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The Digiflavor Edge Box Mod Review

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7.8 Final Score
Digiflavor Edge Vape Kit Bottom Line

The relatively new Digiflavor Edge Kit is a really decent Vape Mod, especially if you like a warm vape and want a mod that can deliver at the higher wattages/temperatures in a consistent manner. The SmokeTastic team was a little bit in disagreement with the tank that comes with the kit. The vapers who use relatively subtle flavors found the tank a little underwhelming, whilst the stronger flavor vapers had no problems with it at all. We were all in agreement with the performance of the mod with a RTA/RDA however!

In-depth Digiflavor Edge Box Mod Kit Review

For those who don’t know, Digiflavor is owned by GeekVape, and they have released a box mod kit that slipped under our radar a few months ago. Nevertheless, thanks to our eagle-eyed readers we have now got our hands on a kit ready for our review! So the question is, should we have reviewed this earlier, as it’s one of the best box mod kits available, or should we just ignore it and carry on? Well, let’s find out!

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Front view of the Digiflavor Edge Box Mod whilst on charge


The Digiflavor Edge Box Mod isn't, we don't believe, going to please everyone, it has a nice bright color screen and a decent looking tank, but in our opinion, it looks very basic. Utilizing the traditional box mod look, with a small power button to the side and a selector button under the screen. The USB port is found near the base of the unit and on the very bottom is a button to release the battery panel.

Digiflavor has released a number of colors with matching tanks, these include; black, gunmetal, blue, green, and stainless steel. Although the tank is pretty small the mod itself measures in at 90mm tall, adding the tank adds another 42mm to the total height, which is about average for a dual battery mod, along with its average width of 67mm and depth of 29mm, but without any smooth edges, it just feels a little big and bulky, when in actual fact, it's pretty average size!

The fire button gets some getting use too, we hate it! It's small and pretty hard to find! We noticed a couple of time we had to glance down to check we were holding the mod the right way round. Not a huge deal, but it needs some work.

Size of the Digiflavor Edge Kit


This is the part of the review it gets a little interesting. Digiflavor has packed in the features into the Edge kit and we are super impressed. Let's start with the wireless charging! It states on the box that it's "fast wireless charging", but the actual fact is that it's using a 10W charge factor and takes approximately 3 times longer than using a standard charger. The comparison they are using is with other box mods and the use of using the inbuilt USB chargers. Although it is slow at charging it is nice to be able to just rest the mod against the charger and leave it! Another shame is that you have to buy the charger separately, which just adds further costs and you have to ask yourself if it's really worth it. Nevertheless, a nice idea and we love new innovations coming out!

The AS chipset is a great chip for this mod, bringing in some nice features within its menu area. These include 4 memory options where you can set your wattage or temperature and just flick between them, by clicking the fire button 3 times and using the selector button below the screen.

The menu system is a little different with the Edge Kit, instead of having a traditional menu where you choose from vape settings, temp control mode etc. The Edge kit works on a scroll basis which takes a bit of getting use too, but not that hard to figure out! Clicking 3 times enters the menu area, then the screen will show a highlight on the current menu mode, the first is memory mode, so use the select button to change the memory setting, clicking the fire button then moves to Power menu, use the selector button to flick between temperature control, SS, nickel, titanium, TCR, VPC or bypass. Click the fire button again and your in vape mode where you can select from soft, normal and hard and so it goes on. You have all the same features as the top mods, just with a different structure.

Colors of the Digiflavor Edge Kit


This is the most important part of the review, and we had to get this part right. In fact our team at SmokeTastic had different opinions, but we will do our best to explain!

First up, the performance of the actual mod is great, with the AS chipset being pretty much spot on and the Edge mod has no problems at delivering exactly what it is set at, even at the full 200W. The temperature control works really well and stops any burning of the cotton, and we were all in agreement that the mod matched with a decent RDA or RTA tank is actually really good, very good actually.

Where we had a point of discussion is the stock mesh tank that comes with the mod as part of the kit. Personally, I found it to be a warm vape which lacked the punch in flavor I found with other tanks. My team, however, who vape strong flavored juice, loved the tank, had no problems whatsoever with the flavor.

We concluded that this tank is great for a stock mesh tank with flavors that are pretty strong (+10% flavoring), and produces a decent, YET SUBTLE, flavor!

The Digiflavor Edge mod and tank


Overall the Digiflavor Edge kit is a pretty good performing mod, and not bad stock tank. The fire button is pretty hard to locate and the overall design is not going to impress everyone. GeekVape has incorporated a new menu feature within this mod, and although it takes a little getting use too, it has a nice feature where you can easily scroll through 4 different memory settings.

The mod itself is actually outperforming the tank, we recommend using your favorite RDA/RTA, to really appreciate this mod. Great job GeekVape, looking forward to trying this mod with your new Zeus X RTA coming out soon!

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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