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In-Depth Hot Juice Review
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November 12, 2018
Tricks and Tips To Keep Vape Batteries Healthy
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November 16, 2018
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Complete and in-depth VaporFi Express Kit Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: November 14, 2018.


9.4 Final Score
VaporFi Express Kit Bottom Line

This style of e-cig is known as a Cigalike, popular with new users and people wishing for a smoking alternative. The VaporFi Express kit is one of the best, if not the best Cigalikes available, with easy to use features and the quality you would expect from a top line brand. Available with either prefilled cartridges or refillable tanks and two batteries makes this a great kit to start and expand on as the user wishes.

In-depth VaporFi Express Kit Review

The Cigalike style of an e-cigarette is particularly popular with new users and specifically those who want to try vaping who are used to smoking. The VaporFi Express Kit is one Cigalike e-cig on the market, but how good is it in comparison to the other, and often cheaper models on the market? Let’s take a closer look to see!

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Design of the VaporFi Express Cigalike Kit

The Design

Cigalikes are called such because of their likeness with traditional cigarettes, so as you would expect the VaporFi Express Cigalike matches this design. It comes in an all white design, with a small yet subtle logo on the side.

The kit comes complete with 2 different battery sizes, one measuring at 2.5 inches and holds 180mAh of power, whilst the other measures 3.25 inches and lasts longer with 280mAh of power. With a small overall diameter, the Express kit is small and easily fits into your pocket without even realizing it's there.

The overall look and feel of this device are very professional, it has a slight weight to it making it feel like a solid, quality device. So good is this kit we had to vote it high in our list of the best e-cigarettes.

The complete Express starter kit


Automatic Firing

The batteries that come with the Express Kit are both automatic. This means that it automatically fires upon puffing on the e-cig. There are others on the market which have a small firing button, but when the manufacturers get the automation right, it's by far the easiest option and removes accidental firing when placed in your pocket. Gladily we're happy to report that VaporFi has indeed got this right, the responsiveness is immediate and activated immediately on your puff.

Charger on the VaporFi Express Kit


The good news is that you are provided with two batteries, so when one's on a charge, you can still vape with the other! The charging process could not be easier, simply screw onto the included USB dongle and place either in your USB port on your computer or use the included wall adaptor. The USB dongle has an LED light which shows red during charge and changes to green when the charge is complete.

The tanks on the VaporFi Express

Tank Options

VaporFi introduce 3 different tank options for this kit that include:

  • Pre-filled Cartridge - These already contain the e-liquid flavor and strength that you choose, simply screw onto the battery and you can start vaping.
  • Re-Fillable Cartridge - This type of cartridge allow you to choose any blend of e-liquid, either from VaporFi or any vape shop selling e-liquid.
  • Mini Clear - The Mini-Clear is another refillable tank, which is clear and provides a visible aim of how much e-liquid is left. Although slightly larger than the other tanks, it does hold more juice and therefore lasts the longest.

Portable Charging Case

Although not included in the kit, the portable charging case is an additional accessory that can be used to not only carry your e-cig around but also charge the battery. It features a slot to charge one battery at a time and holds the spare battery and cartridges.

Flavors for the Express Kit

Flavors and Strengths

With the prefilled cartridges you do get a number of flavors to choose from, these include:

  • Classic Tobacco - The most popular flavor for new vapers, providing a similar taste recognized by most smokers
  • Sahara Gold - A smooth flavor capturing the essence of a small leaf tobacco plant
  • Mighty Menthol - A cool menthol flavor providing a fresh vaping experience
  • Cherry Crush - A smooth vape with a hit of cherry burst to awaken your taste buds
  • Chocolate Dream - A slight hint and after taste of chocolate when you exhale
All of the above flavors come in different strengths:
  • 2.4% - For the heavy smoker who only wants to vape now and again
  • 1.8% - For the heavy smoker who wants to vape more regularly
  • 1.2% - For the user who wants to cut down their nicotine dependency after vaping at the higher levels
  • 0.6% - For the user who is now switched to vaping, and wants to enjoy vaping
  • 0% - For the user to become completely nicotine free
  • These options cover pretty much all vaping types, from those who use to smoke a lot, to those wishing to cut down gradually.

    If you chose the refillable cartridge or the Mini Clear tank, then you have a far greater choice of flavors and strengths, far too many to list here! You can either choose an off the shelf e-liquid or use VaporFi e-liquids for a custom blend of your choice.

The VaporFi Express tested


We all know that this style of e-cig is not designed for huge vape clouds and experienced vapors. It's designed specifically for new users and those wishing for a cigarette alternative. So it's really all about the hit on your throat, the smoothness, and the vape feeling.

We were pleasantly surprised with the Express Kit when we compare it with other Cigalikes. The vape is really smooth, and although we were using the 1.2% nicotine cartridges, the hit was really actually very good indeed.

It's hard to judge which is the best flavor, as we all have different tastes, but the classic tobacco, in our opinion, was the best tobacco flavor and the Cherry was a really pleasant taste that we all enjoyed.

As far as battery life is concerned, the standard, smaller battery lasts a pretty decent amount of time. Probably for a heavy vaping user, it would last half the day, so the spare battery is a huge plus and being larger should last the majority of the day!

Logo for VaporFi

Final Thoughts

We were really pleased with the overall performance of the VaporFi Express kit and pleased to see they include 2 batteries. The prefilled cartridges are ideal for new users who don't want to mess around filling tanks up and come in a decent selection of flavors and strengths.

The refillable cartridge is a little trickier to fill than the Mini Clear tank, plus the Mini Clear tank is transparent so you can see your juice levels. For these reasons, if you are choosing the refillable option, then we suggest going for the Mini Clear tank.

All in all, we think this kit is one of the best e-cig starter kits on the market, that should help you start vaping or replace your smoking habit with vaping.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

Hi! I’m Nicholas King, the founder, and Chief Editor at SmokeTastic. As an ex-smoker and now vaping enthusiast for over 13 years myself, I understand the transition between smoking and vaping. My aim is to share useful information about all the different vape and e-cig products on the market, self-help tips, and detailed reviews.

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