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Review of the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod

Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Vape Kit Review Bottom Line

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is a great option for anyone looking for not only a great looking vape device but also one that delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. With a 1500mAh battery capacity, adjustable airflow system and top-filling system this device is perfect for both new vapers and experienced vapers who just enjoy that mouth to lung experience. The mesh coils bring the most out of your vape juice flavor. Overall, this device is one of the best MTL vapes we have reviewed.

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We have got our hands on the new Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit with its elegant design and cutting-edge functionality is intended to give customers, especially those who like a mouth to lung vape, an excellent vaping experience. We take it through a series of our test to see how it compares with other vapes on the market, and who it is best suited for, so let’s get on with the review!

Review of the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod

First Impressions

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is a pretty small vape in comparison with its competitors, it has a beautiful aluminium and leather build on the outer case and certainly looks and feels impressive in the hand. Thanks to the aluminium body the mod is light and comfortably fits in your palm, with the main weight coming from the batteries. It boasts a sleek contemporary appearance that will grab people’s attention, the aesthetics are simply beautiful it’s lovely to look at! Currently there are four colours to choose from, but this maybe increased overtime especially if it becomes more popular.

The device’s OLED screen, which is placed on the side, shows the battery level, wattage and coil resistance pretty much everything you need to know from your vape and nothing really too out of the ordinary. One great factor is that in direct sunshine the screen is bright and simple to read which is a great advantage and sometimes overlooked.

Colors available on the Eleaf iSolo Air 2

Features and Functions

One great feature with the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is that it is simple to use and offers an excellent vape for those who love mouth to lung (MTL) tyoe of vape. Thanks to the built in 1500mAh battery you should expect a moderate vaper to last the whole day. However some heavy and frequent users may struggle to make the vape last but the vape does come with a built in USB-C charger which will shorten the charging time, still a little inconvenient, but for the size, they can only pack in so much of a battery.

Let’s move on to the 2ml Eleaf GTL MINI 2 Pod Tank which is designed to compete with the top MTL vapes, it has a top-fill design that makes refilling simple, quick and convenient.

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit also includes, within the kit, two different coil sizes, including the GTL 0.8ohm Coil and the GTL 1.2ohm giving the vaper the option of a smooth MTL vape or a more restricted vape comparable to traditional cigarettes. These coils have a mesh design structure that is becoming the norm with new coils, as they produce the best flavor from your e-liquid.

You can also control the airflow, so if the coils don’t quite meet your requirements for resistant airflow, you can adjust this to suit your needs.

Filling the pod on the Eleaf iSolo Air 2

Basic Operations

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit has been designed with simplicity in mind, we found that both expert vapers and new users can quickly get up to speed with the operational functions. To turn on the device, push the fire button five times in a row; this is normal on most vapes. To alter the wattage use the “+” and “-” buttons found beneath the OLED panel.

Fill the pod up by simply removing the plug from the pod without having to remove it from the vape, if this is the first time using the coil, leave it for a few minutes before using to allow the e-liquid to saturate the cotton. It’s also a good idea to drop a few drips within the coil prior to installing in the pod. There is nothing worse than a “dry hit” and you could ruin that coil by burning the cotton, so make sure it is fully saturated with vape juice.

Holding the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Vape


We have to say that the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit provides an outstanding vaping experience for all you MTL users out there! However, if you prefer the more direct to lung (DL) vaping this may be a device you need to pass on. The vape has a power output of up to 40W which seems low when you compare it with other devices, but for a MTL device that’s pretty good. The adjustable airflow mechanism guarantees that you always get the optimum draw whether you like it tight or loose.

The GTL 0.8ohm and GTL 1.2ohm Coils that come with the device have a mesh coil construction that we found provides constant flavor and vapor production, and as we said, the mesh coils help maximize the flavor of your juice.

The device’s 1500mAh battery capacity may not suit heavy vapors, our advice is if you are out for the day, just reduce the wattage a little to help the battery last. The gadget does come with a USB Type-C connector which allows you to charge it quickly.

In the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod kit

What’s in the Kit

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit comes with everything you need to start vaping right away except vape juice! In addition to the device the kit includes the following:

  • Eleaf GTL MINI Pod 2
  • Eleaf GTL 1.2ohm Coil (Black)
  • Eleaf GTL 0.8ohm Coiil (Black)
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Air flow control on the Eleaf iSolo Air 2

Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 1500mAh battery capacity
  • OLED screen
  • Adjustable airflow system
  • Top-filling system
  • Mesh coil structure
  • Comes with two coils
  • USB Type-C cable for quick charging


  • Limited pod tank capacity (2ml)
  • Only two coil options

Features on the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 vape

The Verdict

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is an excellent vape that provides a great experience. It is small and lightweight making it easy to transport anywhere you go by just placing in your pocket. Coming with a 1500mAh battery capacity, adjustable airflow system, and top-filling mechanism, its well suited to all vapers who want to get the maximum out of the mouth to lung vape.

As previously stated, the Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod kit comes with two alternative coils letting you experiment with different vaping experiences and discover the one that works best for you. The inclusion of a USB Type-C connector allows you to charge the device fast and effortlessly guaranteeing that you can always have your vape charged and ready to use.

The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is a fantastic bit of kit that provides a good performance for all MTL vapers and is ideal for anyone wishing to convert from smoking to vaping because MTL closely duplicates that feeling. The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is a fantastic vape due to its elegant appearance, innovative features and ease of use.



The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit not only looks great but provides a great vaping experience for all mouth to lung vapers. Thanks to its 1500mAh internal battery capacity, adjustable airflow system, top-filling mechanism and mesh coil construction the kit comes with everything you need to start vaping, oh, except vape juice! The Eleaf iSolo Air 2 Pod Mod Kit is a superb vape that produces a good performance.


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