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Sir Paman E-Liquid and juice Review

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6.5 Final Score
Sir Paman E-Liquid Bottom Line

Strong sweet flavors at a sensible price, mixed with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to create thick flavorful clouds. If you like your sweet fruity flavors you'll probably like this juice, but for us became a little sickly for an all-day vape.

Sir Paman E Liquid Bottle

Indepth Sir Paman EJuice Review

A new e-liquid manufacturer is here, haven’t we got enough choice already? No, vapers love experimenting with different e-liquids, hunting for that ultimate vape that is their own ideal all-day vape. So how does Sir Paman e-liquids vape? Are they an all day vape juice or one that tastes nice to start with and then rapidly drops downhill? Well, we take a closer look at this e-liquid to see.

Sir Paman Who Are they

Who Are They

Paman is a new e-liquid manufacturer based in Cyprus but distributes worldwide via their wholesale programs, so many local and online vape stores are starting to stock them as trials to see what their customers think of it.

They are particularly proud of the quality of their ingredients boasting that everything is sourced locally, now that may sound good, but it doesn’t always mean that local is best, especially when it comes to nonfood ingredients!  Afterall, I’m not sure if Cyprus is particularly famous for their nicotine exports, but I do know they export a lot of Citrus fruits!

That said, their lab does offer regulatory support and claims all their juices are TPD compliant, which is the new European regulations for selling e-liquids.


Flavors on Offer

Paman are offering a number of different flavours to their initial lineup which include:

    The five flavors on offer from Sir Paman

  • Fruit Blast – A multi-fruit and fresh combination of flavors which include kiwi, strawberries, and apples. We found that the apple and strawberry were hard to identify, but the flavor is particularly strong when dripping especially on the WoToFo ReCurve RDA.
  • Lemon Orange Split – Another combination of fruits which include lemon, orange, and strawberry. Again we found the strawberry to be muted thanks to the strong lemon and orange citrus flavor overpowering the taste. Again dripping this juice gives a strong flavor.
  • Custard King – As the name suggests Custard King is a custard flavor with a hint of vanilla cream running through as a slight back note. Dripping this juice is a lot more subtle than the previous flavors.
  • Strawberry Wave – Described as a sweet strawberry cream dessert the Strawberry Wave flavor certainly is sweet. You do finally get the taste of strawberries with this juice, but the sweetness can be a little overpowering for many.
  • Classic Blend – This is Paman’s tobacco flavor with a hint of caramel, it’s meant to give a more sweet hit than the famous RY4 flavor that everyone loved. We couldn’t really taste the soft caramel, but the juice was smooth.


What we Thought

Box and bottle of a single Sir Paman E liquidOverall the juices are really actually quite smooth, but use one of the best vape mods to get the best results. If you find a flavor you like then it can easily be vaped all day. Considering that this brand is on the cheaper side of the juice market we had little to complain about.

The juice in general, excluding the Classic Blend, are all on the sweet side thanks mainly to their citrus flavorings, but also a hint that they have added more sweetener to get that extra hit. If you like subtle flavors then this juice is probably not for you, especially if you drip.

If however you like to taste the flavor and like the strong flavor combinations then this juice might fit your needs.


To Conclude

Overall we thought the Paman juices were pretty good all-day flavor vapes providing you mix them about a little. Yes, initially the taste can be strong, but after a few hours, you can still taste the flavor, which is always a good thing, especially with the cheaper juices on the market which tend to become stale after a little time. We found an obvious difference in flavor depeding on the e-cig we were using, so our advice is to always try new flavors on one of the best electronic cigarette products you have.

Some may feel that vaping just one of the Paman flavors over a period of time becomes a little sickly, and for us, this was certainly the case, particularly with the Fruit Blast and Lemon-Orange Split. We would not go out all day and choose just one of Paman’s flavors. But for a flavor to be sitting in a spare tank it’s great for the odd hit throughout the day.

Paman also offer a black label version of juices, which are a tad more expensive, but the ideal with this brand is to produce inexpensive juices to the market, we will try these at a later date to compare and hopefully they will improve the over sweet taste, and that’s coming from a vaper who loves their sweet juices!

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