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Jac Vapour Series B Box Mod Review Bottom Line

Jac Vapour have extended their range to include box mods and the Series B is perfect for a new vaper wanting to try mods for the first time. Simple to use, with all the basic features of the more advanced mods this series delivers on their promise. The power output of up to 50W, powered by a single 18650 battery gives you limited power for huge clouds, but a great tilt design makes it stand out in the crowd.

The Jac Vapour Series B tilt Mod

In-depth Jac Vapour Series-B Tilt Mod Review

If you know Jac Vapour’s cigalike line, then you already know that this UK company has a great reputation for churning out top-of-the-line vaping products. What you may not know, however, is that Jac offers more than just those basic devices. In fact, the company is now involved in mods as well and offers a few innovative products for mod lovers. One of those is the Series-B mod, affectionately known as the “Tilt” mod. It claims to offer a perfect entry point for Cigalike users or for those who want to try vaping to quit smoking and jump right into the mod scene and enjoy more of that great vaping experience. In this Jac Vapour SERIES-B starter kit Review, we’ll see how those claims stand up to reality.

If this is a little too big, you may want to check out Jac Vapours Series S17 TF, which is very easy to use vape pen that’s so small, but still produces a great flavor.
Design of the Jac Vapour Series B Tilt


Let’s begin with the design. Just one glance tells you that this is a special and unique sort of device. It’s not overly large, but that relatively compact size belies a wealth of feature hidden within its chassis. The Series-B’s body is small enough to hold comfortably in your hand, and you’ll be proud to take it with you wherever you go. That tilted top is the reason it has its nickname and makes for a great conversation-starter when you encounter vapers who might be unfamiliar with that type of design. Its lines are clean, modern-looking, and elegant. That’s not always easy to achieve when you’re designing a box mod.


Under The Hood

So, what’s it hiding underneath that hood? Well, it all starts with 50 watts of reliable power that should get you through most vaping sessions. The device is built to handle the 1x INR18650 25R 2500mAh Battery, you can check out the best 18650 batteries here, but the use of this means that most serious vapers are already going to have the components they need to get maximum enjoyment out of this special unit. The tank is an S-22, which is designed to hold your e-liquid securely while you vape.

There’s a nice resistance range too. You can achieve resistance between 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm if you use a flat-top 18650 battery that can provide you with reliable amperage in the twenty-watt range.  That will provide great flexibility for serious vapers so that they can customize their experience to match their tastes. For a company that is best known for its cigalikes, Jac Vapour is really showing that it understands the mod market too. Granted it’s not going to compete with the best vape mods on the market, but it’s perfect for the beginner.
Under the case of the Jac Vapour Series B


Sub Ohm

If you’re wondering whether this device was actually built to handle sub-ohm vaping, wonder no more. The fact is that you’re only going to get the best results out of this mod when you use tanks that are made for sub-ohm vaping. Now, it’s never going to be one of those vapor-producing wonders – at least not while the device relies on just 40 watts of power. But most intermediate-level users are going to be more than satisfied with the vapor-production. And if you’re looking for the best e-cig to quit smoking, then the Jac Vapour brand this will probably be right up your alley.
Size of the Series B shown in a hand

Other Features

As far as charging your battery goes, you don’t need to remove it to get a recharge. According to the device’s rating, it’s safe to do that. However, it’s probably likely that more experienced vapers will feel more comfortable charging their power units the old-fashioned way. Still, it’s always nice to have the option to do in-unit charging if the mood strikes you. Even when you’ve completely exhausted the charge, it takes only about two hours to replenish it.

Rear view of the Series B ModThe Series-B also comes with an impressive warranty and money-back guarantee. The warranty lasts up to 12 months but covers only those things defined as manufacturing mistakes. The guarantee allows you to return any defective equipment within 14 days of delivery. That’s all fairly basic, and no real surprise.



In our tests, we teased some nice vapor volume out of the Series-B, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for anyone who wants to chase huge clouds all day. This isn’t that kind of product. It is, however, a great device for those making their first transition to mods, or anyone who is looking for a casual-use product that delivers reliable performance. If you’re after something with a little more power or bite, then you may want to check out the best vape products instead.

With that in mind, we can comfortably recommend the Jac Vapour SERIES-B starter kit to most beginner and perhaps intermediate vaping enthusiasts. It’s not the most powerful device we’ve ever tried, but it is easy to use, consistent to a fault, and attractive enough to take with us when we leave the house or office. It might not be perfect in every respect, but it’s a good offering from a great company.

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