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Rincoe MechMan Kit Bottom Line

Some will love the design of the Rincoe MechMan Kit, but all will love the feel it has in your hand, albeit a little heavy! That said we were a little disappointed with the obvious underpower of the mod. We found it to be approx 5-10W underpowered at 100W. The MechMan mesh tank is a nice, easy to use tank with plenty of airflow especially with the single coil large bore coil and produces a satisfactory smooth vape with nice flavor.

In-depth Rincoe MechMan 228W Review

We haven’t seen many releases of box mod kits this year, thanks to the mad craze with vape pods, but Rincoe has released one, the MechMan with their own mesh coil sub-ohm tank. So is it a vape mod that we have all been waiting for or one that should be left on the shelf? We take a closer look at the features and performance to see how good it is.

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Colors of the Rincoe MechMan


The first thing you notice with the Rincoe MechMan is the weight, yes, it's heavy, thanks to the cast alloy housing. Weighing in at a whopping 100g!

Rincoe has a number of designs available to choose from, including US and UK flags, but these designs are only on one side, all the various design plate covers will, in future be interchangeable and be for sale separately.

On top is the centered 510 thread that will accept any tank up to the diameter of 25mm without overhang. The gold plated center pin is spring loaded to accept other tanks also.

The edges of the box mod are beveled to make it more comfortable to hold, especially due to its box shape. On the base you will find a few ventilation holes to allow the batteries to cool, also there is a fingernail slot to allow removal of the side panel which is held in place by small magnets to insert your 18650 batteries.

The battery compartment is made of plastic, and we recommend using some high amp discharge batteries if you're going to use high wattages.

On the side of the mod is a nice large protruding fire button, below which is the screen, along with 2 adjustment buttons and the micro USB port for firmware updates and recharging.

It does come is starter kit form, which pretty much means you get everything you need to start vaping except batteries and juice. This means there's no need to but additional vaping products.

3 Designs of the Rincoe MechMan


The Rincoe MechMan uses the common 5 clicks on and off feature which when switched on illuminates the screen. The screen has a tint over the glass, so is a little dark but gives you all the regular vape information which we see on all the best vape mods, including the current wattage, vape mod, dual battery indicator, resistance of the coil, voltage fired and a timer.

To adjust the wattage (whilst in variable wattage mode) you can just use the selector buttons under the screen, the increments are in 0.1W unless you hold the button down in which it increments by 1W. You can adjust the wattage from 1W to 228W, which does also round robin.

Pressing both adjustment buttons below the screen at the same time locks the screen, but you can still fire the mod.

Clicking the fire button 3 times allows you to change the vape mode from variable wattage to temperature control or bypass. With temperature control mode you choose the coil type from Nickel, titanium, stainless steel along with TCR modes. You can then use the up and down selector buttons below the screen to adjust the temperature. In temperature control mode you can also adjust the wattage by pressing the fire button and minus selector button together until wattage starts blinking. In TCR mode you can press the fire button and plus selector button at the same time to adjust the TCR setting.

When you attach a new tank or coil, the mod will ask you if it is a new coil, then read the resistance accordingly.

The MechMan Mesh tank

MechMan Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank

The MechMan tank included in the kit is a rather standard stock sub-ohm tank that we often see with a diameter of 25mm and a height of just over 36mm. It is made of stainless steel and has bubble glass with a 4.5ml e-liquid capacity. The drip tip is an 810 non-goon style, which means it's not compatible with other goon tips.

Nice to see a top fill function which you access by sliding the top cap which presents a rather large fill hole, there is a tiny hole which is revealed when you slide the top cap open to allow the air to be released when filling. The airflow is found on the base of the tank and has 2 rather large intakes which are adjustable by the base ring which is on a stopper.

You do get 2 different mesh coils with the kit, one is a 0.2-ohm coil which is to be used between 50-80W and a 0.25-ohm coil which is used between 40-60W. The 0.25-ohm is a single mesh coil providing the airiest vape, whilst the 0.2-ohm coil is actually a dual coil and slightly more restricted in airflow. Both utilize the same style mesh coil.

A look inside the Rincoe MechMan Mod


The Performance is mainly due to the sub-ohm tank, so let's talk about that first! Using both coils the only real difference is with the airflow and a slightly better taste, although marginal, with the single coil 0.25-ohm coil head.

We tested it with the mod at the maximum wattage they state of 60W and the flavor is very good, but with the airflow wide open you can increase the wattage to around 70W which we believe improves the performance a little. The tank overall vapes very smoothly with the MechMan mod, although a little loud! Overall the tank performed pretty well, it's not on our list of the best sub ohm tanks, but still pretty decent.

Onto the mod, some may not like the design of the mod itself, but the feel in your hand is great. Rincoe has paid a lot of attention to the ergonomics to make it feel really good! In variable wattage mode, we found it actually underperforms, and hence why we believe the tank works better at 70W, i.e. although the tank works well at 70W on this mod, it will work just as well at 60W on another mod. Temperature control mode seems to be spot on, but it does achieve temperature pretty quickly thanks to a burst of power up front.

Packaging on the Mechman


The Rincoe MechMan kit has a great feel in the hand, even if you don't like the designs you'll love the feel of the device, although it is a little on the heavy side. The screen has a tint to it, so it may be difficult to read in bright sunlight, but has all the information you need when vaping including dual battery indicators.

Size of the Rincoe MechMan in hand

One thing we did notice is the slightly chamfered base, although it looks good and fits with the all-around design of the kit, it does make it a little unstable when sitting on a desk.

The biggest downside of this mod is the underpowered output, if a coil states 60W, then with this mod you'll need 70W to perform that maximum. The kit overall though works really well together producing a good flavor from both mesh coils available.

If you are not sure this type of vape will suit your style of vaping, then read our review which looks at the best e-cigarettes for users to understand more.

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