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The Venti in SilverThe Venti Kit comes with everything you need to get started with your vaping experience. That includes the atomizer base and head, an atomizer tube, the mouthpiece, and a powerful 3000mAh battery. As you’d expect, you also get the obligatory wall adapter, USB cable, and manual to help you with any questions that you might have about its operations. So is the Venti one of the best vape pens on the market right now or one you should just pass by? We take a look.

The specs are a vaper’s dream. The device is almost 113mm long, and 30 mm in diameter, with 510 threading to ensure that it’s compatible with other tanks on the market should you prefer them. The Venti in original boxOurs showed up with a gorgeous silver exterior that gave it just the sort of high-tech look we prefer. The tank capacity is one of the larger options on the market today, measuring a full 5.8ml – so no more of that constant e-juice filling that you get with those tiny tanks that looked like they were about to take over the marketplace.

Now, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a Joyetech eGo One Mega V2, then you’ll recognize the coil setup. They offer a resistance rating that ranges between 0.15Ω-5.0Ω, making the device perfect for sub-ohm use. Thanks to the threading, you can even use your favorite 30mm RDA components with it as well. One caveat should be mentioned, however. For some reason, Wismec didn’t push for the variable wattage capability with this unit – so be careful if you plan to get creative with your build.

The battery’s 3000mAh capacity offers enough power and longevity to make this an ideal all-day vaping option since you can go most of the day without a recharge. This is not one of those high-tech monitored devices that gives you easy access to battery life numbers, though. It’s the standard flashing LED light warning system. One good bit of news, though: when your battery does run out, you can recharge it in just a few short hours. Oh, and it turns itself off if you ignore it for more than 10 seconds.

We did take issue with one detail, so it’s worth mentioning here: airflow. While it does offer some large airflow holes- conveniently located at the base of the device – the control option for that airflow is a bit of a pain. Our device was difficult to adjust, especially when you consider that it requires turning the ring the same way that you turn the device to expose the tank. If you’re not careful, that can result in some unfortunate surprises. Our initial impression was that this is a design oversight that should probably be corrected on the next generation device. That said if you just set the airflow and leave it then you won’t have a problem!

The Full Venti view from the side

The Venti size shown in a handThat airflow does provide enough flexibility to enable a nice lung inhale, so if you’re a direct lung enthusiast, you’ve found your device. It’s also not one of those airy devices that some people have so much trouble controlling. If your hits are deliberate, you should have no problem drawing in the vapor you’re looking for. With the 0.5-ohm head, you’ll be chasing impressive clouds in no time – and will be able to enjoy the sustained flavor as well making it one of the best brands we’ve tried.

The 1-ohm head is a better option for mouth-to-lung draws, as your airflow won’t be as expansive. That makes this another great device that can accommodate the needs of both lung-hit enthusiasts and MTL-lovers – and there’s definitely something to be said for any manufacturer that tries to appeal to such a diverse market. Just keep in mind the difference in juice usage between the two coils, as the 0.5-ohm coil will burn through your juice much more rapidly than its peer.


Kit Contents

  • Mouthpiece
  • The kit of partsAtomizer Tube
  • 2 Venti Atomizer Head (1.0 /0.5ohm)
  • Venti Atomizer Base
  • Venti 3000mAh Battery
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Manual



Our Summary

In our tests, we enjoyed this vape pen device thoroughly – through the airflow, adjustments took some getting used to. The device only cost a little over $60 (less if you use our coupon), so we got a lot more out of it than we were expecting, and the cloud/flavor ratio was impressive with either coil. Is it a fairly simple device? Yes. That’s part of its charm, though, since its basic usability makes it yet another great way for less experienced vapers to get into sub-ohm vaping. Granted, it’s not exactly the best e cig to quit smoking with, but it’s definitely one to consider once you’re familiar with vaping.

Given the price, aesthetic appeal, and huge battery capacity, it’s easy for us to recommend this to readers. Beyond that, though, it offers a lot of benefits that you don’t see with some more complex units. It’s easy to refill, and even easier to clean – and it can keep up with you all day long. What more could you want?

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