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The Full SMOK H-PRIV 2 Starter Kit Review

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SMOK H-Priv 2 Kit Bottom Line

SMOK have released a new version of their H-Priv mod called, as you imagined the SMOK H-PRIV 2 which comes with the TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank. Honestly, theres not much that different except the design, the performance is the same, perhaps slightly better thanks to the upgraded Prince tank. All in all a decent performing and reliable box mod that produces some real deep flavors.

SMOK H-PRIV 2 mod kit

In-depth SMOK H-PRIV 2 Starter Kit Review

Smok has now released the second version of their popular H-Priv box mod kit, introducing the H-PRIV 2 with TFV12 Big Baby Prince tank. So how good is this box mod against the original version and is it now one of the best vape mods on the market? Well, let’s take a closer look to see.

Designs of the SMOK H-PRIV 2


The new Smok H-Priv 2 sports the same rectangular design with sidebar fire button but now features this cobra look on the sides and drip tip.

Measuring in at 52mm wide, 84mm tall without the tank, and a depth of 27mm this mod is rather on the big size. On the top of the mod is a spring loaded 510 connector so you can interchange the tank if you wish.

The OLED screen is also placed at the top, next to the 510 thread, but it’s well placed and easy to read showing all the relevant information such as; wattage and vape strength, dual battery indicators, the resistance of the coil, voltage and a vape timer.

The up and down buttons are placed on the opposite side to the large fire button. If you like the look of this mod kit, then check out our vape deals page as this mod and many like it often appear in the sales!

6ml version of TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank

TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank

SMOK are famous for their TFV series tanks and the TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank is the latest to come out and also features on their Smok V-Fin, Smok X-Priv and other models. It holds up to 6ml of juice with the bubble-like tank and has an 810 drip tip which matches the mod.

There are 2 airflow slots at the base which do create a good airflow through the coils, especially for those direct lung inhale vapers.

There are a number of different coils available but with the kit, you get 2 coils, the V8 baby Q4 which is a 0.4ohm quad coil and the V8 baby T12 which is a 0.15ohm duo-decuple coil. You also get a replacement glass, but not the bubble version and some extra washers.

The TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank taste is really good, many complain about the lifespan of the coils, but if you vape carefully and don’t dry burn the coils then they should last at least a week if not longer.

Silver version of the SMOK H-PRIV 2 Starter Kit


The mod is a 225W dual 18650 device with the familiar 5 click on but 5 clicks whilst the mod is on will only lock the device. To turn the mod off, you need to hold the fire button down for 5 seconds whilst it is locked.

Clicking the fire button 3 times whilst on enters into the menu area which has the mode, puff area, settings, and power where again you can turn the mod off.

Green version of the SMOK H-PRIV 2To enter the mode settings, click the fire button 3 times and scroll to “mode”, click and hold the fire button to enter the settings. Here you can choose from wattage, ti (titanium for temperature control mode), NI200 (nickel for temp control), Steel (stainless steel again for temp control), if you select wattage mode, you can then select the strength; normal, hard, or soft.

The settings area in the menu allows you to set the puff counter or put a maximum number of puffs to control your vaping intake, you also have an area to enter stealth mode which turns the screen off when vaping and also adjust the contrast of the screen as well as alter the rotation of the screen if you wish.

You can also adjust the resistance of the coil within the settings area, although we suggest you let the mod calculate this unless you want to adjust the wattage each time you change these settings. It’s not really that easy for beginners looking at vaping to quit smoking, there are better options available, but the host of features will suit any vaper who has owned a box mod before.



So how does this mod perform, especially against the original H-Priv? Well, to be honest, we found it to be exactly the same! Nothing really different apart from the cool cobra design, not sure what SMOK were really thinking of calling it a version “2”!

The box of the SMOK H-PRIV 2Anyhow the performance is still good. The TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank always performs well on decent mods, and the flavor is really appreciated on this mod.

In temperature control mode, we tested with a number of different coils including stainless steel and nickel and experienced no burnt taste or dry hits at all.

In wattage mode, at 60W creates a real good vaper, and as the coil burns through that flavor, the higher the wattage you go the warmer the vape you get. It is pretty good mod, and probably one of the best e-cig products in it’s field.


To Conclude

Really nothing has changed with the new SMOK H-PRIV 2, although you do get the new TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank in the kit. The designs are a lot cooler with the Cobra look sides and drip tip and also some slight improvements to the quality of the fire button.

Overall a decent large mod to suit a large 6ml TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank, it does look good, and more importantly, it does vape well. The coil should last about a week, but the higher you vape the more often you vape the more you will have to change that coil. Also, try not to dry burn the coil, this also reduces its life!


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