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The iJoy Avenger Baby Kit review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: August 30th, 2018.

7.0 Final Score
iJoy Avenger Baby Kit Bottom Line

With improved voice control and removable batteries, the new iJoy Avenger Baby mod kit has impressive stats. The new sized 20350 batteries are a bit of an unknown but last about 100-130 puffs which is good for its size. The Diamond Mini tank however really impressed us, creating a nice deep flavorful vape with their mesh coils. Even without the voice control, we would have scored this mod kit high, thanks to the accurate and responsive chipset in both temperature control and wattage mode and small design is gorgeous!

In-depth iJoy Avenger Baby Starter Kit Review

IJoy has now released another voice controlled box mod kit with the Diamond mini-tank, but this time it’s small and supports the new dual 20350 batteries which come with the kit. So how does this tiny mod perform in regards to battery life, vape quality and how does it compete against similar box mods? Well, let’s take a look to see!
Some of the colors of the iJoy Avenger Baby


This mod kit is small, no doubt about it and the remarkable thing with this mod is that it has removable batteries. Now, obviously the standard 18650 batteries are too big for this mod, so iJoy have released a new size of batteries named the 20350. We don’t know anyone who has these batteries, so iJoy are actually including 2 batteries in the kit.

This is a great decision, as you can buy extra batteries if you like, rather than having to wait for the device to charge like other mods of similar size with internal built-in batteries.

The mod itself measures just 66mm in height, 48mm in width and has the depth of just 34mm so it fits in the hand completely and with a weight of about 210grams is feeling pretty solid. The tank adds another 48mm to the height (excluding the screw thread) and has a diameter of 22.5mm. So you get what we mean by small, especially for a maximum wattage of 108W.
Rainbow mirror version of the iJoy Avenger Baby

The color selection is huge, which is a little unusual for new mods, but iJoy believe this is going to be a hot seller from the word go! The colors include Mirror orange, blue, red, black, stainless steel, gunmetal, purple, gold, green, white and rainbow, so you should find something you like out of the selection!

The 510 screw thread is spring loaded and mounted in the center of the mod at the top, meaning you can use any tank you like on this and it will still balance pretty well. The front of the mod is where the large colorful OLED screen is housed with the adjustment buttons and USB port beneath. The firing bar is large and found on the side of the mod.
The Diamond Mini Tank included

Diamond Mini Tank

As part of the kit, you get the iJoy Diamond mini tank, we’ve seen the regular Diamond tank before on the iJoy Saber, Zenith 3 and the IJoy Wand, but this new tank uses the same design on a much smaller scale.

It has a nice dual airflow control at the base which you can adjust, a removable mouthpiece which uses a screwed in 510 sleeve. It also features a top-fill design with 2 large fill holes, one to allow the air to escape without leakage and both are bigger enough for large e-liquid drippers.

The coils are, and we’re pleased to say, mesh coils which iJoy make very well! The cotton within the mesh coil is not compact which helps produce flavor quicker without having to waste half a tank worth of juice before you can enjoy the full taste!

The preinstalled coil is the 0.18ohm DMB-MS mesh which can be vaped between 40-80W but best around 50-55W. You also get a spare coil in the kit, another mesh coil but a 0.15-ohm DMB-DM coil which can be vaped around the same wattage.
Avenger Baby Mod Kit Features and Size


The front screen is really well laid out and easy to read, giving you all the information the vaper needs, such as the current wattage, puff counter, vape mode, resistance of the coil, voltage and dual battery indicators.

To enter the menu area it’s the normal 3 clicks of the fire button and here you can change the vape mode from normal, hard and soft, adjust the colors, adjust to temperature control by selecting the coil type with 2 memory modes, and other settings like time change, and turning the microphone on and off. Another interesting option in the menu area is the Pod setting; this is where you can actually set the mod to use the pod tanks by setting the corresponding voltage.
Voice commands on the iJoy Avenger Baby mod

Voice Control

One feature which can’t be ignored any longer is the new improved voice control. iJoy originally introduced this feature on the standard Avenger, but it wasn’t that great.

To activate the iJoy Avenger Baby in the listening mode you have to say “Hello iJoy” the microphone icon will then appear on the screen. Then you can follow up with the following commands:

  • Soft mode, normal mode, hard mode – to change the vape mode
  • Lock device, unlock device – obviously to lock and unlock the device
  • Power high, power low – to increase or decrease the wattage at 5W intervals
  • 20W, 30W, 40W etc all the way to 90W – to set the desired wattage
  • Auto Watt – to let the mod determine the best wattage for the coil
  • Turn on light, light off, music light – to set the light displays

The voice control does work, it’s certainly an improvement to the original Avenger, but it’s not 100% and can be a little frustrating. After some time you end up just switching the microphone off to avoid the mod picking up random commands and adjusting your settings without you knowing!
Performance of the Avenger Baby Mod Kit


Using the preinstalled 0.18ohm DMB-MS mesh coil at 50-Watts seem to be the sweet spot for us. Producing a great vape hit especially in Hard vape mod. The flavor of the mesh coils is hard to beat and really smooth. Ranking the wattage up to the higher levels is where most mods tend to fade off, but the iJoy Avenger Baby seems to cope and produces a good warm vape. We’re impressed!

In temperature control mode its becomes obvious that iJoy has improved the settings, vaping a lot warmer and seems to be right on the edge of cutting off in time before you get a dry hit, really happy with the result here.
Packaging of the iJoy Avenger Baby Kit

To Conclude

It’s obvious that iJoy have made a series of improvements in the design and features of the iJoy Avenger Baby kit, including improved voice controls but most importantly improved vaping in both wattage mode and temperature control mode, competing against all the best e-cigs on the market.

The removable batteries are also a plus and the performance of the Diamond Mini tank is superb, it’s really not hard to be really happy with this kit, even if you turn off the voice control! This is one mod kit that both new vapers and experienced vapers will enjoy.


What Others Say:


The voice control on this thing is ten times better than the original Avenger. Thumbs up to iJoy for nailing the temperature control modes…

Vaping With Vic

The Diamond mini tank I like, the mesh coils are pretty flavorful. The voice control can’t always understand me yet I know it can hear me…

Zophie Vapes

I’d like to see the AI a little better, who wants to learn all the commands. They did a nice job with the build quality, the battery life lasted 120 puffs, simple menu system, no complaints although I get a little spit back on the tank…

Mike Vapes

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