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Damn Vape Intense RDA Review

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7.6 Final Score
Damn Vape Intense RDA Bottom Line

One of the first mouth to lung mesh RDA's we have seen on the market, so we couldn't wait to review this little monster! First thing we have to say is that the build deck is really easy, they could not have made it any more simple, allbeit the mesh coils are tiny! The bottom line here is there is only so much flavor the MTL type RDAs can perform, but the Intense RDA does deliver.


In-depth Damn Vape Intense RDA Review

This is the first Mouth To Lung (MTL) RDA we have tried, and the Dawn Vape Intense RDA comes with a mesh coil, so is it going to be a flavor banger like we expect and be put on the list of the best e-cigarette products or is it just one to forget about? Well, we take it for a test to see if it performs as good as we hope!

Design of the Damn Vape Intense RDA

Coupon: DVIMR Discount price: $17.20


The First thing you will probably notice is that this RDA is small, measuring in at just 24mm diameter, 24mm height, and a 10mm mouthpiece, but what’s more interesting is the size of the mesh coil! It’s tiny, and we expect to find it pretty fiddly to build, but we’ll cover that later.

It’s nice to see a few color assortments are available, and with the initial launch Dawn Vape have black, stainless steel, gunmetal, and blue available, but we expect a few more color version to be released soon.

Within the kit you get:

  • DamnVape Intense Mesh MTL RDA
  • 2x Mesh coil
  • PC top cap
  • Hollow BF 510 squonk pin
  • Accessory bag
  • User manual

features of the Damn Vape Intense RDA

Build Deck

Now we come onto the build deck, and we are pretty impressed with the design here. You will only really appreciate it when you build on the deck how simple they have made it. Now although the coil is tiny, like we mentioned before, screwing it into position is not a problem, and the cotton is placed between the coil and the ceramic housing, which can be unscrewed to make the gap bigger. It’s a great design and is great for new vapers who haven’t used an RDA before.

Just make sure the cotton is all the way down to the base of the tank so it can quench the juice up. Also, we leave a little overhanging at the top to catch the e-liquid as you drip onto the coil. Obviously, if you’re using a squonk mod, you don’t have to worry and can cut the cotton flush with the coil.

Performance of the Damn Vape Intense RDA


As the coil is small, we’re using a relatively low wattage with this RDA. One thing we have to appreciate is that we are not expecting the same performance as regular RDA’s such as the Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA, but let’s test it out.

We setting the wattage to 25W to start and strictly performing MTL with the airflow set to the second hole. It is a tight airflow, and a little noisy, the flavor is certainly there, but to be honest, we were expecting a better flavor performance due to the mesh coils.

We are now opening the airflow up to the fullest to see if we can actually perform a direct lung inhale. Unfortunetely the airflow is just too tight to really enjoy this type of vaping, so we have to say only get this tank if you’re committed to MTL.

Packaging on the Damn Vape Intense RDA


The design of this RDA tank is pretty impressive. Damn Vape has done a great job to make it as simple as possible to build on the deck, perfect for new vapers wanting to try the RDA and dripping.

With this great design, we think Damn Vape have concentrated too hard on the usability of this tank, and as a result, the vapor flow is not as ideal as it could be and hence there is a slight flavor drop.

Overall a great little mouth to lung RDA ideal for new vapers who use a strongly flavored e-liquid. Simple to replace the coils and cotton and not a bad vape overall!

Coupon: DVIMR Discount price: $17.20

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