battery life left.

The IJoy Diamond Tank

Diamond Tank

Ijoy has included the Diamond tank, which we have seen on other kits before like the IJoy Saber and the IJoy Wand, one big problem though, is all the coils are marked up with ideal wattage, and of course the Zenith 3 works with the voltage, so it’s a bit of a guessing game on what voltage to use.

The mesh coils which come with the kit are however pretty good, producing some really deep flavors, plus they include 2 different types so you can test out which one suits your needs best.

Performance of the IJoy Zenith 3 vape mod kit


It’s really difficult to compare the Zenith 3 with other wattage controlled mods as with wattage control it adjusts the voltage to fire at the set wattage. The Zenith 3 however just fires a constant voltage, and depending on the resistance will adjust the amps.

That said, IJoy has tried something different and produced a fairly decent and clever vape mod. Once you get your head around ohms law and give it a good try, you may love the voltage control and the power it produces.

At the higher levels of power, it’s one of the best on the market.


To Conclude

The Diamond tank is a great performing Sub-ohm tank, but it doesn’t really match the Zenith 3 mod body. They should have either designed the mod more around the tank or produced a new tank altogether to call it a new kit, really it’s a new mod with the old Diamond tank!

The design of the mod, however, is really good, at least with the looks. Not sure on the design of the wheel, as it round-robins 360 degrees, it’s easy to slip from 2.7V to 7.2V without even noticing and can cause burning of the coils.

Overall, not too bad of a mod, especially if you are after more power, we didn’t really like the look of the Diamond tank on it, but the performance was actually really good at the higher levels of voltage. Not one for the beginners out there, who are perhaps looking for their first e-cig to quit smoking with as it can be a bit confusing trying to work out ohms law to get the right voltage for your coil.

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