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Vaping Accessories You Can’t Live Without

You know how there are always those accessories that you can’t live without? Depending on your interest or vocation, there will always be certain non-essential essentials that you just can’t escape buying? For a businessman, it could be anything from a special pen to some key desk accessories. For vapers, those accessories are no less necessary to the full enjoyment of kitting out your favorite box mod or vape pen. In most instances, you may already have plenty of vaping accessories in your collection. If not, however, here are some that you shouldn’t be without:

  • Mouthpieces: Mouthpiece accessoryLook, everyone wants to personalize his or her vaping experience, and there are few better options for doing that than using a special mouthpiece. You can buy different drip tips in unique colors and designs to suit your style and need. This may not be a necessity, but it’s definitely an accessory you don’t want to ignore.
  • Battery Cases: If you have extra batteries, you don’t want to just carry them around in your pocket or in the bottom of your purse or suitcase. That’s just asking for trouble! Instead, you need a case made for carrying these batteries, to provide them with protection and ensure your safety and that of everyone around you. These can range from solid cases to silicone sleeves – and can come in a variety of styles and colors to match your style.
  • Tank Adapters: If you like to switch out tanks and have some that don’t quite fit your devices, an adapter can be the perfect solution. You can often find solid, quality adapters for just a few bucks online.
  • Wire: If you’re heavy into customization, you’ll need your own wire. You can find Kanthal wire and other accessories for creative customization online as well, and often for very competitive prices.
  • Cotton: Organic cotton is an essential accessory for custom vaping fans.
  • USBs: Eventually, even your USB cords will wear out and die on you. It’s always a good idea to have a nice selection of USBs and Micro USBs on hand so that you aren’t caught unprepared. Personally, I have one in the office, one in the car, and several at different spots at home. You can almost never have too many.
  • A Vape Case: Vape Case AccessoryWhat’s the point of having a bunch of accessories if you have to lug them around in a disorganized way? Get a vape case and have one convenient location to store all your important accessories!
  • Batteries: Like USB cords, batteries can die. The 18650 is the most common type of e cigarette battery and it’s important to keep extras on hand so that you don’t have any vaping delays for replacement-hunting.Battery Accessories
  • Wall Adapters: Yes, that first wall adapter for your charger is a definite necessity – but that doesn’t mean that one is enough. Like USBs, you should always have several, and keep them where you need them most. Trust me; if you start unplugging and transporting your wall adapters around, then it’s only a matter of time before you start losing them.
  • Coils: Again, this is for custom vapers. You can never have too many coils whether its stainless steel or nickel coils. Get extras and keep them in the vape case so you have them on hand when you need them most.
  • Juice Bottles: eLiquid bottle of a scullNo, not orange juice; e-liquid! You may want to keep some empty stopper bottles around if you prefer to mix your own juice blends. That way, you have a convenient way to store your delicious creations, preserving their taste and keeping them secure.
  • Vape pen car holder: If you travel and use a vape pen, then you might want to put one of these car holders on your dash. That will give you a great place to store your pen or clearomizer when you’re not actively inhaling!
  • Vehicle Adapter: Speaking of travel, you also need a car adapter to make sure that you can charge your vaping device on the go. These are generally pretty easy to find, and fairly inexpensive as well.
  • Lanyard: Some manufacturers give these out to customers who order clearomizers and vape pens. Basically, they’re just straps that you wear like necklaces, with a holder at the end that you can use to secure your vaping device. They provide an excellent way to always know exactly where your vaping device is located – right around your neck!Lanyard for an e cig
  • Q-Tips, paper towels, etc.: In other words, cleaning tools! Vaping can sometimes leave a mess, especially when you’re filling tanks with e-juice. You should always have the right tools on hand to clean up after yourself and prevent accidents. Be responsible!

Life is filled with needs and accessories, and vaping is a part of our lives. While we need the essential tools like vape pens, mods, advanced devices, and juice, we also can benefit from a wide variety of different odds and ends that can make our lifestyle choices easier to maintain. Thankfully, you can find almost any accessor that you can imagine, and most are fairly inexpensive as well. To make the most out of your accessorizing, however, start with your needs and then gradually gather those other things that can make the experience more enjoyable. Eventually, you’ll have the perfect collection of tools and accessories to make your vaping both enjoyable and stress-free!

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