The SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit review
SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review
April 24, 2019
Top Sub Ohm Tanks on the market
Finding The Best Sub Ohm Tank For 2019 (Vaping Advice and Rankings)
April 29, 2019
The SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Kit review
SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit Review
April 24, 2019
Top Sub Ohm Tanks on the market
Finding The Best Sub Ohm Tank For 2019 (Vaping Advice and Rankings)
April 29, 2019

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AsMODus Amighty Vape Kit Bottom Line

We had very mixed feelings with the Asmodus Amighty kit, we loved that it was a new 21700 battery mod but also compatible with 20700 and 18650 batteries and we also loved the performance of the mod in wattage mode. The Viento Sub Ohm Tank doesn't have the best coils available for flavor, but the mod does allow for tanks of diameter 30mm or under. If your a lover of temperature control, then this kit probably isn't for you, and if you don't like heavy mods that could be another reason to avoid! That said, if your a wattage vaper, then we suggest just buying the mod, it's super accurate and very responsive, in wattage mode, we were only impressed, especially with an RTA!

In-depth ASMODUS Amighty Kit Review

It’s been a while since we have seen a decent 21700 battery mod hit the market, but Asmodus are aiming that their mod kit will make all vapers sit up with attention! Their Amighty kit utilizes either a 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery if you use the supplied adaptor sleeve. So how does this new 100W vape mod kit compete against the best box mod kits on the market? Well, let’s dive into the review to find out!

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Colors of the Asmodus Amighty Mod


Asmodus has kept to the traditional box mod style with their Amighty mod, that said they have added a design that looks really good and has a nice feel in the hand. The grip is made up of carbon fiber sticker on half the mod with their logo embedded within.

The top of the mod is where you will find the 510 connector and allow up to 30mm diameter tanks and has a nice spring loaded center pin. The side of the mod has the super clicky fire button below which is the color touchscreen with the same interface Asmodus has used before, below the screen is the USB port for charging and firmware updates.

To get to the battery door, you grip the carbon fiber side of the mod and pull, the door is held on without magnets and is really easy to open, perhaps a little too easy.

Asmodus do provide a sleeve for users wishing to use a 18650 battery, which works well and has no rattle. Without the sleeve you can use either a 20700 or 21700 battery, again no rattle is present thanks to the spring loaded connectors.

The mod measures in at 88mm tall with a width of just over 50mm and a thickness of just over 30mm, so as you can tell this is quite a big mod for a single battery.

The kit version of the Amighty comes in 2 colors, black or gunmetal, but you can buy the mod on its own in additional colors like purple and red.

Front back and side view of the Amighty kit


The Asmodus Amighty is only a 100W device, but as a precaution, do not try to use the higher wattage settings if you're using a 18650 battery. We found that the battery got very hot and discharged really quickly, so you're going to shorten the batteries shelf life drastically!

The Amighty uses the familiar 5 clicks on and off and 3 clicks lock and unlock feature. The color screen shows the mode (wattage or temp), current wattage/temp, voltage, resistance of the coil, a vape timer and vape counter along with a battery indicator, vape mode, and lock screen indicator.

Using the touchscreen you can swipe down to unlock the screen, then press the setting you like for eg. pressing the wattage allows you to adjust the wattage up and down. Swiping left and right flicks between power (wattage) mode, temperature control, curve, TFR, and TCR mode. Swiping from the bottom up changes the vape mode from hard, normal and soft. Lastly, to change the coil type in temperature mode, you have to hold your finger on "TEMP" then choose between Nickel, stainless steel, etc.

If you're not sure if this type of product will suit your vaping style, then check out our homepage where we look at the latest vaping news, information and products.

The Viento Sub-ohm Tank

Viento Sub Ohm Tank

With the kit version of the Asmodus Amighty you do get the 27mm diameter Viento Sub Ohm tank. In the kit, you do get a spare coil and glass tube. The drip tip is a honeycomb design 810 (non-goon compatible). The tank does feature top fill, by holding the top cap and swiveling to the side revealing the fill hole.

The base of the tank is where you will find the 3 airflow holes controlled with a nice adjustment ring with a good amount of restriction.

The two coils supplied are the same, both mesh 0.15-ohm and state that they both run best between 50-65 Watts.

Side view of the Asmodus Amighty Kit


Using the supplied mesh coil at 55W with the vape mode set to normal we found that the flavor seemed somewhat muted. We actually found the coils work a lot better at the higher wattages, around 70W but if you chain vape more than 3 vapes at once you're likely to experience a dry hit. The coil states the best wattage of up to 65 Watts to avoid exactly this.

The mod itself seems to be very accurate and doesn't seem to drop in output over the time the battery discharges. In temperature control mode we found the temperature reaches the maximum pretty early, within a second, then drops off, rather than smoothly raising the temperature.

Packaging of the Asmodus Amighty


The 21700 compatible Asmodus Amighty vape kit is a super ergonomically designed mod with a great feel of quality and great placement of the fire button. It's nice that they designed the mod to fit tanks of up to 30mm diameter without any overhang. This is key as the tank, in our opinion isn't the best tasting tank on the market, although it does look good. The tank, however, is compatible with SMOK's coils, so that's a direction you may want to take.

The mod is quite heavy but overall we were impressed with the mod itself, but not so impressed with the tank in comparison to the other mod kits.

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