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By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: June 29th, 2018.

7.4 Final Score
SMOK I-Priv Kit Review Bottom Line

A box mod that now answers you, whatever next? Well SMOK have released a new talking and listening mod where you can just ask it to turn up the wattage, revert to your original settings or change the light display, clever? Yes. Necessary? No! Although it's a clever idea, after about a day of playing with it you'll probably find you turn all the clever stuff off and use it as a regular mod. But that said, it still performs really well and a good mod kit especially with the TFV12 Prince Tank and the mesh coils!

The complete SMOK I-Priv Kit in red

In-depth SMOK I-Priv with TFV12 Prince Tank Review

The new talking, listening AI vape mod has been released from SMOK, looking like something out of Iron Man’s gadget draw this mod might be the mod you’re looking for! But how good is it against all the other and best vape mods on the market? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s give it a test!

Design and colors of the SMOK I-Priv Kit


For some reason, when we look at this mod, we immediately think of Ironman, especially the red and gold versions and the center, round screen helps too.

SMOK have put some thought with this mod, making it compatible with dual 21700, 20700 batteries, and with the use of the included battery adaptor you can also use dual 18650 batteries. All the batteries, when fitted, provided no rattle at all.

Measuring in at 95mm tall without the tank, add another 60mm including the tank, 56mm wide and a depth of 35mm all-in-all it’s a pretty compact unit considering it can take dual 21700 batteries, which are pretty big!

SMOK, as usual, is releasing this kit in a huge variety of colors, 8 to start out with but we believe they will release further color combinations later in the year, as they seem to always do with their other models.

The I-Priv Mod on its own


Smok use the normal 5 click action to turn the device on, and immediately it says “hello master, I’m your new warrior”.  Another 5 clicks whilst it’s on will lock the device and the mod will say “Locked”. 5 clicks again will unlock the device and the mod will tell you it’s unlocked. If you want to shut down the mod, put it in locked mod then hold the fire button until it shuts down.

The main screen tells you the working wattage, vape mode, resistance of the coil, working voltage, vape timer and dual battery indicators, along with an icon to show if the microphone is listening. The screen display is a little on the small side, thanks to the light design they have round the edges. These lights are customizable within the menu if you want to change the color.

3 clicks enter the main menu area where you can adjust the mode settings, puff settings, personalized settings, screen and voice settings, along with LED settings, and powering off the device.

Mode settings allow you to adjust from Wattage mode to temperature mode by choosing your coil type from stainless steel, titanium, nickel, etc. When you choose wattage mode you can also change the vape mode from hard, soft or normal and also set a preheat wattage.

Within the voice settings, you can turn the voice off completely or choose from a male, female or robot voice.

The screen settings are where you can adjust the color of the circle lights around the screen and the LED settings are where you change the LED color at the base of the mod, not really sure why they put that there, but it’s adjustable should you want too.

All in all, despite the voice settings, it’s a pretty standard mod, complete with all the options you see on the various vaping devices you see.

The I=Priv held in a hand

Voice Commands

As the SMOK I-Priv is an AI vape mod, it does accept some voice commands! Let’s take a look at some of the commands.

To turn the I-Priv into the listening mode you say “Hello I-Priv!” and the mod will respond with “I am here”. On the front screen, you will see the microphone icon flash telling you it’s listening. Then you can use a whole host of commands, which are found in the instructions, they include saying:

  • “My Wattage” – The mod will set the wattage to your set wattage and say “Mission Complete”.
  • “Higher Power” – The mod will increase the wattage by 5 watts and say “Power has been increased”.
  • “Lower Power” – The mod will decrease the wattage by 5 watts and say “Power has been reduced”.
  • “Shut down” – The mod will say “Are you serious” then show to options to accept or reject shutdown..
  • You can also change the mode by saying either “Wattage Mode” or “TC Mode” and respond accordingly.
  • There’s also a whole lot of other commands such as “turn on the light”, “light color”, “screen color”, “voice change”, to change the other settings.

Black version of the Smok IPriv


The tank included in the kit is the Prince TFV12, which we know is a great sub-ohm tank, and with the mesh coils, it’s really hard to beat. So, you can expect good flavor and a smooth vape.

The mod itself is really responsive. With some mods you have to wait a second or two until you get the full hit, not with the I-Priv, it’s pretty much instantaneous.


To Conclude

The look of the SMOK I-Priv kit will certainly appeal to some, others may not like it, but one thing for sure, the majority should love the way this mod kit performs. With or without voice control you can expect a reliable vape with pretty easy menu functions to adjust the mod accordingly.

The build quality from SMOK is again outstanding, no rattle and no signs of any cheap practices or materials.

For us, the design was a little over the top, with a too small screen. The voice settings are pretty clever and work really well. The compatibility with all 3 battery types is also really cool and well thought out.

Overall we were pretty happy with the Smok I-Priv kit functions and operations, just not too sure about the design.

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