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The benefits of vaping cannabis

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Last Updated: December 20th, 2018.

For cannabis users, there has never been a better time to be a part of the marijuana community. For years, many cannabis users have struggled with the dangers associated with smoking marijuana – and face it: any time you’re burning any substance and inhaling the smoke, there is the potential for harm. So, even though marijuana has not typically been known to contain harmful chemicals – except those individual users might choose to add to their own supply – there was always a certain health risk associated with the use of the plant in this manner. Thanks to the new vaping tools, however, vaping cannabis has become a healthier alternative to that old smoking habit. Just consider the benefits that you can enjoy by switching to vaping.


It’s Easier on Your Lungs

Many health bodies and scientists like the American Cancer Society (ACS) agree that further scientific research is needed. There is no denying that the inhalation of any burning matter is simply not a good thing for your lungs. Carcinogens can be produced even in your backyard fire pit, and they can have a devastating effect on the health of your respiratory system over time. Because of that, anyone who tells you that smoking marijuana is perfectly harmless is probably trying to sell you something. It just isn’t true. Smoking is bad. Period.

Vaporization of cannabis, on the other hand, eliminates those carcinogenic worries. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), they tell health care professionals to suggest vaporization devices. Vapor contains no carcinogens, which is why scientists have determined that the best electronic cigarettes are at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Yes, ninety-five percent safer! That same principle holds true for cannabis vaping since vaping itself involves no burning of materials. The cannabis is merely heated until it is turned into gaseous form – avoiding the creation of carcinogenic compounds and still supplying you with the great high you’re seeking.

Recently, e-liquids have been produced containing just CBD, this is a genetically modified cannabis plant extract, that has no THC compound and thus does not get you high, but does allow your body to absorb all the goodness from the plant. You can learn more about this in our vaping CBD guide, alternatively you can skip straight to the best CBD e-liquids for vaping, which should help you no end and save a lot of time.


The Best Vaporizers on The Market


It’s a Cleaner Option

VapingLike most marijuana users, you know how irritating it can be to deal with the resin in your bongs or pipes, and how messy it can be to have ash cast here and there about your home. You may even be one of the many left with burn marks or holes in the upholstery of your furniture, thanks to your cannabis smoking. Just drop a joint on that nice new couch and see how happy your spouse seems to be with the results!

With vaporized cannabis, those worries are a thing of the past. Since there is no fiery combustion involved in the vaporization process and no potential for ash or burns, you get a purer, cleaner cannabis experience that will help to keep your home and car much cleaner. Moreover, you can eliminate that odor that tends to cling to your clothing whenever you smoke anything. All you get is pure cannabis, a great high, and no mess. What more could you ask for?


It Can Be Less Expensive

Cost is also a factor. Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your precious cannabis you’re wasting by burning it? The fact is that there is a tremendous amount of waste when your plan is being burned because that process doesn’t make any distinction between what is needed to produce the smoke and what is actually burned. Fire’s like that; it just burns through whatever is in its path, without any regard to how wasteful its natural process might be in any given circumstance.

With vaporization, the process is much more efficient, and thus more cost-effective. Your plant gets consumed at the rate you vaporize it, and the process isn’t one that runs out of control until all of the fuel material is gone. More control translates into less waste – and that translates into greater cost savings for you. To add to the fun, there are even some people who save the remaining dry herbs from their vaping stash and use it for baking. Yum!

There are of course a few options in vaping weed. One is to use one of the best dry herb vaporizers, but most of our readers prefer vaping e-liquids with vape pens. If this is the case then you can actually legally buy CBD Vape Oil which you can put in the same tank as your e-liquid, many in fact mix the CBD oil with their eliquids to create a vape touched with their favorite flavor! Of course, you can use your favorite box mods as well: You should read more about the best box mod and give it a try!


It’s Less Noticeable

Typical Vape pen used for cannabisMost people can recognize the smell of marijuana being burned, and it’s hard not to notice a joint or bong when it’s being used in public. However, with millions of people vaping from one end of America to the other, electronic cigarettes and vaping pens have become such common sights that no one pays them any attention these days. What does that mean for you, as a cannabis user? Well, when you vape your cannabis, you’re just one more person using a vaping device – and unlikely to get a second look anywhere you go.

Add to that the fact that there is no powerful marijuana odor following you around as you vape, and you’ve got a recipe for public cannabis use that’s not going to ruffle many feathers. Portable vaporizers often produce a slight odor, but most people say that it smells more like popcorn than anything that might lead someone to conclude that you’re enjoying marijuana on the go.


You Get the Same High – or Better!

If there’s one thing that might hold some cannabis users back from vaping, it’s the fear that it just wouldn’t produce the same results. Well, fear not. If anything, vaping can produce a better high than smoking a joint or using a bong. You see, vapor maintains about 95% of the good stuff you need to get that great sensation – which makes it a superior option to smoking weed, which gives you about 88% of those wonderful cannabinoids. That’s a more concentrated inhalation that can’t help but give you a high that is at least equal to that experienced with marijuana smoked in the traditional manner.

The Benefits Are Obvious! Vape Now!

There really isn’t any argument to be made here. Vaping is safer. It is cleaner. It is less costly. It does get you just as high. And it is easier to do in public without attracting unwanted attention. All of these benefits are clear, indisputable, and more than sufficient to make vaping cannabis a better option for any marijuana lover. So, if you’ve been looking for a better option for getting your cannabis high, try vaping today!

The Best Vaporizers on The Market

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