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In-depth review of the VapeDroid C1D2
VapeDroid C1D2 Review and Deals
August 11, 2017
Full review of the eLeaf iCare Solo
eLeaf iCare Solo Review
August 16, 2017
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Jac Vapour basic starter kit review

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Jac Vapour Basic Starter Kit Review Bottom Line

Jac Vapour has a great reputation for providing one of the best transaction experiences in the market today, and they live up to that rep with their cigalike sales process too. They really shine in every area of customer service, which might help to explain why their customers are so loyal. In this Jac Vapour Cigalike Review, we’ll consider whether their cigalike products are worthy of that loyalty.

The Jac Vapour starter kit

In-depth Jac Vapour Basic Starter Kit Review

Cigalikes are one of the most well-known vaping products out there today. Even non-vapers know them when they see them since so many different brands are sold in convenience stores, big box stores, and almost anywhere else where there’s room for them on a shelf. Cigalikes are commonly used as an entry point by many smokers, either to transition away from harmful burner cigarettes or get off nicotine altogether. As such, they play a vital role in the industry. Companies like Jac Vapour help to service that niche and ensure that customers have the best chance of quitting smoking with vaping.
The contents of the starter kit

Simple To Use

Jac Vapour Cigalikes are like most other brands in many ways. They share that same aesthetic appeal that former smokers often crave since they are relatively small and shaped like traditional cigarettes. They are also simple to use, which appeals to vapers who don’t want to deal with more complex mods or even the refilling process associated with vape pens and other intermediate-range products. And while many vapers eventually move on to more complex devices, many others continue to rely on Cigalikes like these.

Jac Vapours basic starter kit is an extremely popular product that is both compact and reliable. It’s rechargeable, so it’s really good for them to offer a free 2nd battery in the kit as you don’t want to be left for hours without access to your vaping device. As with all the best cigalikes, the device relies on a cartridge refill system to provide your vaping juice. That eliminates any potential mess and makes this an easy product to use.
The Cigalike cartridges for JacVapour

The Cartridges

If you buy the starter kit, you get that aforementioned second battery as part of the package, as well as a package of variously-flavored cartomizers for just a £1. They have menthol and tobacco with a variety of strengths to choose from, a rough rule of thumb is:

  • 6 mg – Ideal for those occasional smokers
  • 12 mg – For those smokers who are on about a pack a day
  • 18 mg – For the heavy smokers out there

Jac Vapour also offers blank cartridges, this means you can actually use your device with any e-liquid you choose. This is a great option that we wish all Cigalike sellers would adopt, meaning if you’re out and about and you run out of juice you can buy any e-juice and just fill it up, also if you want to experiment with different flavors you are not tied down to just one manufacturer.
The socIAl starter kit from JacVapour

Social Starter Kit

The Social Starter kit is another option and offers a package similar to the Basic. You get the same flavor assortment, in nicotine strengths ranging from 12 to 18mg. The kit comes with a V3i battery and recharging capability. This is a quality Cigalike that should appeal to most new vapers and those who only vape sporadically throughout the day.
Upgrades available from Jac Vapour


The company also offers a host of more advanced products for those who are ready to move up from their Cigalikes. One of which we reviewed a little while ago, the Jac Vapour Series S, or more recently the Jac Vapour Series B Tilt which is an obvious step up from this Cigalike product. However, for that large group of vapers who are committed to sticking with these simpler products, it’s important to know more about the Jac Vapour’s Cigalike experience. We tested some of their products so that we could provide you with a better understanding of their quality and reliability.

  • As far as batteries go, the company uses great options. However, you will want to make sure that you have a spare so that you always have one ready to go when you run out of power. That will save you a lot of frustration.
  • Vapor production is better than you might expect. Most Cigalikes are somewhat weak in this area, but Jac Vapour has designed its products to provide as much vapor as a Cigalike can produce.
  • The flavors are great too – though you may want to order your favorite right up front, rather than wait. Otherwise, you might end up vaping flavors you would never choose for yourself while you wait for a new batch of cartridges to arrive.



Where Cigalikes are concerned, there are few companies that do it better than Jac Vapour and it’s one of the best e-cigarette products available in the UK. And while this type of product may not appeal to more experienced vapers, fans of these types of basic electronic cigarettes should be thrilled with this line of offerings. If you’re in that latter category, check out the Jac Vapour product line to see if it’s right for you!

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