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7.9 Final Score
Geek Vape Flint Kit Bottom Line

For new vaper, pod vapers wanting an upgrade or mouth to lung vaper the Geek Vape Flint Kit is a vape pen you must look at. With a built-in 1000mAh battery and charging in just one how this pen performs really well. Designed to work with both normal and nicotine salt e-liquids, the flavor is great considering the power of around 10W.

The GeekVape Flint Kit direct from Manufacturer - Check It Out!

In-depth GeekVape Flint Kit Review

Geek Vape recently released the Flint Kit which we believe is aimed at relatively new vapers and is a perfect upgrade to the pod like devices. But how does this small and cute vape pen perform against the best and is it suited for all? We take a look to find out.

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Colors available for the Geek Vape Flint kit


Measuring in at just under 94mm tall and 22mm in diameter, for a vape pen, the GeekVape Flint Kit is small, but in comparison to pod vapes, then the length is about the same but is a lot thicker. This is expected with this type of kit using a rounded tank and also a pretty big (1000 mAh) battery.

It has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, and they have certainly achieved that. After you prime the coil, just fill the tank, 5 clicks to turn it on, and you’re ready to vape! It does have a simple menu feature where you can toggle through different setting which we cover in the Features section of this review. It only has one button, a small LED light on the side and a USB charging port on the back.

The Flint is initially released in four different colors that include black, gunmetal, rainbow, and blue. The tank is also matching the color, making it a very nice looking device.

Different views of the Geek Vape Flint Kit


As the Geek Vape Flint is designed for simplicity, there are limited features with this vape pen. They include the simple 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off feature. Handy for when you’re carrying around with you in your pocket and don’t want accidental firing.

The other feature that is available is the ability to toggle between different power ranges. This is done by clicking the power button 3 times and observing the LED color. There are 3 different power ranges that differ dependant on the coil you are using. That is, with the 1.2-ohm coil you can choose from 8.5W, 10W and 12W. With the 1.6-ohm coil, the power levels are 6.4W, 7.6W and 9W.

Although these power levels will naturally drop off as the battery discharges over the day, so really they are just a simple guide as opposed to being 100% accurate.

The Geek Vape Flint Tank

The Flint Tank

Obviously, as part of the Flink kit, you get a tank that looks like a mini sub-ohm tank but it’s not sub-ohm at all! In fact, it only uses coils above 1-ohm, so mouth to lung (MTL) vaping is the only supported method. If you want to get into or use to direct lung (DL) inhales, this kit is really not for you.

The tank, however, has a nice air control on the base and has 5 different settings, they don’t snap into place, so you have to line up the holes by eye.

It also comes with 2 coils, one 1.6-ohm, and a 1.2-ohm, the mouthpiece is stuck to the tank, so cannot be replaced and the airflow can produce a bit of a whistle.

The GeekVape Flint Kit in pieces


So MTL vape pens aren’t going to be the most powerful vape devices out there, so it’s important to set expectations correctly. It’s really best to compare this kit with the larger vape pod systems out there.

Using the 1.6ohm coil, with the airflow pretty much in the middle and the power set to high produces a nice vape. The flavor is coming through, although we suggest using the stronger flavored e-liquid with any MTL device. The coils have also been designed to be used with nicotine salt e-liquids as well, so you can also choose higher nicotine content liquids.

The battery performance is really impressive. Not only do you get a pretty decent 1000mAh battery, but the charge time is approx an hour, plus you can vape when it’s on charge!

It may not be the best e-cig for all users, but for some people, they will love it. If your still not sure if this type of e-cigarette will suit, check out our homepage where we look at the latest vaping products.

The box for the Geek Vape Flint kit


Mouth to lung (MTL) vape pens are not going to be anywhere near as powerful as dual battery box mods, you're comparing a 60-250W device with a 5-10W device, so set your expectations correctly. If your relatively new to vaping and have tried vape pods or Cig-a-likes, then this is the perfect upgrade for you.

For smokers, this e-cig is also a pretty good option, as the airflow has plenty of options to match what your use too and the Geek Vape Flint produces a really good flavor which also allows you to vape regular e-liquids or those made with nicotine salts.

Overall, a great little kit for the new and MTL vapers wanting a little more taste in their vape with the options to play with power control and airflow.

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