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GeekVape Flint Kit Review
January 24, 2019
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The Flint Kit by Geek Vape review
GeekVape Flint Kit Review
January 24, 2019
SMOK Nord AIO 19 and AIO 22 Review
SMOK NORD AIO 19 and AIO 22 Vape Pen Kit Review
February 13, 2019
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The Eleaf Elven vape pod review

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Eleaf Elven Vape Pod Kit Bottom Line

The Eleaf Elven Vape Pod is perfect for new vapers, with refillable pods (and 2 of them in the kit) to try different e-liquids. Powered by a relatively small 360mAh internal battery means you will need some stronger flavored and possible high nicotine salts to get the hit you want off a single puff. Nice small design with the ability to choose from 2 different airflow options.

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In-depth Eleaf Elven Pod Kit Review

Eleaf has now released a new vape system which is aimed at competing with the top vape pods in the industry. So the question is, does the new Eleaf Elven vape pod compete as one of the best, or is it just another one of the hundreds you should ignore? Let’s take a closer look to see!

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The Eleaf Elven Pod available colors


The thing with vape pods is there small size, making them super convenient for vapers who are on the go. The Eleaf Elven doesn’t disappoint here, measuring in at just 100mm tall, 20mm wide and 10mm in depth, making it one of the smallest vape pods out there.

Eleaf has released a number of color options, these include; red, blue, gold, black and silver, so a pretty good range of colors.

The device uses the automatic airflow function that we see a lot on vape pods, i.e. there are no settings or buttons to play around with. Simply insert the pod and start vaping. Simplistic, and very easy to use.

Eleaf has also incorporated a simple LED battery monitor, the LED at the bottom of the vape pod will illuminate each time you vape on the device. The different color represents the charge left within the battery:

  • Green light: Represents that you have over 60% charge left
  • Blue light: Represents that you have between 20-59% charge remaining
  • Red light: Means you really need to recharge and you have less than 19% charge left
Different angles of the Eleaf Elven Pod


As this device is small, just 100mm tall as we have already mentioned, you have to appreciate that the battery is not that big or powerful in comparison to some of the best e-cigarettes. In-fact the Eleaf Elven uses a 360mAh battery, but this coupled with the 1.6ohm coil pods should last a pretty good amount of time, even for the frequent vaper.

We like to see refillable pods, and the Elven not only meets this demand, but they offer 2 pods within their starter kit. This is great, because not only can you refill multiple times, but you really get a good amount of usage with each.

The 1.6ohm coil immediately tells you that this is a mouth to lung (MTL) vape pod, which strictly speaking it is. But they have a way of adjusting the airflow simply by placing the pod the other way round in the battery. It produces more airflow and although it’s not meant for Direct Lung (DL) inhales, you can somewhat achieve this. You can learn about the different types of vaping here

Each Pod holds a reasonable amount of e-liquid, measuring in at 1.6ml. This doesn’t sound like much but as the battery power is low, it does last well, so you're less likely to have to carry an e-liquid bottle around with you.

Other features the Elven hold are:

  1. Overcharge and discharge protection
  2. Over current protection
  3. Reverse polarity protection
  4. Over 10 second cut off protection
  5. Short Circuit protection
Features of the Eleaf Elven Vape Pod


This is the all-important part, how well does the Eleaf Elven Pod system actually work. This is a hard question to answer, as everyone has different tastes and styles. So we will try to be as diplomatic as possible!

We used a standard flavor e-liquid (roughly 15% flavoring) and 3mg of standard e-liquid. The Elead Elven did produce a nice subtle amount of vapor with a hint of the flavor coming through. The hit was not that strong and we felt we needed to take 2-3 puffs before feeling satisfied.

However, increasing the nicotine content using nicotine salts and a flavor percentage of 20% made a much more satisfying vape. This makes sense due to the lower power in comparison to the regular vape mods we usually use.

Size of the Eleaf Elven


For a new vaper, the Eleaf Elven is a great choice, the refillable pods are a great design feature, so you can use whichever e-liquid you like. With this pod being in the lower power category, we recommend using slightly higher nicotine, and if possible nicotine salts to make it a smooth vape along with a reasonably strong flavored e-liquid.

For the experienced vaper, you’re going to struggle long term with this device, it’s handy to stick in your pocket to get you through a trip where carrying your mod is inconvenient, but again, mix up some stronger juice to really get the effect your use to.

If your not sure if this type of e-cig will suit you, then check out SmokeTastic's homepage where we go through the latest e-cig and vaping product reviews.

Overall a great refillable and small vape pod from Eleaf, definitely in the top 10 of all the best vape pods on the market.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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