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Full review of the Vapor4Life Titan Kit

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Vapor4Life Titan Kit Review Bottom Line

Your new to vaping and just want a simple to use a device that is subtle, easy to use and gives you the hit your use to when smoking then the Titan Kit from Vapor4Life is right up your street! With a traditional Cigalike look and a great range of flavors this kit is going to be hard to beat, especially at these amazing prices!

The complete Vapor4Life Titan kit

In-Depth Review of the Vapor4Life Titan Kit

Vapor4Life is a company that is well known among people who like to use vaporizers. Since 2008, the company has been producing high quality e-cigarettes that have won it fans across the board.

Vapor4Life is known for its outstanding quality and urban design which combine to make for a top-of-the-line brand of vaporizers. The Titan kit does not stray from this well-established tradition, the e-cigarette is stylish, sturdy and there is a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to flavors and colors. The Vapor Titan Kit is known as a Cigalike e-cig and has been receiving a good reception if the social media buzz around it is anything to go by.


Design and Packaging

The design and packaging of the Titan KitVapor4Life is a brand that has always paid keen attention to design always coming up with a trendy item. The Vapor Titan kit does not disappoint. The Vapor Titan logo lies on a background of green, blue, white colors and many other colors shown below.
Colors the Titan kit come in

The box takes on the standard Vapor4Life design of magnetic closing clasps. Inside the box, you will find the carry case and underneath it the blocky charger, a case of 5 cartomizers, one USB-powered battery, and USB charger.

The e-cigarette is not left out either when it comes to good design. The battery has a rubber covering that gives it a soft feel which is a plus for design. The e-cigarette has a faux diamond on the tip which some may like and others may find a bit gaudy. The battery attachments and cartomizers fit together perfectly thanks to the two-piece design of the e-cigarette.


Vapor Quality and Flavors

The one aspect that plays into the quality of an e-cigarette is the quality of vapor, this along with the vapor hit make Vapor4Life one of the best e-cigs to quit smoking with. As for the Vapor Titan, this small e-cig meets expectations. The atomizer in the e-cigarette’s liquid reservoir is a sub ohm device which will surprise you with just how much vapor it can produce. It is worth noting that you get stronger vapor when using the manual batteries rather than the automatic type.
The flavors available for the Titan Kit

When it comes to flavors, nobody gets the quality quite as Vapor4Life do. What’s more, there are plenty of flavors to choose from even for the starter kit. The range of flavors is expertly executed and you might find the Cina Blaze a favorite. Aside from the fruity options, you can also have coffee, mint or peppermint selections.

The Titan cigalike in a hand

Battery Life

The e-cigarette comes with a light charger that you can carry around to plug in whenever you want to. Besides the portable charger, it also comes with two varieties of batteries, the manual and automatic alternatives. The two batteries are both perform well to conserve charge and can run for a day without a recharge.


The Negatives

So let’s now have a look at the negatives, as there is no such thing as a perfect product!

  • The Titan kit is known for a great product for transitioning from smoking, but people who have already quit and tried other e-cigarettes may find the titan lacking in power in comparison to vape pens or box mods.
  • With 300mAh of battery power, an average vaper should find the battery will last most of the day. If you’re a heavy smoker you will need another battery, this is included in the slightly more expensive Premium Kit.
  • From what we could tell, Vapor4Life do not offer a mixed flavor set of cartomizers, meaning you have to buy a pack of 5 at least with the initial purchase of the kit.

With all that said, the negatives are relatively minor, making the Titan Kit from Vapor4Life one of the best cigalike e-cigs around.

Nicotine Choices

Nicotine strengths availableIn addition to a wide assortment of flavors, the vaporizer also has nicotine options that are in line with your nicotine requirements according to your previous levels. The vaporizer comes with many nicotine levels; 0.4%, 0.8%, 1.1%, 1.8%, 2.4% and 3.6% which you select in the drop-down box when ordering. This gives all types of smokers just enough nicotine no matter how many cigarettes they used to smoke in a day.

You can choose among three different kits which come with varied accessories. The standard kit includes 5 cartomizers and a single battery. The premium kit comes with 2 batteries and a pack of 5 cartomizers. The ultimate kit includes 2 batteries, a 30 ml bottle of e-juice-which adds up to about a couple cartons of cigarettes, 1 slim wall charger, 2 packs with 5 cartomizers each and a 3.5 mL Dual Coil Tank.

Our Conclusions

Without a doubt, the Titan kit is a great Cigalike for those who want an entry-level electronic cigarette. The price is very competitive and the flavors along with the quality of vapor are up there with the best e-cigarettes on the market. Customer service is very reliable from a company who has been in the e-cig market for some time. You could do a lot worse than buying the Vapor4Life Titan kit!

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