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Smok MICARE Kit review

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4.8 Final Score
SMOK Micare Pod Kit Bottom Line

The SMOK Micare Pod Kit has been designed specifically for alternative e-liquids such as CBD, with 2 different resistant coils. If your using any flavoring within your CBD or e-liquids then prepared to be a little underwhelmed. Although the vape is relatively smooth and the leaking is next to none, the overall taste just isn't there due to the low power outputs.

In-depth Smok MICARE Kit Review

Smok is now releasing a new pod type system that is designed to hold high viscosity e-liquid, in other words, they are saying that this new kit can be used with any velocity of e-liquid as well as CBD e-liquids. So does this affect the taste, or has SMOK created a new coil and airflow system that hits the mark as the best vape pod ever? Well let’s get on with the review to find out!

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Smok MICARE KIT different colors


Smok is releasing the Micare kit in a series of different colors and designs which include blue and brown, blue and black, black and white, all with marble like design, but also Blue Cobra, 7-color Cobra, and Black Cobra, all with a honeycomb or Cobra design.

It is a compact little device, measuring in at just 56mm in height, 43mm wide and has a depth of just 14.8mm, so this device will easily fit in your pocket without you even knowing its there.

This is an automatic device, so there is no fire button, there is a mode button on the side to change the power, which will look at within the features section of this review. Below the mode button is the LED indicator. There is also a lanyard pin at the top and SMOK also provide this within the kit should you want to carry it around your neck.

On top of the device is the tank hole for the cartridge. They have 4 different cartridges available, which fit into the hole using magnets. On the very bottom of the device is the Micro USB port to allow you to charge the 700mAh internal battery.

Smok MICARE Protection


This device is really easy to use, there are no complex Wattage or Temperature control modes, just a voltage mode controlled by the one button featured on the side of the device. Simply click this button to scroll through the different voltage settings. The color of the LED lets you know which setting you have selected:

  • Red - Is the highest setting and represents 4Volts
  • Orange - Represents 3.8V
  • Green - Represents 3.6V
  • Blue - Represents 3.4V

The Micare also features a vibration function to tell the user a couple of things. First, when you place the tank into the device and it is installed correctly the unit will vibrate once. Secondly, if the user activates the device for more than 8 seconds the unit will vibrate 3 times warning the user to stop.

The other features worth mentioning here are the safety aspects that SMOK have built into this device which includes overtime and preheat protection, overtime protection, short circuit protection and finally low voltage protection. We do see this on all the best e-cigarette products but it's nice that they include these features.

The tanks on the Smok MICARE

Micare Tanks

There are four different tanks available for this device which include 2 ceramic coil version both with a resistance of 1.4ohms but with two different e-liquid capacities of 0.5ml and 1ml. The other two tanks use Quartz cotton as a wicking substance, they both have a resistance of 1.2ohms and again come in the same two sizes, 0.5ml and 1ml.

The tank comprises a flat type mouthpiece, a glass tube, the coil, and the base plate. All of which can be unscrewed to enable the user to easily clean the device and change over the coils.

Where these tanks differ is within the airflow, SMOK state that they have perfected the design to maximize flavor yet reduce the amount of e-liquid leakage. Because of this design, SMOK is confident that you can use any velocity of e-liquid, yet maintain maximum flavor.

Smok MICARE Kit airflow


For our testing, we are using the 1.2ohm tank as we prefer a slightly looser draw than you get with the 1.4ohm coil. Using regular e-liquid with 3mg nicotine and 70/30 VG/PG it works just fine. Fine is the best word to describe the vape on this device as it's not really designed to compete against the the best vapes, and to be honest the Aspire AVP AIO pod is much better. But let's now test it with CBD e-liquid!

Again we have some flavored CBD juice and the vape coming from the Micare is ok, nothing to really step back and admire, but it does seem to vape quite well. For such a small battery and device, it's pretty much just designed to be used once in a while, so don't get to carried away with it.

Overall we were a little less than impressed, we much prefer using our CBD juice in our regular tanks or pods than to buy a special unit that doesn't really do anything special anyway!



Although the SMOK Micare has been specifically designed for alternative e-liquids like CBD the actual performance and vape are below average. Even with some pretty strong flavoring the power just isn't there to give the best satisfaction.

With a small battery, it's not to be used over and over again, just once in a while, we believe that other pods and vape pens are suited better to get more out of your juice.

If it's a small, easy to use CBD device your after, and you're not really into flavoring, then this might just work if the price is competitive enough.

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