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By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: April 8th, 2016.


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Temperature Control

Question concerning Temperature Control: I’ve used box mods in the 50-100 watt range and used temp control too. I’m wanting to go up to a bigger mod box. Is  temp control even worth messing around with?  Thank you for your time.

Answer: That’s a great question which we are asked so many times. Let’s start with temperature control units. This is a recent direction many manufacturers started moving to about 6-12 months ago, but now the bubble has burst somewhat, although there are many vapers who swear blind that temp control is the best. The real issue is that the box mods themselves are not that accurate, and thus the power is automatically reduced on false over heating issues reducing the amount of vapor the unit produces. The idea behind it is great, to avoid those burning issues. It obviously costs a lot to produce so with limited budgets the accuracy is somewhat misleading. But that said the majority of mid range box mods have this capability, I would personally look at the X-Cube 2 from Smok, it has both temp control and normal VV/VW capabilities and has the power of 180 Watts if you update the firmware. Alternatively take a look at our reviews, choosing one type over another for everyone is just impossible but the reviews will help you identify the difference and give you a better idea of what you want!

The only real necessity to go higher than 100W is if your looking at dripping and building your own coils. Most tank sub ohm atomizers have the a range of 20-80 watts so looking at higher watts is not really going to improve your experience. The only advantage of the bigger mods is that they hold more than one 18650 battery, which means if you vape around 60 watts the battery will last a lot longer than a mod that holds only one battery. If the battery is built in, the mAh range for one 18650 battery can go up to around 3000mAh so use that as a guide on the size of the unit!

I personally would start looking at ceramic coils, this is the latest fad that has hit the vaping community. The coils are noted to produce much better flavors, do not have a burning taste and can last as long as a couple of months.

I hope that helps with your quest.

Sub Ohm Vaping

Question concerning Sub Ohm Vaping: I’m new to vaping, can I go straight to sub ohm vaping or is it really meant for more advanced users?

Answer: Another great question, thanks for contacting us! Sub ohm vaping is fast becoming the most popular form of vaping, whether it be through temperature control or VV/VW (Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage) supplies. As a result many manufacturers are releasing sub ohm starter kits to help new vapers experience the method. These starter kits are basic, i.e. same design as a eGo type, just screw in the atomizer, fill with e-liquid and start vaping. They are also now available in small compact sizes making it just as convenient as any other device on the market.

Would I recommend a sub ohm device to a novice? Well that would depend on the type of user. Sub ohm vaping is really meant’ for lung inhales, not mouth to lung. If your dead set against trying out direct lung inhales it’s probably a good idea you stay away from sub ohm vaping for the time being. But, if you want to experience the best flavor and vapor then yes, try it, but start with a starter kit to see how you get on, and try to choose one that offers both sub ohm coils (less than 1 ohm) and over 1 ohm coils. That way if you really don’t get on with sub ohm vaping you can give regular vaping a shot!

I really hope that helps, and let us know if you have more questions!

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