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Full review of Moo ELiquids

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Moo ELiquid Review Bottom Line

If you like milk flavored e-liquid then you need to check out the flavors available from Moo E-liquids. There's something quite subtle about there flavors that make them a great all day vape. We personally loved the banana milk, and just sorry we only ordered the one bottle! Although it is generally hard to rate e-liquids as everyone has different tastes, we think the vast majority are going to love this brand!

Full In-depth Review of Moo ELiquids

Moo Eliquids - StrawberryIf you’re a milk fan and love those e-juices that incorporate that smooth, creamy dairy flavor in their blend, then your ears probably tingle whenever someone starts talking about a new milky juice. Well, get ready for that tingling sensation, because Moo e-liquids is about to storm your cattle pastures with an exciting line of milky flavors that are sure to satisfy your milk cravings.The logo for Moo Eliquids Or so we’ve heard, that is. In this Moo e-liquid review, we’ll examine this product line in greater depth to see whether it’s really everything that it’s made out to be.

We first noticed these juices more than a year ago and were impressed with their brand efforts. The bottles come with the cutest cow image we’ve ever seen and reminded us of some of the advertising we used to see on those individual milk bottle offerings. It’s a brilliant way to capture the lighter side of dairy marketing – and leaves you with a fun impression of the company and its products. With that said, on to the flavors!

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Below are some of the flavors available and our initial thoughts of each:
Banana Milk flavor of Moo e-liquid

Banana Milk

We’ll start with the Banana flavor, simply because it’s my favorite fruit. Let me preface this by noting that I’ve yet to find a banana-flavored juice that was to my liking – until now. Banana Milk offers a creamy and milky banana taste that captures the essence of that wonderful fruit in a way that no other e-juice can. Yes, this is going in my rotation.

Now some say it takes a little to get used too, but personally, I liked it straight out the bottle. I used fresh cotton and a new coil to make sure the hit was as fresh as possible and it didn’t disappoint!Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry seems to be an easier flavor for many juice manufacturers to mimic, but Moo’s version is a step above the rest. Again, this is a creamy e-juice, and you get plenty of pure strawberry goodness with your draw and exhale. This is another one that may end up in my rotation. Only one person in our test group gave it a thumbs-down, and that was only because she thought the strawberry taste was too accurate.

Vanilla Almond flavor

Vanilla Almond Milk

I’m not a personal fan of almonds, so I approached this juice with some hesitation. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Moo managed to create a perfect blend of almond and vanilla that was truly enjoyable and pleasing to my taste buds. It has a nice milkshake sense to it that reminds me of the local soda shop I used to frequent in my younger years. I’m still not a fan of the nut, but I must admit that I’ve gone through two tanks of this already. It’s delicious.
Be warned though you go through 30ml pretty quickly, especially if you’re using one of the best vape brand products that create huge clouds and pulls out the flavor, oh I love my job!


Blueberry Milk

Blueberry and NeapolitanThis juice tastes just like a blueberry milkshake when you exhale. On the draw, though, it’s pure blueberry flavor. Now, if you love blueberries, you’re going to love this flavor option and won’t hesitate to consider it as either an all-day vape or just another addition to your regular rotation. If you don’t like blueberries, however, you’ll certainly want to stay away from this taste option. As noted, it’s a spot-on blueberry taste.


Neapolitan Milk

I’ll preface this one by noting that I really loved the flavor blend Moo created with this recipe. It’s so creamy and smooth that I can see this as another all-day vape option. With that noted, however, I need to ask the obvious question: how now, brown cow? It might just be my taste buds acting up (probably not, since the rest of our tasting team agreed with my assessment) but I didn’t detect even a trace of chocolate. The vanilla and strawberry flavors are there, for sure, but no chocolate. Still a great blend, but I wouldn’t label it Neapolitan.

Moo ELiquid Information

The Details

These juices are offered in standard 30ml bottles, as well as larger 120ml options, and are mixed with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. That helps to ensure that they provide plenty of vapor potential even as they preserve the great taste in every single draw. Non-nicotine vapers can find the 0mg nicotine option, while those who need that shot of nicotine can choose from the 3mg and 6mg selections.

Overall, this is a fantastic product line that lives up to its milky goals. And while some of the flavors are purer than others, each offers a unique and tasty homage to the fruit and nuts for which it’s named – though the Neapolitan recipe could be improved to add some chocolate accents, of course. If you’re not a fan of creamy flavors, then this product line probably won’t do much for you. However, we highly recommend it for any vaper in the market for great-tasting and true-to-taste milk blend e-juices.

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