Looking at the Cytotoxic Effects of Vaping and damage to the lungs
The Cytotoxic Effects of Vaping – Damage To the Lungs
August 14, 2018
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod Review
Wotofo Recurve Unregulated Squonk Mod Review
August 23, 2018
Looking at the Cytotoxic Effects of Vaping and damage to the lungs
The Cytotoxic Effects of Vaping – Damage To the Lungs
August 14, 2018
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod Review
Wotofo Recurve Unregulated Squonk Mod Review
August 23, 2018

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: August 20th, 2018.

9.5 Final Score
GeekVape Nova Kit Bottom Line

The GeekVape Nova Kit with Cerberus Sub Ohm Mesh Coil Tank features the AS chipset for improved accuracy and speed to reach those set wattages, paired with the beautiful tasting and cloud chucking Cerberus tank, the Nova kit is hard to beat, very hard to beat in fact. The functionality of the mod has it all, whether your into standard wattage or temperature control, along with the basic but elegant box mod design all vapers, we believe, will be happy with it's performance.


In-depth GeekVape Nova Kit with Cerberus Sub Ohm Mesh Coil Tank Review

Geekvape are well known for producing some great vape mods and tanks for both new and experienced vapers and now they have a new kit, the Nova mod with Cerberus Sub Ohm mesh coil tank, so you can imagine how excited we are to be reviewing it. So the big question; how does this new kit compare with all the best e-cig products on the market? Only one way to find out! Let’s get on with the review!

Design of the GeekVape Nova Kit with Tank


If you’re into your old school looking mods, without the flashing lights or displays then this mod is going to be right up your street! It is a traditional box-shaped holding dual 18650 batteries but has a feel of quality about it. The engineering on the mod itself is just lovely.

Geekvape has decided to initially release the Nova kit in 8 different colors which include silver version, black and gunmetal versions all with different resin designs in various colors. We have the Gunmetal with Onyx resin design and it looks great. Looks are always subjective, but we much prefer the gunmetal and Onyx design in comparison to the rest.

The mod has a 510 connector at the top, placed to one side, which due to the design make it comfortable when vaping, the fire button, color screen, and function buttons appear down the side along with the USB port for charging and firmware upgrades. That’s it, nothing else, no vent holes or LEDs, Geekvape have kept things simple with this design.

The Cerberus Sub Ohm Tank

Cerberus Sub Ohm Mesh Coil Tank

Many vapers are loving this new tank from Geekvape, and we do too, so much better than their Blitzen tank that received some great reviews. It’s mainly thanks to the beautiful mesh coils that seem to deliver a fuller flavor than the traditional wire coils.

It is a top fill tank which you unscrew the top cap with half a screw and remove, revealing 2 fill holes, one for the air to escape when filling.

It does hold 5.5ml of juice and has a spare straight designed glass which, if used holds 4ml. For the overall size of the tank, this capacity is actually pretty good and the idea of having smaller tanks has nothing to do with the EU regulations but more of maintaining the flavor of the e-liquid. The larger tanks which hold more juice and are constantly heated and cooled through normal vaping does have a tendency of ruining the juice. This is one reason why dripping or RDA’s are popular.

The tank can be completely taken apart and comprise of the drip tip, top cap, chimney, glass tube, coil, and the base, so each part can be cleaned separately if needed.

Functions and features of the GeekVape Nova Kit


The GeekVape Nova mod is using a great chipset, the AS Chipset in fact, that powers up to 200W with 2×18650 batteries. The good thing about this chipset is the performance producing great speed and accuracy of the wattage setting.

The Nova mod uses the standard functionality seen across other box mods that include the 5 click on/off and 3 clicks to enter the menu area. You can, however, adjust the wattage using the function buttons without going into the menu area. It increases by 0.1watts at a time, holding it down does increase the speed and it does round-robin (i.e. when it reaches the 200W mark, it will then go back to 5W).

The screen is well laid out with the current wattage shown at the top, dual battery indicators below along with all the essential vaping information that includes the resistance of the coil, the voltage used to reach the wattage set, the amps used and a puff counter/timer.

You can adjust the brightness of the screen by pressing the fire button together with either the up or down function button.

In the menu area (3 clicks of the fire button) you can lock in the resistance of the coil, this is handy if you don’t like adjusting the wattage as the coil depreciates. You can also reset the puff counter and move the device into temp control where you choose your appropriate coil i.e. nickel, stainless, titanium etc. With custom curves and a bypass mode, this mod pretty much has all the functionality you could ask for.

Testing the GeekVape Nova Kit


Vaping at around 65 Watts with the KA1 0.2ohm preinstalled coil is perfect for us. It chucks out the cloud for those cloud chasers out there and the flavor it produces is right up there with the best coils in the market. There’s no doubt that mesh coils are the way to go, and Geekvapes coils are amongst the best. Some negative points on the tank include the small fill holes, but we have no problems and feel these comments are really stretching and overreacting. The production versions of this kit, which we are using for this review has no such problems!

The Nova mod performs really well with the AS chipset, it is as it says, quick and powerful. The accuracy is pretty much spot on too, really nothing too much to complain about.

Different views of the GeekVape Nova Kit

To Conclude

Overall the performance of the Geekvape Nova Kit is one of the best in the market thanks to the great performing Cerberus tank, it’s mesh coils and the AS chipset inside the mod. Fast, accurate, and great tasting, there’s not much to complain about.

The design may not suit all as there’s no flashy light display or clever Bluetooth connectivity, but Geekvape has concentrated on what the vaper wants, performance, speed, and taste.

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