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Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W Review and Deals
September 6, 2017
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Review of the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W Mod
Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W Review and Deals
September 6, 2017
Full review of the Apollo Challenger Cigalike
Apollo Challenger Kit Review and Deals
September 11, 2017
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Full review of Om Vapor eliquids

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Om Vapor Eliquid Review Bottom Line

Buying e-liquid is one of the most expensive things when vaping, so we take a look at budget prices to find the best value. We think that Om Vapor provides not only quality e-liquid's with some awesome flavors, but their prices and deals are even better! If you go through a lot of juice and haven't the time to mix your own, we can recommend Om Vapor where you can get the perfect vape for a fraction of the price.

The Om Vapor logo

In-depth Review of Om Vapor

Om Vapor is a company that’s committed to producing flavorful, safe vaping liquids. They produce their own liquids in-house and offer a range of different tastes that are designed to provide something for everyone. We all know that e-liquids can be one of the most expensive pieces to vaping, especially if you have one of the best vape mods that create huge tasty clouds, so Om Vapor has produced a line for the vaping enthusiasts. At least, that’s what the company advertises.

My exposure to the company was limited until I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on some of their juice. I immediately took it to our test group so that we could give this product line the trial run that it deserves. In this Om Vapor e-liquid review, we’ll try to decide whether this is really a great product line or whether it’s all just so much vacuous vapor.

To do that, here’s our take on a few of the flavors that we managed to test. Keep in mind, this is just a small sampling of their roughly 30-flavor selection. Still, it should provide some clues about what type of products this company offers, and whether one of them might be right for your vaping needs. Without further ado…

Mindful Monkey eliquid from Om Vapor

Mindful Monkey

Of course, I had to get Mindful Monkey – if only for the name. This is advertised as a blend of whipped cream, banana pudding, and vanilla wafer cookies. If you have a sweet tooth, or love bananas, then this may be perfect for you. I have to plead guilty to both of those qualifications, and can honestly say that this might be my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s great banana taste, but without that overpowering flavor that so often appears when anything tries to mimic that fruit.

The Cobra ejuice from Om Vapor

The Cobra WTA

Okay, I grabbed another guilty pleasure: strawberry ice cream. With this juice, that flavor is cut with the taste of cake crumbs and whipped cream to provide a creamy dessert sensation sure to please the palate. Some in our group claimed that the cake crumb taste was clear as a bell. For my part, I couldn’t detect it, but maybe that was just me focusing in on the ice cream flavor. No matter! We all seemed to agree that this juice is a winner!



This one is from the company’s Reincarnation line and offers a wonderful blend of milk and honey. It’s a little taste of the Promised Land in your vaping tank! I found this one to be more milk than honey, but the blend was still pleasant. And while I prefer Mindful Monkey for its wild taste, this is something that I would be more apt to vape daily. It’s gentle, subtly sweet, and a true pleasure to inhale.

Reality e-liquid from Om Vapor


Looking for a new tobacco flavor? Well, Reality may be just the thing you need – because who can’t use a dose of reality every now and then, right? This juice offers a smooth tobacco flavor that is softened by subtle hints of vanilla and caramel. That’s a combination that I would never have imagined possible, but it somehow works. Pure tobacco taste without the harsh bite? Who’d have thought it possible? Om Vapor, of course.


The Tiger WTA

This is a great breakfast-type offering, with milk and apple slices adding a nice touch to the apple cereal base. I’m not sure if I would use it to replace my real breakfast – not enough calories, mind you – but I definitely enjoy a draw after that breakfast is finished. It’s delicious!

Selection of other Om Vapor juices

The Others

We haven’t tried everything in their line of products, but suffice it to say that their website offers info about the rest of their offerings. They include interesting options like the White Miso, peach, pear, apple, and floral-flavored Lotus WTA, as well as the key lime and coconut cheesecake-inspired Omega WTA. There are flavors offering strawberry citrus pound cake (The Warrior), the green tea and tropical fruit blend Mantra, and Sweet Honey Tobacco – which has a name that pretty much says everything that needs to be said.

The company’s prices are really good and they even offer low-cost sample packs so that you can try a variety of different flavors to see which ones strike your fancy. This is perfect for those who have just started vaping to quit smoking for example. From our perspective and tests, we’d recommend that you give a few a try since it’s a virtual guarantee that you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Overall, the Om Vapor e-liquid line is one that we find tasty and intriguing and a perfect companion to the best e-cigarette that you own. I personally look forward to obtaining a few more flavors (and some more of that delicious Mindful Monkey, of course) to see how their other offerings measure up to those we’ve already tried.

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