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Full review of the Apollo Challenger Cigalike

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Apollo Challenger eCig Review Bottom Line

Cigalikes are not for everyone but they are a great product for those who are looking to transition to vaping and give up smoking. One of the best cig-alike products on the market right now is the Challenger Kit from Apollo e-Cigs. With great flavor and subtle amounts of vapor to give a smooth and enjoyable vape, the Challenger is fast becoming the most popular Cigalike for smokers. If you have vaped before, then this might be a little underwhelming and you may want to try either vape pens or vape mods.

The Apollo Challenger Cigalike e-cig in black

The Apollo Challenger Cigalike In-depth Review

As popular as e-cig mods and vaping pens have become, there is still a huge and growing market for the less advanced disposable and rechargeable cigalikes. Apollo is one of the better-known providers for those types of electronic cigarettes and offers a wide range of different electronic cigarette offerings. The company is a real manufacturer, with its own research and development team. It also tries to provide a full array of products to ensure that it serves the needs of both beginners and advanced vapers alike. In this Apollo Challenger Kit review, we’ll examine one of those products so that you can decide whether an Apollo e-cig might be right for you.

The cigalike battery of the Apollo Challenger

Who’s It For?

If the name Challenger sounds new, rest assured that it is. However, the kit is not as new or novel as it might seem and be formerly known as the Extreme Kit. The company promotes it as a transitional electronic cigarette and claims that it offers a purer flavor and throat hit than many of its rivals. Apollo’s goal was to create an electronic cigarette that smokers could feel comfortable using throughout an average day and to make the best e cig to quit smoking that they could. That meant using a more powerful battery and designing a device that could produce enough vapor to compare with the average burner cigarette.

What's in the kit

What You Get

So, what do you get with this kit? We’re glad you asked! The Challenger Kit comes with almost everything you need to get started on your vaping journey – right out of the box. You receive 2 Apollo Challenger batteries. We can’t stress how important that is in achieving your goal to start vaping to quit smoking.

Many kits come with only one, and that can end up being frustrating for anyone who wants to truly escape the smoking habit. After all, when one battery runs out of charge, what do you do if you don’t have a second ready to go? If you’re a smoker, chances are that you revert to your burner cigarettes – and that defeats the whole purpose of switching to the vaping lifestyle.

In addition to those great batteries, you also receive two chargers – one for your wall and one for your car, as well as an instruction manual.

The cartomizers for the Apollo Challenger


Now, the Challenger doesn’t come with cartomizers, and some might be disappointed if they fail to order them when they buy the device. However, we think that is a good thing. By making you purchase your cartomizers separately, Apollo ensures that you only receive the cartomizer flavors that you want. Some companies provide samples that almost always have at least one flavor that you wouldn’t dream of trying. That’s a waste.

Another thing about those cartomizers, while we’re on the subject: they’re larger than pretty much any cartomizer I’ve seen in recent years. That is an obvious and intentional design choice and aligns perfectly with Apollo’s stated goal of recreating the smoking experience without the harmful effects. Those larger cartomizers enable the device to produce more power, more vapor, and purer taste – all the thing that new vapers want but so often don’t know where to find.


A Device For Smokers

If you’re a user of some of the best vape mods we have reviewed, chances are that you won’t even be interested in trying this type of device. However, if you’re a smoker or someone who’s trying to transition away from traditional cigarettes, that’s an entirely different story altogether. Cigalikes like this are made to help people like you escape from harmful tobacco products, for an overview of these types of e-cigs, take a look at our guide on cigalikes, to understand a little more about them. Sadly, most aren’t up to the task. With the Apollo Challenge kit, however, that transition might be easier than it’s ever been.

The open box of the Challenger cigalike kit

Let’s Test It

To test the device, we left our mods at home and carried the Challenger with us all day. The goal was to determine whether it could provide the nicotine and flavor we needed to get through the day, without that feeling of deprivation that most serious vapers encounter when they use disposable e-cigs. Our efforts convinced us that this device should be an ideal product for transitioning smokers and other beginning vapers.


To Conclude

We found that the Challenger provided plenty of vapor for our nicotine needs. Granted, it’s not even remotely comparable to more powerful, advanced mods or one of the best electronic cigarette, but we didn’t expect that it would be. It did, however, provide enough sustained power for us to enjoy the vaping we needed during the trials. Sure, we missed our mods at different points during the day – but we weren’t desperate to get back to them either.

For the typical transitioning vaper, the Apollo Challenger should be more than equal to the task. Its batteries are long-lasting and offer enough power to give them the pure taste and strong vapor production needed to mimic the smoking experience. We recommend it!

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