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Geek Vape Aegis Solo review
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Review of the Vaporesso Luxe S Kit
Vaporesso LUXE and LUXE S Kit Review
May 24, 2019
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Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA

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9.5 Final Score
Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA Bottom Line

The Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA has similarities with the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA, but what successful vape doesn't have similarities? The main difference is the Profile Unity uses bottom airflow when the Kylin M uses top airflow. Nevertheless, the flavor coming from this RTA is just outstanding, one of the best RTA's we have tested in some time, with a super easy build deck and the use of different mesh coils, this is going to be hard to beat. Comparing the Profile Unity with the Kylin, we believe the Profile just pips it to the post due to the slightly smoother airflow, but there's not much in it!

In-depth VandyVape Kylin Mini RTA Tank Review

The release of RTAs has been a little quiet lately, mainly thanks to the popularity of mesh coil sub-ohm tanks taking over the market. Then came the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA with what seemed to be a breakthrough with RTA’s and mesh coils. This produced a huge interest in the market and Vandy Vape was keen to release their own mesh coiled RTA and the Kylin M RTA was born, by the way, the M stands for Mini! So how does this tank compare with its competitors and is it the best tank on the market?

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Colors of the Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA


One thing we have to admit is the great look that this RTA has, Vandy Vape is releasing this model in a number of colors which includes stainless steel, black, rainbow, blue, gold, frosted grey, and gunmetal.

As it's an RTA, it is a little larger than a regular sub-ohm tank, but not as big as it's competitors coming in at just 34mm tall (excluding the drip tip and thread), 24mm in diameter at the base with a total diameter of 26mm. So all in all, a pretty good size holding either 3 or 4.5ml depending on the glass tube you choose. So yes, they do provide a bubble glass for slightly larger juice capacity.

The kit features just the tank but does include coils, so you don't need cotton, coils or other vape products, but you will, of course, need e-liquid and a vape mod!

A look Inside the Kylin M RTA tank


The Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA has a number of nice features, the first one is the honeycomb top airflow which is adjustable via the ring. So this RTA is a top airflow intake type tank, which helps in avoiding leakage and minimizes the air travel to the coil. The airflow holes lead to a channel within the tank that leads directly to the coil, to maximize flavor.

Within the kit, you also get some cotton to help build your first deck, but you will need to purchase more. Vandy Vape also gives you a couple of different coil option, two A1 Mesh coils which are a 0.2-ohm flat mesh best vaped around 40-60W and two A1 Mesh coils which are 0.15-ohm coils best vaped around 50-70W.

The tank also supports top fill, which is achieved by unscrewing the top cap to reveal the two large holes. One to fill with e-liquid and the other to allow the air to escape to avoid any spillage.

The build deck on the Kylin M RTA

The Build Deck

The deck is pretty similar to the Wotofo Profile Unity, so much so it looks like the same design. What is good though is the simplicity of building on this deck. They provide a steel rod in order to bend the mesh sheet to the right diameter, each edge falls into the provided jaws either side and a Phillips screw tighten the coil into position.

Plenty of room to work, and with the jaw like grips either side, it couldn't be easier. We liked this design on the Profile and we like it here too!

Mesh Coils on the VandyVape Kylin M RTA


The deck may be the same as the Profile Unity RTA, but that's where the similarities really end. The air flow is a top honeycomb design, so we expect the performance to be somewhat different.

We're using the supplied coils with a total resistance measured in at 0.17-ohms and vaping it at 47W. This seems to be the sweet spot for us and the flavor is superb. In comparison to the Profile Unity, the flavor is just as good, vaping them side by side the only difference is the resistance of the airflow, that being a little smoother on the Unity.

Ramping the wattage up to 60W, the Kylin M performs just as well producing, as expected, a slightly warmer vape. We tried repetitive vaping to see if there was a wicking problem, but the Kylin M wicked the cotton without any problems.

One thing we did notice is the Kylin M seems to produce more clouds than the Profile Unity, there's really not a lot in it, but vaping them side by side it does become apparent.

Photograph of the Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA


The new Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA is getting a bad name from some reviewers because of it's similarities to the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA, but every product overlaps somewhat. If you look at all the best e-cigs for example, the similarities between the top 3 are apparent.

The bottom line is that we love the Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA, and although the performance is outstanding, we just believe the Profile Unity pips it at the post with a slightly looser airflow. That said, there are vapers who prefer the top airflow system, and in that case, they will definitely love the Kylin M. The flavor and vape of this tank is just amazing, by far one of the best RTA's we have tested to date. With a super easy build deck and the use of mesh coils, it's a winner!

Nicholas King
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