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OBS Bat Box Mod Kit Review Bottom Line

This is OBS's first device in the box mod market and they have really used the best references to produce a great dual 18650 mod. The Bat mod is very responsive with all the features you could ask for along with the pairing of a great sub ohm tank.

OBS Bat Starter Kit

In-depth OBS Bat Box Mod Starter Kit Review

OBS are new to the box mod devices and the release of their very first mod is welcomed. Named the Bat Mod kit it comes complete with the Damo tank. We take a close look at this mod to see if they have achieved greatness, or whether this mod should be ignored and forgotten! Let’s get on with the review:

Design of the OBS Bat starter kit


Ok the first thing that’s striking about the Bat mod is the 2 LED’s they have on the front. When you fire the device the two LEDs light, which you can either change the color or turn off completely. It seems that a lot of the best e cig manufacturers like giving us some sort of light show on the mods, not sure why as it just drains the battery!

There are 5 colors of this mod available, red, black, blue, yellow and white although OBS is rumored to be releasing more colors soon, we’ll see.

The screen on the front of the mod is relatively small, long and thin, but does give you all the information you need, like mode, wattage, voltage, the resistance of the coil, current, vaping time and puff counter along with dual battery indicators. It doesn’t appear too squashed together and is easy to read. Below the screen is 2 up and down buttons to adjust the settings as required. The fire button is on the side and roughly the size of a thumbprint so easy enough to locate and use.

The screw thread for the tank is on top and in the center of the mod, giving it a more balanced feel in the hand.

Menu features of the OBS Bat mod


So, this Bat mod is a dual 18650 mod and reaches from 7 up to 218 watts with all the temperature control features and wattage modes you need.

Most of the features are familiar, like the 5 clicks to lock and unlock the device, 3 clicks to enter the menu button. But OBS have included a few shortcuts, for example clicking the fire button and the up button takes you straight to the strengths menu.

Within the menu settings, you can adjust the light display, like, show the light when the fire button is pressed, turn the light display off, or even have the light on all the time, weird! Yellow version of the OBS Bat KitYou can also adjust the color from blue, red, green, yellow, purple, cyan, white, flashing, and random.

The menu also features area to set from wattage to temperature modes that we are all familiar with.



The Damo sub ohm tank is pretty good, not the best sub ohm tank on the market but the coils are actually the same as the SMOK big baby beast, so you can interchange them. The tank airflow is good, but one thing we noticed is it is loud, not a crackling noise like you hear on some coils, it’s just the airflow.

It does produce some good vapor though, and a great taste too. Nice to know you can also use SMOK coils, and the taste is very similar, so it has to be good right! Not sure it’s going to suit all though, it’s a good intermediate device, but those who are looking for their first vape device would be better looking at something like the best cigalike products.

The OBS Bat mod is a really good performing mod, really nice feel and the quality is really good. The LED lights may suit some, but you can turn them off so it’s really a win-win! The fire button has a nice clicking feel when you fire the device. The responsiveness is really good and the menu features are similar to the older SMOK devices which work really well.

Size of the OBS Bat Mod Kit


  • Dimensions 90 x 46 x 32mm
  • Total Weight of 180g
  • Wattage 7W – 218W
  • Voltage of 0.1 – 8.4V
  • Resistance 0.1-ohm – 2-ohm
  • Temperature range of 100℃-315℃ (200℉-600℉)


To Conclude

Overall the OBS Bat Kit with Damo sub ohm tank is solid. Great performing and tasting kit, with all the features you need along with a rather decent light show! The tank produces a good vape, albeit a slightly loud airflow noise.

The mod is not a bad size (90x46x32mm ) considering it is a dual 18650 device and is well made, no real complaints and we think OBS have done a good job. Check out our vape deals page as this and many similar mods come up in the sales quite often. But, if you can’t wait, check out the vape shops near you where you can possibly buy one right now!

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
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