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SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: August 1st, 2018.

8.0 Final Score
Smok Novo Pod Kit Bottom Line

Smok has released another Pod vape, this time with a larger 450mAh battery and continue with the theme of refillable pods. Overall its a great vape for mouth to lung vaping which will suit new users and those trying to quit smoking, but for direct lung inhales, the vape is a little restricted. Great size for carrying around with you with a pretty decent flavor and cloud production. We recommend using nicotine salts with this device to get more of a nicotine hit yet still producing a smooth vape.

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The Smok Novo Pod Vape

In-depth Smok Novo Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

Smok has released a number of Pod system vapes recently in an effort to keep up with the latest trend in vaping. So their latest pod vape is the Smok Novo, we take a closer look to see how well it competes against the best pod vapes and whether it’s worth rushing out and getting one!

Smok Novo Pod Design and colors


Keeping to the traditional small size, the Smok Novo measures in at just a little over 88mm tall, 24.3mm wide and has a depth of just 14.3, so this pod system is small and fits into your pocket well. The rectangular shape though is a little different to other vape pods and with a weight of just 39 grams its overall design is very good.

Available in a number of colors, as you expect from Smok, including; black, red, white, rainbow, pink, royal blue, dark blue, and green, there’s certainly a good choice. Each of the colors has the cobra effect etched into it, which also looks really good.

The main battery body also has a thin shiny aluminum edge and along the side is the USB port which is used to charge the device.

There is also a tiny LED light on the front giving the user an indication of the battery life and when you need to recharge it.


Refillable Pods

The Novo PodIt’s nice to see that the Novo comes with 2 refillable pods, so you can use any e-liquid you want, although it is recommended to use nicotine salts with this type of device as it gives a smoother vape at the higher nicotine levels.

Removing the pod from the battery housing you will see on the side the fill hole covered by a silicone plug. The fill hole is a little on the small side, so you may experience a little leakage when filling the device.

The pods hold 2ml of e-liquid, so not enough to last a day or even a few hours for the heavy vapers out there, so you do need to carry around a bottle of juice! The mouthpiece is also worth commenting on and one of the best feeling mouthpieces we’ve tried in comparison to the smaller designs you see on other pods.

Side and back view of the Smok Novo


There are no settings to be playing around with here, so it is pretty much completely automatic. The flavor is pretty decent considering the atomizer is a standard coil measuring in at about 1.2ohms and not a mesh coils as you see in some of the top sub ohm tanks.

The cloud production is also pretty good, producing a pretty thick cloud. Trying the Novo with direct lung inhales does have some resistance, due to the higher resistance of the coil, but it is possible. It’s best used as a mouth to lung inhale, which most ex-smokers will love and be comfortable with.

Comparing to the Smok Infinix which received some great reviews from vapers, the airflow is about the same although the resistance of the coils on the Infinix was slightly higher at around 1.4 ohms. The flavor is pretty close, but for a mouth to lung vaper, we believe the Infinix had a slightly better draw and overall better vape.


To Conclude

The Smok Novo pod vape system is a good looking and small device with a pretty decent 450mAh internal battery. The flavor from the vape is pretty average in comparison to the best e-cig products out there, so for its size, it does well. The vape cloud is also pretty impressive.

Overall it’s a decent pod system, perfect for carrying around with you when out and about, if your an experienced vaper, use to sub-ohm vaping, then the Novo might be a little underwhelming. If you’re new to vaping and looking for a simple to use vape to quit smoking then this might be right on target.

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