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HorizonTech Magico Vape Stick Bottom Line

The HorizonTech Magico Vape Pen (aka HorizonTech Magico Pod Stick) is not really meant for just nicotine salt e-liquid, in fact, the preinstalled mesh coil works and is meant for regular e-liquid, so don't let the name fool you. The Magico vape stick feels really nice to hold with a great balance and a nice placed fire button that fires a constant 25W, (12W if you use a coil greater than 1ohm). The Magico tank has nice airflow and produces a great flavored vape with great cloud production. Along with its simplicity to use and vape on we think this is one of the best vape pens currently available.

In-depth HorizonTech Magico Vape Pen Kit Review

HorizenTech has released a new vape pen that states in its name that it’s ideal for nicotine salts. But there is more to this vape pen than the name suggests, so we ask if this is one of the best vape pens on the market and compare it with other models available. Read our full review to find out if this pen will suit you.

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Colors of the HorizonTech MAGICO Kit


We love the design of the HorizonTech MAGICO vape pen, yes, it's pretty standard looking for a 2000mAh internal battery pen, but for some reason manufacturers have been slow in releasing new versions. The Magico pen measures in with a diameter of 22mm and a length of just under 140mm, they are also releasing a lot of different colors versions which include matt black, silver, gold, rainbow, blue and purple, so plenty of choice there, although the finish is in shiny stainless steel so it is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, particularly with the lighter colors.

On the top is a 22mm base for any tank with that diameter, along with a spring loaded 510 connector. On the side of the battery unit is a protruding fire button with a light built in, it does have a different finish to the rest of the unit so it's pretty easy to locate. On the back of the battery unit is the Micro US connector to allow you to charge the device. These features are pretty common with all the best e-cigarettes that are available on the market, so nothing really new here.

top and bottom view of the HorizonTech MAGICO Kit


The HorizonTech Magico vape pen kit is a really simple kit to operate, obviously, it has no screen so there are no real settings to play around with. This is one reason that many people call this an AIO (All in one) device, due to its simplicity.

Clicking the fire button 5 times turns the device on and off, signaled by the small white status LED within the button which flashes when on. When the tank is on and the fire button is activated this LED lights up corresponding to the battery level:

  • Green - Represents 3.9V- 4.2V remaining
  • Blue - Represents 3.7V - 3.9V remaining
  • Red - Represents 3.2-3.7V remaining

The Magico vape pen does support a constant output and does change automatically depending on the coil resistance attached to the device.

You can charge the device with the supplied USB cord and again the LED will flash depending on the battery level with the same colors above. Interesting though is that HorizonTech warns you not to use the device when charging, but it still has the capabilities of doing so.

The MAGICO Tank view


The Magico Tank has been specifically designed for this kit and comes complete with 2 coils with bamboo wicking. The preinstalled coil is the Mesh 0.2ohm coil which is best around 25W and you also get the 1.8ohm mesh coil that's been designed specifically for the use with nicotine salts.


That's right, so we're not sure why they are really calling this specifically for nicotine salts, I guess just to overemphasize that they have a special coil, but what they are doing is confusing the users!

Back to the tank, you get a spare bubble glass, both hold 5.5ml of e-liquid. On the base of the tank is the airflow slots where they have 2 different types, one with a regular slot that you see on all the best sub ohm tanks, and another section where you can choose from a series of small holes, these are designed for the higher resistant coil and mouth to lung vaping.

Two HorizonTech MAGICO vape pens


We are starting our test with the preinstalled mesh coil designed for direct lung inhales and for use with regular e-liquids. We're using a 70/30 VG/PG at 3MG which we use when testing all the best vapes. With this setup, the HorizonTech Magico automatically sets the output wattage to a constant 25W, which is exactly what this coil is designed for. In fact, any coil with less than 1ohm will set the output to this wattage.

The cloud content is really good and using the airflow with the slot fully open the flavor is actually pretty good, thanks to the mesh type coil no doubt.

Using the 1.8ohm version the HorizonTech Magico will set the output to a constant 12W, far better suited for mouth to lung vaping, and again, any coil greater than 1-ohm will set the output to this wattage. We're using the other drip tip provided which is again best for mouth to lung vaping. We're now moving the airflow to the small holes and choosing all 5 holes. The cloud content is again pretty good but the flavor level seems to have been damped down somewhat. It still works well, just not as flavorful as the smaller coil. This is not really that surprising as the nicotine level in nicotine salts is that much higher and therefore have an effect on flavor.

HorizonTech MAGICO Kit Packaging


We are super impressed with the HorizonTech Magico Stick, although we actually believe it's best used with regular e-liquids and the pre-installed 0.2ohm mesh coil than with Nicotine Salts and the 1.8ohm coil. So we suggest HorizonTech take that part out of the name!

The size is great for an internal 2000mAh battery vape pen and feels really nice to hold in your hand, with a nice textured fire button that's easy to find. The constant 25W output power is a nice touch and is pretty accurate all throughout the lifecycle of the battery, so your first vape is as good as the last.

Lastly, the vape quality of the mesh coils is great, it does compete with the best tanks on the market, and with this whole setup available in one kit makes the HorizonTech Magico Stick kit a competitor for the best vape pen!

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