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Full review of the Wismec Reux Tank
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The full Hcigar VT250S Box Mod review

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HCigar VT250S Box Mod Review Bottom Line

Did you want power? You got it, with the HCigar VT250S DNA 250 box mod; and what a brute this is! This revamped power mod is for the connoisseur who is picky about total control of his cumulus clouds of perfectly flavored vapor. The new VT250S is tough, powerful and damn sexy, and highly customizable for users who want their vaping experience ‘just so.'

The Full In-depth Review of the HCigar VT250S Box Mod

Front view of the Hcigar VT250S modThe Evolve processor is almost synonymous with safe but extreme vaping for users who like to customize their chipset, and HCigar put the DNA250 chipset to good use in the HCigar VT250S when they upgraded the old VT-250. This newer and even better version offers more versatility, a modified chassis, more power, and a dramatic new look, but does it make it one of the best box mods, let’s take a look.


Battery Bomb

The capacity is there – but dare you to use it? The new VT250S is designed to operate with either two or three high-amp 18650 batteries. The mod arrives with two different sets of battery covers – you decide whether you need just 167W (two batteries) or 250W (three batteries). Despite this radical feature, the HCigar VT250S is very comfortable to hold even for long periods.

The Hcigar VT250S open to show battery areaThe magnetic battery cover can be secured but slides off at a click for easy battery changes in both two- and three battery configurations. There’s a micro-USB port for charging or for connecting to the eScribe companion software on your PC.


Up Close And Personal

The new chassis design is surprisingly elegant whether you choose two or three batteries. HCigar has continued to use a zinc alloy but changed the paint finish, and the new look lets you choose between classic black or an absolutely thrilling brilliant yellow color. Silver accents compliment both colors.

They have kept our favorite design features which mean that the buttons have remained water resistant, and the 2.4cm DNA250 screen is still there. The 510-connector is still spring-loaded for tight connections with accessories of all sizes and can handle atomizers up to 30mm diameter. However, the firing buttons have a new oval shape, and the adjustment buttons are no longer separated making it slightly different to the Think Vape Finder 250W which also uses the same chipset.

The new, smaller overall size was a pleasant surprise; the dimensions are 38mm x 49mm and 86mm high when you use three batteries, or just 34mm x40mm and 86mm high when you use two batteries, the same size as the SMOK GX 350 Quad mod which we love!

Front side and bottom view of the Hcigar VT250S

Evolv DNA 250 Chipset

It’s currently the best in the industry and supports unparalleled temperature output control and an output range from 1 to 250W at an enviable 97% power efficiency rating. Evolv’s software (eScribe for Windows) offers astounding options for multiple profiles, preheat settings, and precision configuration presets for all your atomizers and tanks, and also provides effortless firmware updates.

Uses the Evolv’s DNA 250 chipsetEvolv’s DNA 250 chipset controls a temperature range of 100 – 300C, and atomizer resistance from 0.10Ω using TC and 0.20Ω using Kanthal. It is compatible with stainless steel, titanium, and nickel Ni200 heating elements. There is a preheat system in TC mode which allows the user to customize output levels just after he presses the firing button.

This legendary chip which is found in many of the best vape brands also provides protection against short circuits and other common electrical mishaps like overcharging and reversing batteries accidentally. Charging the batteries while inside the mod unit via the USB and software provides balanced charging of the individual cells at a brisk two amps. Even better, it allows you to vape while you wait due to a pass-through feature.


The Hcigar VT250S kit


  • Use with dual or triple 18650 batteries using either one of the two included battery covers
  • Fast micro-USB charging at 2A, and balanced onboard charging for individual battery cells
    DNA 250 Chip by Evolv is a market leader
  • USB firmware upgrades and pinpoint accuracy to setting changes with Evolv’s eScribe software package
  • Power Range: 1W to 250W (3 cells)
  • Spring-loaded 510 threading for matching accessories
  • Preheating and precise temperature control with all different coils (SS / Ti / Ni200)
  • Temperature Range: 100°C to 300°C
  • Short circuit, low resistance, low voltage, over-temperature and reverse battery protection

The Hcigar VT250S in Yellow



  • Three Battery Mode: 1 to 250W
  • Two Battery Mode: 1 to 167W
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 0.1 to 2.0 ohm Kanthal Resistance Range
  • 0.08 to 1.0 ohm Temperature Sensing Range
  • Temperature: 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cell by Cell Battery Monitor
  • Escribe: Configure or Modify the DNA 250




Sophisticated, formidable, attractive and versatile, the HCigar VT-250S Box Mod is for discerning advanced users and vaping enthusiasts looking for perfect control. It is not cheap, but the price is reasonable considering that the HCigar VT250S is what every e-cig aspires to be when it grows up.

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