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The full Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit Review
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Full Wismec Sinuous V80 Review by SmokeTastic

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Last Updated: January 23rd, 2020.


7.4 Final Score
Wismec Sinuous V80 Bottom Line

Although we love the design and the size of the Wismec Sinuous V80, the power on the single coil tank left us wanting more. Also, the fire button needs waking up after long periods of none activity. Apart from those 2 drawbacks it's an excellent little single 18650 battery 80W mod, perfect to slip into your pocket and forget about!

The Wismec Sinuous V80 with Amor NSE Tank Kit - Check Them Out!

In-depth Wismec Sinuous V80 Kit with Amor NSE Tank Review

The new Wismec Sinuous V80 kit is here, and it looks good, with a semi-transparent casing and a decent tank that produces a good vape. The real question though, is this relatively small and relatively low powered, single 18650 vape mod kit any good? Let’s take a closer look to see!

Design of the Sinuous V80

The Design

We have to hand it to Wismec, the design of the Sinuous V80 is sharp! We like it, not only that it’s small and conveniently designed to fit in your pocket. But it looks pretty good too. Being a single 18650 battery mod, it’s hard for them to get it any smaller unless they went with the built-in battery option. We personally like the replacement battery design, as you can buy some cheap spare 18650 batteries.

The Wismec Sinuous V80 comes in a few different colors, including black, red, yellow or gold, and green. The great thing here is the tank comes in the matching color, so it looks complete.

It has a nice oversized fire button on the side that’s easy to find without looking, a decent size screen giving you all the information you need, plus 2 up and down small buttons at the bottom. It’s well laid out. It also has a USB port below the up and down buttons should you wish to charge the battery from the device.

The device is completely made of plastic, which is ok as it reduces the weight of the device considerably but lacks in quality in comparison to other mods you find. The only thing bringing in the weight is the battery itself. As the casing is plastic though, it’s not going to be as durable as other mods on the market and may crack a little easier if dropped.

Size of the Wismec Sinuous V80


The Wismec Sinuous V80 runs off a single 18650 battery that’s accessible by a slide and open door at the base of the mod. Once the battery is in, you can switch the unit on and off using the familiar 5 clicks of the fire button.

The display immediately displays which is nice and bright, giving you all the information needed. This includes the resistance of the coil in the tank, the voltage set, and the amps when you fire the device. It also shows the wattage in a larger font, so you can easily check before vaping.

The menu is relatively simple but has all the things you would want. This is accessible by clicking the fire button 3 times and where you can change from wattage mode to temperature control mode. You can select the type of coil you are using if you choose this option and also has a number of memory modes.

The only other menu mode available is bypass mode if you want to use it as an unregulated device. And that’s it! No fancy light displays, no changing of screen layouts or other pointless options you see on other devices (Wismec included)!

Different view points of the Sinuous V80


The Wismec Sinuous V80, as the name suggests, only has a wattage capacity of up to 80Watts, which is plenty for the tank that comes with the kit. But, maybe a little underpowered for double or triple coil tanks.

The kit does come with 2 coils, the 1.3ohm for mouth to lung and the direct lung inhale pre-installed WS-M 0.27ohm coil. Being regular vapers we prefer the direct lung coil and thus our testing is related to this coil setup.

Remember to always drop a few drops of e-liquid onto any new coil, the last thing you want to do is burn the cotton, it will ruin the taste of the vape. We also started at a lower wattage than suggested to truly allow the e-liquid to soak in and prime that coil before really testing it out!

It’s nice to see the coil is mesh, we always believe that you get the best taste from these types of coils. To be honest, most of the best box mod kits offer mesh coils these days. We never judge the taste from the first day of vaping with any new device. It does take some time for the performance of any tank to really kick in, but mesh coils are really responsive and seem to taste better quicker than the more traditional wire coils.

Vaping the first day between 20-30W is obviously underpowered although getting a nice vape cloud and certain amounts of nice flavor notes coming through. When the coil is fully saturated, turning the wattage up to 40W seems to be around the sweet spot of this device. Not too hot to create any burning sensations, yet producing a pretty good vape.

Packaging and kit of the Wismec Sinuous V80


Although the Wismec Sinuous V80 is a single battery mod with only a maximum wattage of 80W, the Amor NSE Tank works really well. It does produce a good tasty vape with the WS-M 0.27ohm coil thanks to the mesh design.

The hit is obviously not comparable with a dual battery or a dual coil device, but for a small device that’s easy to carry around with you, it’s one of the best on the market right now.

The plastic body makes it lighter than other single battery devices, the screen is nice and bright and utilizes a simple menu system to switch between variable wattage and temperature control modes.

Overall, really happy with the performance of the Wismec Sinuous V80, even though it’s a low powered box mod kit.

If you’re not sure if the Wismec Sinuous is right for you, then check out our homepage, for the latest vape products and news, it should help.

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