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The SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit review

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SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit Bottom Line

SMOK's attempt of releasing a variable wattage pod system is the result of the Trinity Alpha Kit that resembles the Lost Vape Orion pod. The variable wattage control is nice and certainly works, but the lack of any airflow control just seems to restrict the capabilities of this pod. The 2 coils coming with the kit are meant only for direct lung (DL) inhales, but it looks good and tastes pretty good too.

In-depth Smok Trinity Alpha Pod Kit Review

SMOK has seen the success of the Lost Vape Orion pod and decided to release their own version. It looks very similar to the point that many vapers are calling it a clone. But our question is how does the new Trinity Alpha pod kit from Smok compete against the Orion and the other best vape pods on the market? Well, let’s find out, shall we!

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Colors available of the SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit


Smok has based their design on the same features as the Lost Vape Orion pod, with a square shaped housing and a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery. Measuring in at just 91mm tall, 38mm wide and with a thickness of just 16mm, this pod kit is small and fits very well into your pocket to carry around with you.

Smok is releasing the Trinity Alpha kit in a number of different colors and designs, these include Black and Chrome, along with rainbow, red, blue and gold. All have a marble resin design on either side which we see on many of the top vape mods right now.

Packaging of the Trinity Alpha Kit


The Trinity Alpha has a little manual switch at the top of the unit in order to release the pod, which when taken out is transparent to see your e-liquid levels. On top of the pod is the 510 drip tip, so other tips are compatible with this device. Next to the drip tip is a slid top fill cap, this pod holds a maximum of 2.8ml of e-liquid. The coils are attachable at the base of the pod and are the same as the Smok Nord, and are mesh coils. You do get 2 coils in the kit, one is 0.8-ohm and the other being 0.6-ohm. The coils are just pushed into the base of the pod, no screwing required!

One thing to note is that the Trinity Alpha has no airflow, the only way to control it is with the different coils, i.e. the 0.6-ohm coil has a slightly less air resistant as the 0.8 coils.

On the side of the main housing, we have the control panel. This has the power button, led's to indicate the power levels, another smaller button to select the wattage level and below all is the USB charging port.

The fire button can switch the device on and off using the familiar 5 click function. With the smaller wattage level button you can choose between:

  • Soft Mode (S)
  • Normal Mode (N)
  • Hard Mode (H)

These different modes change the wattage from 6-30W depending on the mode and how well the battery is charged. There is also a further led light below the wattage control indicating the battery level;

  • Green – represents the battery is at 70% or above capacity
  • Orange – means the battery is between 30-70% charge
  • Red – means the battery is below 30% capacity
The control panel on the Trinity Alpha


As the Smok Trinity Alpha is using the same coils as the Nord, the taste is exactly the same. Whether you use the 0.6 or 0.8-ohm coils they are both to be used with Direct Lung (DL) inhales, although we already said the 0.8 is less restrictive, it is still best to be used with DL.

Setting the mode to H (high) we noticed a significant drop of wattage from when the device is first charged to when the battery is less than 30%, so it's hard to find an exact wattage to like.

One other note, charging takes around 1 hour 30 minutes, which is a little high for a pod device like this.

Differences Between the Trinity Alpha and Orion

There are a few differences between the 2 devices although they look so similar:

  1. Adjustable Airflow – The Orion has adjustable airflow, the Trinity Alpha does not
  2. Removable Coils – The Trinity Alpha has removable coils whilst the Orions are built in
  3. Edges – The edges on the Trinity Alpha are a low more curved than the Orion
  4. Power Levels – With the Trinity Alpha you can adjust the output wattage
Size of the SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit in hand


One big problem we found with the Smok Trinity Alpha was the lack of adjustable airflow. The only way of controlling it is by using different resistant coils. That said the variable wattage is a great feature which you can tell the difference when playing with the 3 different levels (soft, normal and hard). As the battery slowly discharges through use, the performance of the device also drops.

The Trinity Alpha is really designed for the Direct Lung vapers out there, especially with the 2 coils that are provided in the kit. The taste of the e-liquid is really good, thanks mainly to the mesh designed coils. If you're not sure if a pod system like this is suited to you, then check out our guide on the best e-cigarettes for different users to get a better idea.

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