The full Smok Morph 219 kit review
SMOK Morph 219 Kit Review
April 12, 2019
Eleaf iStick Mix 160w Kit With Ello Pop Tank Review
Eleaf iStick Mix 160w Kit With Ello Pop Tank Review
April 17, 2019
The full Smok Morph 219 kit review
SMOK Morph 219 Kit Review
April 12, 2019
Eleaf iStick Mix 160w Kit With Ello Pop Tank Review
Eleaf iStick Mix 160w Kit With Ello Pop Tank Review
April 17, 2019

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7.5 Final Score
Eleaf iStick Mix Vape Kit Bottom Line

Great to finally see a waterproof/shockproof vape pen hit the market, it's just a shame they didn't include any protection for the tank. The Trident vape pen has limited features, no variable wattage/temperature control, just fires in bypass mode but it's nice it uses a removable 18650 battery (not supplied). The taste coming from the Trident Tank is beautiful, one of the best-tasting tanks on the market, especially when the battery is fully charged, expect some flavor drop off though when the battery is half depleted.

In-depth Vandy Vape Trident Vape Pen Kit Review

We have to admit that we love vape pens here at SmokeTastic, so when Vandy Vape released their new water and shockproof Trident vape pen kit, we were more than excited. So does this new kit compete with the best, or is it another to avoid? We find out!


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Colors of the Trident vape pen


The first thing that is apparent with the design of the Trident vape pen in comparison to other vape pens is the silica get coating on the main body. Vandy Vape is releasing 4 colors to start with and they include black, green, yellow (cream) and grey.

The vape pen is of similar size to the popular FreeMax Twister vape pen with a total height of 137mm which includes the Trident tank, it’s not a bad size, considering it houses a normal, removable 18650 battery. The diameter is 27mm so any other tank greater than that will obviously create an overhang.

The Silica molding around the vape pen has all sorts of bumps and grooves which make the fire button a little camouflaged, but to be honest it’s pretty easy to find as it’s where you would expect it to be and pretty big with a nice clickable feel. There are a couple of small lights on either side of the power/fire button telling you the device is on.

The base of the vape pen has a removable cap to get to the battery. The threading is nice and there appears to be no rattle once the battery is in place.

Size of the Trident Vape Pen


Some may feel that this type of vape pen is a little too bulky in comparison to the basic models, and it may produce a too strong vape. The best advice we can give is to check out our homepage for further vaping guides, information and reviews of the latest devices.

The Trident vape pen is waterproof to IP67 standard which means it’s protected from dust, lint and can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes, should you wish to try! In our opinion it’s nice to have the silica protection on it, not really for the waterproof features, but more for general wear and tear. This type of coating lasts a lot longer than any painted device that you often see on all the best box mods!

There are no settings on the Trident, it’s a simple turn on/off device using 5 clicks and that’s it. It’s just a bypass device with less than 100W of power which slowly degrades as your battery runs lower.

The only real other feature is the lights either side of the power button which change color depending on your battery level. They correspond to the following:

  • Purple – Greater than 70% of battery left
  • Blue – Between 30-70% of battery life left
  • Red – Recommends a recharge with less than 30% of batter life.
Vandy Vape Trident tank

Trident Tank

Featured in the Trident Kit is the Trident Tank, a nice looking integrated mesh coil tank. Measuring in at 26mm diameter, and 45mm tall (with the drip tip) and holds 3 or 5ml of juice, depending on the glass you choose.

It comes with the Mesh 80 replaceable coils which have a 0.15-ohm resistance and is recommended at around 50-90Watts. This suits the battery in this kit well, but be aware when the light is flickering red with less than 30% of battery, it’s probably not going to be enough to get a decent vape.

The tank also features a nice top fill feature, where you unscrew and remove the top cap to reveal the nice sized fill hole. One last thing to mention is the nice airflow control on the base of the tank, plenty for those who like a lot of airflow to produce maximum sized clouds!

Photo of all Trident Vape Pens


The performance on the Trident is pretty simple as there are no setting or wattages to change. So using their standard 0.15-ohm coil it produced a great flavor. We love mesh coils, but the Trident tank really takes the mesh coil to a different level!

The vape is relatively cool, so if you like you hotter vape with 80-90W device you may be somewhat disappointed.

With the airflow fully open, it does weaken the vape somewhat, we found having it ¾ open produced the best vape.

The Trident vape pen in a hand


The Vandy Vape Trident kit certainly produces a good tasting cool vape. In comparison to the other and best vape pens available, the taste is one of the best, thanks to the Trident Tank coils. It does produce a somewhat cool vape similar to vaping other devices at around 60-65 Watts.

The design is certainly pretty cool and it’s nice to see a robust vape pen hitting the market. Unfortunately, though Vandy Vape has left the tank pretty unprotected, it would have been nice for them to include some kind of tank silica housing too.

Overall, super happy with the Vandy Vape Trident kit produces a nice cool and very tasty vape.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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