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July 14, 2017
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Full review of the Smoant Charon

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Smoant Charon Review Bottom Line

There’s really nothing bad that can be said about this particular mod. When a company gets it right, they just get it right – if you know what I mean. In this case, the good folks at Smoant hit the nail right on the head and deserve as much praise as we can heap on them. If you haven’t gotten yours already, be sure to pick up your own Smoant Charon 218W TC Box Mod.

Indepth Review of the Smoant Charon 218W

Smoant Charon box modHeard about any good box mods lately? Yes, we know – there always seems to be some new product popping out onto the market to great fanfare and exceedingly high expectations. And all too often, they end up being just another variation on the same old themes. They’re typically good enough to be used with regularity, but not so great that they deserve universal acclaim. Well, what would you say if we told you that the box mod of your dreams is finally here? Get ready to learn more about it in this Smoant Charon 218W TC Box Mod review.



Forget about it! We’re not even going to attempt to compare the look of the Smoant Charon 218W TC Box Mod to anything you’ve ever seen before, because it’s in a class all its own and if it were ranked with looks alone, then the Smoant Charon would be one of the best vape mods around! The exterior design includes polished metal and a leathery finish that gives the whole design a classic appearance. Every detail has been attended to, including the quality buttons. Seriously – this is perhaps the single most attractive vaping device that we’ve ever reviewed. To be fair, I think that it’s the most beautiful piece of technology that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Smoant Charon with black leather lookThe device comes with 510 threading, and a gorgeous platform that fits perfectly with a variety of atomizers. That’s important since you don’t want any of those ill-fitting connections that can sometimes occur with inferior mods. Given the outer appearance of this device, however, it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise when we discovered that the attention to detail went much further than simple aesthetics.

Take the battery cover, for example. The Charon even takes advantage of the opportunity to present a really solid door, rather than some flimsy latch system. It’s held in place with magnets – a move that we’ve been urging other manufacturers to adopt for some time now. This is a snug door, and the leather outer covering is an added bonus. The mod body has a nice assemblage of vents on its side, with screening – four in all.


The Display

Most serious vapers are big on the quality of any display, and they won’t be disappointed here. The Smoant Charon 218W TC Box Mod is big, easy to see, and bright enough to easily distinguish all the information it presents. You can use it to see details about battery life, wattage, coil resistance, mode selection, and – of course – temperature. Everything is clear and easy to manage. We would have liked to see a battery indicator and a little more detail like you see on the Smok GX2/4 and other mods, but if it’s minimalistic you like then you’ll like this!

The display lcd on the Smoant Charon


The Features

The device relies on the Ant 218, so you don’t have to worry about its chipset. The Ant is more than capable of getting this thing going without any effort, and its high-tech features ensure that every setting is as close to spec as can be. That alone makes this mod well worth the price you pay.  Of course, the truly high-tech features go on behind the scenes, as the mod is so user-friendly that you will likely never have any reason to wonder about what the chipset might be doing.

Full setup of the Smoant Charon with tank

The size of the Smoant Charon shown in a handThe device provides a host of features worth mentioning here, including resistance settings that can go as low as 0.1 ohm and temperatures ranging between 200 and 600 ℉. The wattage settings can vary from 1 to 218 watts, thanks to the powerful dual 18650 battery configuration. You do have to buy the batteries separately, so check out our guide to the best 18650 batteries for vaping which should help. Hey, there are even clear markings to ensure that you put your batteries in properly. What more could you ask for?

The device also comes in a wide range of colors and designs, including copper, gold, black, and more. Some of the designs are really outstanding, such as the Thor’s Hammer and Evil Wolf options. If you can’t find a design or color that catches your eye, you’re definitely not trying.


Summary of the Features:

  • 91*25*53mm size
  • Uses 2 X 18650 batteries
  • Power Wattage: 1-218W
  • Temperature Control range: 200-600℉/ 100-300℃
  • Support resistance coils from 0.1ohm
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Charge through usb port
  • Low Resistance, Over-time, Reverse Polarity, Overheating Protection


Our Conclusion

On the performance side, we really appreciated the precise and sustained wattage that we got from this unit making it one of the best e-cigarette mods in it’s class. It enabled us to really chase some huge clouds, and even let us settle into some more relaxed, flavor-focused vaping sessions. In other words, it’s versatile and will probably be able to stand up to just about any usage you have in mind.

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