Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes
Best E Cig For Quitting Smoking
April 18, 2019
The Aspire AVP Vape pod review
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April 22, 2019
Quit smoking with electronic cigarettes
Best E Cig For Quitting Smoking
April 18, 2019
The Aspire AVP Vape pod review
Aspire AVP AIO Variable Wattage Pod System Kit
April 22, 2019
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The GeekVape Zeus X RTA Tank Review

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9.4 Final Score
GeekVape Zeus X RTA Bottom Line

The Zeus X brings something special to the market, especially if you like RTA tanks. The unique airflow system they have designed brings a bang to the flavor that matches that of the best mesh coils around! That's right, this RTA does not use mesh coils, but tastes just as good! The build deck is reasonably simple to build on, and the engineering quality on this RTA is great considering how many pieces there are, making it really simple to clean. Super impressed with the Zeus X.

In-depth GeekVape Zeus X Tanks Review

Late in 2017 Geek Vape released the original Zeus RTA tank, which was described at the time as one of the best top air-flow RTA’s of its time. Now GeekVape has taken that original idea and improved it releasing the GeekVape Zeus X RTA. So are the improvements bringing this tank to the top of all RTAs, or is it just another version with no real improvements? Let’s take a closer look to see.

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Colors of the GeekVape Zeus X


Geek Vape is releasing the Zeus X, in a number of colors, so there won't be a problem matching your favorite vape mods. The colors are; black, gunmetal, red, blue, rainbow, and stainless steel.

Measuring in at 47.8mm tall with the low profile drip tip on, 25mm diameter base plate with a maximum diameter of 29mm around the glass, it's a pretty decent sized tank. There are 2 versions of glass tubing you can use, the straight version holds 3.5ml of e-liquid, whilst the larger holds 4.5ml.

One of the first thing's you'll notice with this tank is the number of parts it comes with, these include:

  • 3 different sized drip tips
  • Top cap
  • Airflow collar
  • Top fill chimney
  • Internal airflow chamber
  • 2 glass tubes
  • Base
  • Coils and cotton

With all these parts, it might seem a little overwheming at first, but thanks to the superb engineering of this device it's really easy to put together and having so many removable parts means it's really easy to clean.

The airflow is at the top with a nice range and the tank is also a top fill design, simply take of the top cap with half a turn and your presented with 2 large holes, one to fill and one to allow the air to escape minimizing the risk of spillage.

Geek Vape are also releasing a 2ml version of this tank, so make sure you double check the size your buying

Parts of the Geek Vape Zeus X

The Deck

The deck consists of 2 posts with 4 terminals, with flat head screws to hold the coils in place. It's relatively well spaced out so building your coils on here is not too much of a problem.

There are some small grooves on the base plate for the cotton to sit in, make sure each side is placed into this little chamber so you get the maximum wicking required, we all hate dry hits, and wicking is the main cause.

Once both coils are in place with the cotton placed into the grooves, it's important to line everything up, as the internal airflow chamber needs to sit on top without touching the coils.

The deck on the Zeus X

The Performance

The manufacturing quality of this tank is top class in line with all the top brand products out there, it fits together so well and feels like a real solid unit when on your mod. Having the airflow at the top of the tank provides a more consistent flow through the coils, apparently improving the taste in comparison to other RTAs, that said some have complained that the airflow collar can fall off when refilling the tank, but we have to say we have not experienced this problem, the only thing we notice, is you have to reset the airflow after as unscrewing the top cap adjusts the setting.

We're using the 2 Alien 0.4-ohm coils that are provided with the kit to test it out. With the airflow fully open and powered at 60-Watts. The airflow is just amazing on the Zeus X, although fully open, it's just too airy! We found the sweet spot to be just a touch over half-open to maximize the flavor.

For a standard coil RTA this tank bangs out the flavor, we've been heavily using mesh coils recently and was pleasantly surprised into how well the Zeus X performs. You're not going to have any complaints with this tank, currently one of our favorite RTAs.

Packaging of the Geek Vape Zeus X


We haven't tested an RTA for a little while, and after testing multiple mesh coil tanks we weren't expecting much as far as performance was concerned of the Geek Vape Zeus X RTA, but boy was we wrong. The airflow they have designed on this tank brings the flavor to a different level, in fact, there's too much airflow, adjust to around half to produce the best taste.

The Zeus X has a relatively easy deck to build on and although there are many parts it's easy to construct and also really easy to clean.

Overall we were super impressed with the Zeus X, if you like RTA's then this has to be on your wish list. If you're not sure this type of device will suit, then check out our latest vape devices and news to get a better idea.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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