FDA State the potential safety issue related to seizures following e-cigarette use
FDA State The Potential Safety Issue Related To Seizures Following E-cigarette Use
April 7, 2019
In-depth Vandy Vape Trident Vape Pen Kit Review
Vandy Vape Trident Kit
April 15, 2019
FDA State the potential safety issue related to seizures following e-cigarette use
FDA State The Potential Safety Issue Related To Seizures Following E-cigarette Use
April 7, 2019
In-depth Vandy Vape Trident Vape Pen Kit Review
Vandy Vape Trident Kit
April 15, 2019
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The full Smok Morph 219 kit review

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SMOK Morph 219 Kit Bottom Line

The SMOK Morph 219 Kit, nicknamed as the Alien 2, is certainly an improvement to the original Alien, thanks mainly to both the upgraded IQ-S Chipset and the new Mesh Coil system they have released with the TF tank. Our sweet spot was vaping in VW mode at around 65-70 Watts, we found the power level seemed a little low compared to other mods, so don't expect to reach the full 291W, even with freshly charged dual 18650 batteries.

In-depth SMOK Morph 219 Vape Kit With TF Tank Review

Nicknamed as the Alien 2, the new box mod kit from Smok is making some pretty good noise! Let’s take a closer look at this new vape mod kit to see how it performs and get an insight into whether it’s as good as their all-time best seller the original Alien kit!

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Colors of the Smok Morph 219 Kit


The reason for the nickname is pretty obvious when you look at the design of the Smok Morph 219 mod. It’s constructed of zinc alloy, giving it a nice quality feel and available in a host of colors which include: black and red, 7-color or rainbow, gold and black, blue and black and finally, chrome and black.

The fire button is the same as the original Alien kit as well, which is a good thing as this proves to be very popular with vapers. It protrudes down the whole side of the mod and when the mod is squeezed, it fires. I think they have improved it a little as there is no rattling and it seems perfectly in line with the mod.

The mod without the tank measures in at just under 85mm tall, 45mm wide and has a thickness of 30mm. So all in all, a pretty average sized mod for dual 18650 batteries.

The front of the mod houses the large, bright, 1.9” touch screen, below which is where the USB is found for both firmware upgrades and charging, with pass through should you want to vape and charge at the same time. The 510 connector at the top of the mod is flush and set in the centre, making it balance really well with any tank you choose. The base of the mod is where you’ll find the battery door to remove your 18650 batteries. Smok have again made an improvement by adding a catch, with a spring loaded door.

The SMOK TF Tank

TF Tank

The TF tank that comes with the Morph 219 kit has a 6ml capacity using a bubble glass design which makes the overall height a little smaller. They are also including a silicone protector for the glass tank, which is a nice touch. Users can choose to use it or not.

One note to make is if you order the European version, you will get the TFV-Mini V2 tank instead which features a smaller capacity of 2ml and has a smaller diameter of 25.4mm.

It is a 30mm diameter tank, making it a little bigger than their previous tanks and has an overall length of 56mm, thanks to its raised base, so it’s a large tank, but when on the actual mod you don’t really notice any difference.

It comes complete with 2x 0.25ohm mesh coils rated between 30-80W, as you would expect these days. Mesh coils produce a better-flavored vape. These coils do not require screwing in though, simply push into position then screen the tank together. The TF tank also has a standard 510 drip tip and constructed out of stainless steel. The TF tank also has a nice top fill feature which locks into place with a button.

The airflow is adjustable on the base of the tank and has 2 wide air slots with a stiff adjustable ring to hold it in place.

Features of the Smok Morph 219 kit


The reason for the Smok Morph 219 name is that it matches the total output wattage this mod delivers, with a range from 1-219 Watts, or 10-219 Watts in temperature control mode. In variable wattage mode, the Morph mod can fire with coils as low as 0.1-ohms to 2.5-ohms and in temperature control mode can fire with resistances of between 0.05-ohms and 2-ohms.

Above the fire button is a small black button which when held down locks and unlocks the touch screen, this feature is so you don’t mess the settings up when it’s in your pocket! It also turns the screen on and off with a short press. One other feature they have included is that the screen will automatically lock when you click the fire button to vape.

Within the screen, you can see the current wattage, vape timer, vape mode, resistance of the coil, the voltage used, a puff counter, the calculated amperage, battery indicators along with an up and down icon to adjust the wattage. It’s all well laid out and thanks to the super bright screen, is easy to read both inside and out. This is kind of expected as featured in all the best box mod kits these days.

In the top left of the screen in the menu icon, so no 3 clicks on this device, 3 clicks now locks and unlocks the fire button, with 5 clicks to turn it on and off! Within the menu screen, you can adjust the mode, i.e. switch between variable wattage and temperature control with all the coil types, you can also adjust the vape mode, noted in this device as the preheat function.

Within the menu area, you can also set your 5 defaults within the “My Mode” function. You can also set your puff limits or reset the counters and also you can change the settings like wallpapers, screen colors, screen timeout time, etc.

Menu screens on the Smok Morph 219


The new IQ-S chipset seems to make this mod more responsive when using the touch screen, making it feel of much better quality than other similar mods we’ve tried in the past.

Using the mod at 65W with the pre-installed 0.25-ohm Mesh coil and the vape mode set to normal produces a real smooth vape with the airflow fully open.

Tweaking the airflow to suit makes this kit very enjoyable indeed. We did notice a slight underperformance as far as the power is concerned. That is when using the same tank with the same settings on the Vandy Vape Jackaroo mod, for example, the power seemed a little low. Not a huge deal, but something to consider, if you like vaping at 65 Watts for example, on the Morph mod, you might want to set it a touch higher.

In temperature control mode, the settings seem to be bang on though, really accurate and we failed to produce a dry hit with a stainless steel coil and chain vaping.

Gold version of the Smok Morph 219 kit


The new Smok Morph 219 kit with the TF tank is an excellent vape mod kit, thanks to the improved 0.25-ohm mesh coils, which produce a great flavor at around 65-70Watts. Yes, it is one of the best e-cigarettes in its field, but it's a bit of a shame that SMOK didn't develop any new features that we haven't seen before.

In VW mode we found the power to be a little underpowered compared to other mods, so don’t expect to reach the full 219W, if anyone actually vapes that high. The TF tank’s airflow is also nice and smooth although the ring is quite stiff to adjust.

The mod itself is well designed and an overall improvement to the Alien kit we saw a couple of years ago thanks to the new IQ-S chipset. The screen is nice and bright and the touch screen seems to have also been well thought out and works better than just a gimmick. It’s nice to see the additional button above the fire button to lock the screen, overall we were super impressed with the Smok Morph 219 kit.

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