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October 27, 2017
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VaporFi VAIO GO Review Bottom Line

The VaporFi VAIO GO vape pen is small and convenient with a built-in rechargeable 2000mah battery, supports both mouth to lung vapers with a 1.5ohm atomizer and direct lung vapers with a 0.5 ohm atomizer making it perfect for those to try vaping for the first time and enabling the vaper to try both without having to buy separate pens. One huge advantage is easy to use features, simply fill with e-liquid, turn it on and you're ready! No messing around with any settings!

VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Pen in red

Indepth Review of The VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Pen

VaporFi have recently released a new vape pen to add to their family of VAIO products, but how well does this pen perform and who is it aimed at? In this VaporFi VAIO GO review, we take a close look to see.


Using The Device

To start, click the button 3 times to switch from on and off, we advise that before you fill up with e-liquid check that the right one is installed to suit your vaping. There are basically 2 types of vaping which this vape pen supports:

  1. Mouth to lung (MTL)– This is where you draw the vapor and hold in your mouth before drawing into your lungs. This is typical for cigarette smokers.
  2. Direct Lung inhale (DL) – As the name suggests, instead of holding in your mouth you directly breathe the vapor into your lungs. This is more typical for experienced/intermediate vapers.


Mouth to Lung and Direct Lund componentsSo if you’re using this as your first vape pen and use to smoke, then MTL will probably suit you best and you will need the 1.5ohm atomizer along with the black mouthpiece. It is one of the best e-cigs to use to quit smoking with.

The atomizer has the resistance etched onto the plating, so you can easily see the difference. Make sure you screw it down onto the top cap so the circuit is complete (do not over tighten), it may be preinstalled but loose, causing some performance issues.

Size of the VaporFi VAIO GOPrime the atomizer with some eliquid by removing the top cap and try to soak the cotton with eliquid. This helps prevent any initial burning taste that some new vapers experience. Fill the tank with the rest of the e-liquid to the line marked on the tank and your good to go!

If your a little confused about this mouth to lung and direct lung inhale terminology we use, then read our guide on the different types of vaping which should clear up any confusion!



To experience the best out of the VaporFi VAIO GO you need to play around with the airflow which is adjusted by turning counter-clockwise.

If you’re an MTL Vaper then it’s best with one hole showing if you’re a DL Vaper then open it up to the max!

So we were a little cautious as this vape pen has been designed for pretty much all vapers but with DL settings all set we were more than impressed with the vapor quality and taste.

Yes, it creates thick vape clouds especially if you use the higher VG content e-liquids. VaporFi hold a load of e-liquids that you can even custom blend, you can read more about their eliquids in our VaporFi e-liquids review

Top side profile of the VaporFi VAIO GO pen


As you can imagine, coming from one of the best e-cig suppliers and manufacturers on the market, the VaporFi VAIO Go vape pen comes with just about everything you need to start vaping. The kit includes:

The all in one VaporFi VAIO GO vape pen

  • 2 Mouthpieces to support both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale vapers
  • 2 Atomizers to support both types of vapers
  • Spare O Rings
  • Micro recharging USB cable
  • User manual

Another tip, check out our vape deals as VaporFi often have some special deals not to be missed!


The VaporFi VAIO GO Tank with lightsThe VaporFi VAIO GO has an internal 2000mah battery that is charged via the external USB cable that they provide. Although it makes the vape pen smaller, having the internal battery, it does mean that you can’t really carry a spare around with you, unless you buy another pen! Ok, so you can vape when it’s on a charge, but it’s still not that convenient.

That said 2000mah is a great size and performs better than a single 18650 battery, so the pen would be had 2 external batteries!! There are, I suppose, compromises with all vape products, in this case, it’s size and usability vs battery convenience, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the best beginner vape pens on the market right now!



There’s no real display with the VaporFi VAIO GO except a series of light that light up the whole tank! This makes it ideal for those who just want a vape pen without any fancy settings that you have to play around with! The lights on the tank represent the battery life:

  • Green: Means your good and have 100% Battery Life
  • Yellow: 50% Battery Life Left, think about charging!
  • Red: less than 15% Battery Life Left, better get charinging!

These light indicators should show every time you click the fire button.



Take a look at the features within this quick video:



The advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Designed for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers
  • High resistance protection, if the resistance is greater than 2ohms the led will flash for 15 seconds and shut off without firing
  • Button protection, if the firing button is pressed for longer than 10 seconds the vapepen will cut off until it is released
  • Overheat protection, the led will flash 3 times to indicate that the device is too hot

The disadvantages


  • Built in battery prevents carrying a spare
  • No adjusting of wattage to custom your vape experience
  • Price is relatively high for a vape pen


To Conclude

We really loved this vape pen as it creates great vape clouds and flavor without having to mess around or adjust any settings. Simple fill with e-liquid, charge, and click to fire, it really is that simple.  As this pen supports both MTL and DL inhale vapers it’s ideal as a first vape pen for beginners as they can start with MTL which they are probably used to from smoking and then move onto DL inhale vaping to experience a better vape without having to buy another pen.

The only real drawback is the price, but I guess it’s the same with lots of products; you get what you pay for!

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